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Culpepper's Partner is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


And In This Corner, Luke Duke[]

When Culpepper is on the phone with Billy Ray, he reads a newspaper. After Culpepper tells him they got it made.

He arrives in Hazzard with Culpepper, reviewing the contract. After establishing they will get all the money if Luke doesn’t show for the fight, they turn to watch Catfish train.

They drive out to the Duke Farm and he watches Culpepper kidnap Luke before driving away. They notice a car behind them and Luke explains that Bo and the General can catch anything on wheels. He continues to drive. Soon after Culpepper shoots out Bo’s tire.

As they continue he notices Jesse and Rosco both come up behind him. Luke remarks ‘looks like we picked up a tail gentlemen’ and Rosco tells them to pull over. Since Rosco is getting so close, he is told to slow down so Luke can jump out. He does and after Luke is gone he speeds away.

They wait at an abandoned barn for Billy Ray and Catfish. He learns Bo and Luke are on their way. They watch Bo and Luke drive by and begin shooting at them. He watches the boys turn and come back toward them. Realizing what the boys are about to do, they take cover as Bo jumps the car through the barn they are in, bringing the whole thing down. Bo digs them out and helps them up as Luke gets the money. They are all arrested.