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Cypriano is a character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Dukes of Hazzard: Hazzard in Hollywood![]

When they pull up to see Octavio on the ground with Bo and Luke standing over him and Cypriano’s car damaged, they think Bo and Luke did it. He yells to them saying ‘hey, that’s my little brother, and that’s my car’. He goes up to Octavio, asking him if he’s okay and is told he was jumped but these two men jumped all four of them. Shocked, he helps his brother up, looking Bo and Luke over and asking that they stopped to help a stranger and why, confused. Bo says they were beating his brother like a rented mule. He remarks they aren’t from around there. He turns to the General Lee, asking what’s up with the car. He says it’s the ugliest paint job he’s ever seen in his life and it’s a fail. Luke says he wouldn’t talk if his car was dragging it’s rear end. He asks if they want to see what the car can really do before leading them over and getting in. He checks his reflection before bouncing the car. Bo tells him it’s great before asking what the point is. Offended he challenges Bo asking what can his pile do. Luke tells him to just ride shotgun with his cousin Bo, he’ll see. He agrees. Bo tells him shotgun means the passenger seat. He tries to open the door and Bo explains that it’s a race car and you have to get in ‘like this’ before leaping onto the door and sliding in. He tries to copy Bo but fails. When the others laugh he silences them before getting in. Bo takes off, doing a 180 and going down past some road work. Bo does a 180 again and tells him to put his seat belt on. He yells in protest as Bo jumps the car. When Bo stops again he gets out and gives Bo a fist bump yelling ‘cool!’ He fully gets out saying that was ‘way cool’. He asks what are they doing in the hood. Bo says they are looking for an RV as it was stolen. Luke says along with their money and some tapes. He tells them they will chop the RV and by tomorrow it’ll be tuna cans. Luke says they’ll be stuck and he agrees to ask around. He asks if they have ever been to a block party and Bo says no. He tells them they are having one and they should come hang out with them. He asks if they like Mexican food and Bo says he bets they can learn. He asks if the wreck can keep up and Luke says it may not dance but it can run. They head back.

While at the party he is talking with his second, Luke, and Bo. He notices Bo’s attention fully captured somewhere and looks to see that Bo is staring at Gabriella. He watches amused as Bo goes to approach her. When Gabriella stops singing he walks over and introduces her as his sister, trying not to smile. Later his second comes to tell him they found the RV and he goes to get Bo and Luke from Gabriella, saying he found it and it’s at Tio Paco’s. Luke says he works fast and he remarks that it’s his hood.

They go to Tio Paco’s and they learn the RV is chopped and all the contents are gone. He watches Bo and Gabriella, with Luke fretting about it tells him that they will put the word out about the tapes and money and ‘don’t lose hope amigo’.

He calls Gabriella the next day to tell her he found some information about who stole the RV and to have her get Bo and Luke over to Tio Paco’s. After everyone arrives, Tio Paco shows them credit card receipts and explains to them that whoever stole Bo and Luke’s RV had been following them from Hazzard. They listen to Bo and Luke debate on who could have followed them for the tapes.

While talking they hear a tow truck outside and become alarmed. He follows Bo and Luke outside to see them talk to Deacon and end up befriending her after showing her their rattlesnake security device.

After hearing Gabby yelling for help, they go to where she said they are passing and use the car to ram the second car chasing Bo and Luke. Cyrpiano excitedly yells ‘that’s one down amigos’ into the CB while his friend cheers in excitement.

He, his friend, and Gabby get in a bus and drive out to Hazzard. He happily greets Bo and Luke upon arrival, hugging Luke before they are immediately distracted by some pretty girls. That night he attends the Toby Keith concert, which later added Anita Blackwell.