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Cypriano's Friend is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Dukes of Hazzard: Hazzard in Hollywood![]

When they pull up to see Octavio on the ground with Bo and Luke standing over him and Cypriano’s car damaged, they think Bo and Luke did it. He stands behind Cypriano as they walk up to the boys, pulling out a switch blade. They learn Bo and Luke actually helped Octavio. He stands by Octavio’s side as Cypriano looks over the General Lee. He chuckles at the General’s paint job. When Luke challenges them about their car, he goes over to watch Cypriano show them what his car can do. The Dukes aren’t impressed however. They watch Cypriano try to get in the General and laugh when he fails, only stopping when Cypriano glares at him. They watch Bo speed down the road and jump using a road work area, cheering. They listen to Bo and Luke explain that their RV was stolen and Cypriano offers to look for it and invites them back to their place. He pats Bo on the shoulder as they head back.

After the party starts he hangs out with Bo, Luke, and Cypriano. He notices Bo’s attention fully captured somewhere and looks to see that Bo is staring at Gabriella. He watches amused as Bo goes to approach her. After Gabriella finishes singing, he grins as Cypriano introduces her to Bo. Later when they learn the RV the Dukes are looking for is at Tio Paco's, he tells Cypriano.

After hearing Gabby yelling for help, they go to where she said they are and use the car to ram the second car chasing Bo and Luke. Cyrpiano excitedly yells ‘that’s one down amigos’ into the CB while his friend cheers in excitement.

He rides out in a bus to Hazzard with Cypriano, Gabby, and a number of others. He greets Bo and Luke when they get off, hugging Luke. They are immediately distracted by a number of pretty women, trying to talk to them as they walk by. That night he attends the Toby Keith concert, which later added Anita Blackwell.