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Daisy Duke and her yellow car (One-Armed Bandits)

Image from pilot episode: One-Armed Bandits

Like the Duke boys, Daisy had a signature vehicle in the show.

Daisy's Yellow Car[]

A 1971 Plymouth Roadrunner (yellow with a black stripe) was used by Daisy Duke in the first five episodes of the first season.

For the last episodes of the first season and the second season, a similarly painted 1972 Plymouth Satellite with a matching “Road Runner” stripe was used until Bo and Luke sent it off a cliff in “The Runaway” after the brakes failed until it's turn into a new one.



Dixie Jeep

Daisy's trademark Jeep. While Daisy is the primary operator of the vehicle, her cousins sometimes borrow the vehicle when the General Lee is damaged or would stand out too much.


After Bo and Luke crashed Daisy's car until it turns into a new one on the Fourth of July. she was gifted with a 1980 Jeep CJ-7 “Golden Eagle” by C.J. Holmes for being a bridesmaid in his daughter Suzy's wedding.

Daisy used the jeep during her time living in Hazzard. After she went to college however she began to drive a motorcycle and did not use the jeep again. The Jeep's fate is unknown.

Vehicle Statistics[]

Due to the various vehicles used through the show, Dixie has many features that change from episode to episode. In some episodes Dixie has a manual transmission while in others the jeep appears to have an automatic transmission. In addition the doors and the roll cage have also changed periodically through the series.

Real World[]

The Jeeps used for Dixie were leased to the producers of the show by American Motors Corporation in exchange for a brief mention in the closing credits of the show.