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"Daisy's Shotgun Wedding" is the twenty-second episode of the fifth season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


Bo and Luke have been overprotective towards Daisy ever since they have come back to Hazzard, so Daisy, who is tired of being smothered by Bo and Luke, decides to move into the rooming house that her friend Sally Jo (Jo McDonnell) lives in.

The Beaudrys, a moonshining family from a remote part of Tennessee, come into Hazzard to make a moonshine deal with Boss Hogg. Earlier, they had a run-in with Bo and Luke at the Boar's Nest when Milo begins making crude remarks toward Daisy; the result is a brawl that heavily damages the Boar's Nest and leaves both Bo and Luke injured.

After realizing the importance of family, Daisy decides to return to the Duke farm, but Daisy, along with Rosco's dog Flash, is kidnapped by the Beaudrys. The Beaudrys also take $20,000 belonging to Boss Hogg. Milo Beaudry (Richard Moll) wants a dog and a wife, and he wants Daisy to be his wife. Bo, Luke, Jesse, Rosco, and Boss set off to rescue Daisy and Flash. To rescue Daisy and Flash, Bo and Luke must take to the air in a pair of ultralites. When the so-called preacher (Dennis Fimple) arrives, and Daisy is being forced at gunpoint to marry Milo, Bo and Luke show up to rescue Daisy and Flash.


Balladeer: It was one of them ordinary Hazzard mornings, meaning something was about to happen. The boys were doing the chores and Daisy was about to further her career at the Boar’s Nest.

Duke Farm

Daisy gets into Dixie, getting ready for work but the jeep starts backfiring, startling all three. The boys look over the engine and ask what she was doing with it. Daisy says the jeep will get her to the Boar’s nest and she’ll call Cooter from there. Bo objects that it won’t and the boys say they’ll take her in themselves. Annoyed, Daisy confronts them saying they have been hovering over her ever since they got home. She says yesterday they wouldn’t let her climb onto the roof to fix a leak and the day before they wouldn’t let her go to Capitol City alone. Bo objects it’s a big place and Daisy says she isn’t a child and the boys agree to back off but say first they will take her to the Boar’s Nest.


The boys head to the Boar’s Nest, Luke driving. They speed down a few roads when they are suddenly ran off by a pickup. Daisy is upset at the fact she’s going to be late and Bo remarks they will have to fix the fence later.

Boar’s Nest

The pickup, belonging to the Beaudry’s arrives at the Boar’s Nest. They park near the back and head inside where Boss and Rosco are playing go fish in the back. When the three come in, Boss says he’s glad to see they got his message. Pa Beaudry says they are sold out but they will bring another load of shine tomorrow. The Beaudry’s agree and head to the bar, Milo trying to steal Boss’ dog statue as he does. They make a scene as they go, pushing people out of their way and getting Enos, John, and Jesse’s attention.

In the office, Rosco says Boss is scraping the bottom of the barrel and Boss says he knows but he’s running out of options since he’s behind on his shine orders. Rosco says they are nothing but crooks. Meanwhile Boss gets a call from Bubba. When Rosco says to say hello from him, Boss asks if they know Rosco and they say they’ve never heard of him. Boss tells him that he has six cases of shine for his order and he can pick it up tomorrow.

Bo, Luke, and Daisy arrive and Daisy runs inside, furious. When they get inside, she starts working immediately and gets Milo’s attention. When Daisy passes Milo, he grabs her and says she is cute. Daisy tells him to get his hands off of her and Bo decides to step in. Daisy and Luke both tell Bo to stand down but Milo tosses Daisy aside to square off with Bo. Bo punches him in the face and a fight brakes out with Bo fighting Milo, Luke fighting Sledge, and Pa and Jesse watching. Enos tries to break it up but no one listens. Rosco pokes his head out to see what is going on before going back into Boss’ office. Boss and Rosco come back out, Boss alarmed and Rosco ends up shooting his gun, stopping everyone. Jesse asks if Daisy is alright and she gets angry at Bo and Luke. Luke reminds her that Bo started it and Bo said that Milo looked like he would hurt Daisy. Daisy says she’s been working there for four years and she can take care of herself. To prove it she smashes a glass pitcher on Milo’s head.

Duke Farm

At the Farm, Daisy is still upset. Luke and Bo are nursing injuries and having cookies and milk. Luke asks if Bo is hurt and Bo admits his jaw hurts a lot. Jesse says it was dumb and Bo tries to say if he had more time he would have won. Luke laughs and Jesse tells Daisy to come out with what is upsetting her. Daisy says Bo and Luke have been bugging her. She apologizes for how she tore into them at the Boar’s Nest and the boys agree they overstepped. Daisy says she knows they love her and she loves them back but she isn’t in pigtails and braces, and she never even wore braces. She reminds them that she can take care of herself. Luke promises they will back off and Daisy hugs them in joy. Daisy tells them she has a date with Darcy and Bo laughs. She challenges them if they have a problem with it, and the boys deny that saying he’s a nice guy.

That night Luke is up playing solitaire when Bo comes in, noting that they can’t sleep. Bo asks if he wants some ham and Luke says he can have half of his sandwich. Bo offers milk instead, which Luke agrees. They sit in the living room, waiting as Darcy pulls up outside with Daisy. Bo looks out the window but sits down on the couch. Outside Daisy and Darcy start kissing. Luke decides she is taking too long and looks out the window to find out what she’s doing. When Bo asks, he tries to move the blinds to get a better look. However he accidentally opens the blinds, getting Daisy and Darcy’s attention. As he tries to fix it, he tears the entire thing off the wall. Daisy is furious and apologizes to Darcy. Meanwhile inside, Luke realizes Daisy is going to kill him and Bo says that was a stunt he would have done.

Daisy comes into the house and Bo tries to smooth things over but she expresses her displeasure. Bo says Luke didn’t mean to do it and Daisy says they embarrassed her in front of a guy she could have really liked. Bo says they will do anything to make it up to her and the boys offer to go talk to Darcy, which Daisy quickly tells them no. Daisy says she doesn’t want to hear any other word from them and goes into her room.

The next morning Bo and Luke return from some chores and are approached by Jesse, who says he needs their help as Daisy is packing. Alarmed the boys go inside to try to talk her out of it as Jesse already tried. Daisy says she can’t handle them hovering anymore and she just needs some air. She goes outside and the boys follow. They pled with her and Daisy says there is nothing they can do to stop her and that she has to live her own life. She says there is no hard feelings and she is just going to town. The boys watch her leave, sad. Jesse tells them to give Daisy some time and after a bit she will probably come back.

Boar’s Nest

Boss, Rosco, and Enos get the repair bill for the Boar’s Nest. Boss refuses to pay it and Rosco reminds him that Bo threw the first punch so they can be held accountable. Boss is stunned and tells the carpenter to get started. Meanwhile Boss says for Enos and Rosco to serve the Bill to the Dukes.

Town of Hazzard

Daisy arrives in town and Sally Jo helps her get settled in.

Duke Farm

Bo does dishes and Luke tries to tell him something but they hear someone calling their names on the CB. Curious Bo goes to the radio to ask who it is and Vern says it’s him with Skip. Bo and Luke are excited, and Bo asks where he is. He tells Bo he’s above them. Jesse goes out with them, asking who they are and Bo and Luke explain they met them while on the road and that the two fly ultralights and they taught Bo and Luke how to fly them. Jesse is not impressed and Luke calls them on the CB and asks what they are up to. They said they were headed to Greensville and thought they would stop by. The boys tell them to come down and they land. They are all surprised when the police arrive, looking for Bo and Luke and cutting them off from the General. Vern and Skip offer the boys the ultralights to escape, confusing Rosco and Enos. The two end up giving up and leaving and Bo and Luke decide to land again. However, Luke messes up the landing and crashes. The group runs over to check on him and Luke assures them the only thing hurt is his pride.

Town of Hazzard

Daisy tells Sally Jo about her frustrations saying she just wants to be her own person. Sally Jo tries to talk to her about how her family sees it and Daisy decides she wants to be on her own for a bit. She thinks about it and decides she wants to go back home. As Daisy goes to pack up, the Beaudry’s arrive in town. Milo sees Daisy but Pa tells him to focus on the job. Milo says he wants to marry her. Sledge hits a fire hydrant and they park in Boss’ front yard before knocking at the door.

Hogg Family Home

Rosco tells Boss that it’s probably the Beaudry’s but Boss says it can’t be since he told them to use the back door. Since the knocking doesn’t stop, Boss sends Rosco to check it while he hides some money in a drawer. Rosco lets the Beaudry’s in and Boss scolds them for disobeying before getting to business. They give Boss the shine to taste it and Boss is disgusted by it. Pa tells him he charges ten dollars a jug to Boss’ shock. Boss offers two dollars a jug but Milo finds all his cash. Boss tires to reclaim it but Sledge steals his gun, giving it to his Pa. They decide that if Boss isn’t going to buy shine then they should get paid for their troubles anyway.

Duke Farm

The Dukes loan Vern and Skip the pickup to go to Capitol City to get supplies. Bo asks if Luke is okay and Luke says he was embarrassed. They decide that Daisy has had enough time and they are going to get her. Daisy warns them not to crowd her and they leave for town.


The Beaudry’s stuff Boss and Rosco in a closet. Finding their truck is ruined, they take Rosco’s police car where Flash is sleeping inside. Milo is excited about the dog and they head out of town. Meanwhile Daisy finishes packing up and leaves for the farm, saying goodbye to Sally Jo.

Hogg Family Home

Rosco admits he’s afraid of the dark and the Boss and Rosco bang on the door.


The boys take Pond Road and Daisy takes Ridge Road. The Beaudry’s take the same road and seeing Daisy, Milo asks if he can have her. Pa agrees and tells Sledge to run her off the road. Daisy is surprised and forced to pull over. She asks what are they doing with Rosco’s car and why did they run her off the road. Milo announces he has a bride, shocking and angering Daisy. They grab her and force her into the car, Daisy fighting the entire time and knocking off Milo’s hat.

Hogg Family Home

Boss and Rosco decide to ram the door. Just as they try, Enos opens the door and says he heard them yelling from outside. Boss announces he has been robbed and the three run outside. They find Rosco’s car is gone and Rosco becomes distressed as he realizes Flash is gone too. Enos, having wrecked his car earlier at the Duke Farm and Boss having no car due to it being repaired all realize they need to commandeer one.

Town of Hazzard

Bo and Luke arrive to see Sally Jo and ask to see Daisy. She tells them Daisy went home and the boys realize Daisy was on Ridge Road since they didn’t pass her.

Meanwhile Boss, Rosco, and Enos continue to try and get a car to no luck. They finally attain a brown car, Boss telling Enos to stay and take care of the town.


As they drive back to the farm, Bo and Luke make a deal not to bug Daisy anymore.

In the Beaudry’s car, Pa sits in the back with a blindfolded Daisy, saying Milo’s got a wife. Sledge asks if Milo is getting to keep the dog to.

Luke notices the jeep and the boys stop. They start looking around for Daisy, alarmed. Luke finds the hat and Bo recognizes it. Luke says it is partially their fault and they leave to find her. Meanwhile Boss and Rosco come up behind them and tell them about the money. Luke tells them that Daisy was taken too. Rosco says that they are probably headed to Tennessee. Luke realizes Boss is their probation officer and can waive their probation and Bo adds that if Boss doesn’t they are doing it anyway. Boss tells them he’s waiving it and they are all going.


The Beaudry’s arrive and Milo pets Flash as Pa counts the money and Sledge gets Daisy. They run up to the house to call a preacher and Daisy screams that they can’t do it.


Luke calls Jesse and fills him in. Jesse tells them to get Daisy back, and is in shock.


Daisy is in shock as they call the preacher and confirm to have him there at five o’clock. She says they can’t be serious about this. The family just forces Daisy in the house.

Luke says most of the stories he’s heard about the family is they hideout in the Chattahoochee Hills. Bo meanwhile hasn’t moved past Milo.

At the cabin, Sledge is frustrated that Flash won’t act like a hound dog. Daisy sees they are all distracted and sneaks out of the house before making a run for it. The three hear her and chase after her. Daisy finds the police car but there’s no keys in it. She uses the CB and calls out for help which the boys and Boss hear. Luke asks where she is and Daisy tells them about the shotgun wedding, shocking them. As Daisy tries to tell them the three find her and Daisy screams for help. The boys become frantic, especially because the road ends. Rosco and Bo both stop their cars. Rosco concludes that the three found Daisy and Boss and Rosco are just as upset over the shotgun wedding. Bo sees a hawk and comments about wanting to be in the air. The boys decide to go home and get Skip and Vern to look from the sky. Boss and Rosco refuse to leave so Luke tells them to stay and look. The boys head to Hazzard, Luke driving this time, and Boss and Rosco start searching the hills.

Daisy is retied to a chair, begging to be let go.

Duke Farm

Jesse tells the boys that Vern and Skip aren’t back yet. They decide to take ultralights themselves and Jesse reminds them Luke already crashed once. They promise they will be careful. Jesse says he isn’t sitting out and he will follow in the General. Jesse says for them to fly slow as he has to follow them. As the boys get in the air, Jesse gets his shotgun.


As the preacher heads to the cabin, Boss and Rosco start walking through the hills. Boss steps in a trap, getting hung upside down by his foot. He yells for Rosco to get him down and Rosco shoots the rope, dropping Boss. Meanwhile Milo gets ready for the wedding and torments Daisy who kicks his shin.

Boss makes Rosco go first but Rosco doesn’t want to. They decide to go together, falling into a pit fall. The two climb out, deciding he Beaudry’s are likely close. Meanwhile Bo and Luke are overhead and decide to split up to look for Daisy. Luke tells Bo to start praying and Bo says he hasn’t stopped since they saw the empty jeep.

At the cabin the three Beaudry’s wait as the Preacher arrives. Meanwhile Boss and Rosco continue looking and have a net drop on them. Luke notices some smoke and the boys head in that direction. The Precher notes that they ‘are still trying with Milo’ and when Daisy admits that she is there against her will, the Preacher says his rates for shotgun weddings are higher. Pa gives him $100. Daisy protests again and Pa gives a warning shot, saying the next one will be for Daisy. Meanwhile Bo and Luke hear it. They spot the Beaudrys and find a place to land, Luke saying to smoke it up as they do. Jesse says he still sees them and for them to go ahead.

The wedding starts but Daisy refuses. Bo and Luke fly overhead, sending smoke everywhere. The three Beaudry’s start shooting at them and Daisy and Flash take the chance to flee. Bo and Luke land and run over to Daisy. They both go to fight the family, Bo taking on Milo and Luke taking Pa and Sledge. Unable to take Milo on head on, Bo tries to trick him and catch him by surprise. When it doesn’t work, he calls Luke for help. Luke is still fighting the others and is unable to help Bo, who gets knocked down. Luke hits over Sledge and runs over to help out Bo. Milo tosses Luke over and Bo thanks him. Luke thanks Bo for inviting him and the two work together to knock Milo into the pig pen. Daisy runs over, hugging Bo and Luke and thanking them. Sledge and Pa confront them both with shotguns but Jesse arrives, startling them. Bo and Luke claim their guns.

Balladeer: I’d say turnabout’s fair play, wouldn’t you? Anyway, the shotgun wedding misfired. And this was one time that Daisy didn’t mind having her family look after her. Everything else turned out pretty good too. Flash chewed Boss and Rosco free, took about two hours. Rosco and Flash were reunited, and Boss was reunited with his money. It was very emotional. And as Vern and Skip finally took off for their fly in, the Duke men folk all promised that from now on they’d treat Daisy like a big girl, which she is. Now I could have told them that. One thing about a family though, they may get in the way sometimes but when you really need them, nothing works as good.

Flash finds Boss and Rosco and sets them free of the net. Rosco is happy to have her back.

Police Department

Enos and Rosco lock up the Beaudry’s as Boss is given his money back.

Duke Farm

Vern and Skip leave the farm, the Dukes waving good bye.


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Hazzard County[]


  • Beaudry's Cabin


  • This episode is the second time a male character had considered forcing Daisy to have a shotgun wedding to them
    • Jamie Lee considered it when his partner thought Daisy was getting too close, and he had genuine feelings for her so he asked her properly.
  • Boss remarks that the Beaudry's came 50 miles. The Balladeer states the trip is 2 hours
  • This is the second time Daisy has moved off the farm. However just like the previous time, Daisy returned home very quickly.
  • Rosco says he is afraid of the dark