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Daisy's Song is the second episode of the First Season of The Dukes of Hazzard TV Series.

An Atlanta music-publishing outfit bilks Daisy of $50, a corruption of Boss Hogg's. And the FBI has an eye on the whole scam. Bo and Luke head to town to straighten things out for Daisy and end up messing up a police raid on the place. They hatch a scheme to catch the record pirates red-handed by having Daisy pretend to be a potential client to trick the music outfit's ringleader, Lester Starr into believing she can fake a number of real-life artists. Meanwhile, after being in the wrong place at the wrong time, Bo and Luke are targeted by the FBI and the local law. And Boss has his sights set on getting a tie-in with the syndicate, with a new singer that Starr has to audition for them and Boss, who just happens to be....Daisy Big mistake

Balladeer: This is Bo and Luke Duke. They’re cousins. They fight the system, any system.  This is Hazzard County, where you never know what’s gonna happen next. That’s cousin Daisy. She works as a waitress, but aspires to better things. Daisy can cause more trouble than a brand new baby. Uncle Jesse is the Duke patriarch. His word is law, usually obeyed out of love, but always obeyed. And for all you folks ignorant of good music, Jessi Colter is one of the world’s best singers. Well, I’m partial to June Carter myself.

Duke Farm

Bo and Luke are target practicing while Jesse is hammering singles on the roof. Bo teases Luke for missing a shot and Daisy comes running out of the house with a radio to tell them that Jessie Colter is singing a song she wrote. At first the Dukes are happy for her and Daisy tells them about how she wrote it. Bo asks her how much she was paid, confusing her. Daisy explains that she saved up $50 in tip money and that she paid them. Bo cautions her that some of those are phony and Luke breaks it down to which Jesse agrees that she was cheated. Luke explains how royalties work and Daisy tells them it was by Lester Starr. Bo and Luke decide to go to Atlanta and Jesse cautions them to give Lester the benefit of the doubt and keep it simple.

Atlanta, Georgia

Balladeer: General Lee is their racing car. They built him from the wheels up. Although they had another car, when the boys expected trouble, they drove the General. Which meant they drove him a lot. Uh oh, smell like the law, don’t it?

Bo pulls up to Lester Starr recording Studio and he and Luke tell a protesting Daisy to stay in the car as Jesse told them to handle it. They are being watched by two FBI agents in an unmarked car across the street. In the studio, Lester asks Jojo if their new tapes are ready before being told there are two boys to see him by Dodie, his secretary. He greets the boys and assumes that they are there to sell him a song before learning that they are there about a song Starr already recorded. The boys ask about the royalties and Lester and Jojo force them out with guns.

Outside Bo and Luke fill in Daisy about what happened. Daisy asks why would Lester need a body guard and Bo laments he just doesn’t like being sent home with his tail tucked, but Luke says they can’t just go home as they were told to bring home the royalties or Daisy’s $50. Bo suggests they go back in and try and reason with Lester as the last thing the man would expect right now is for them to come in. Daisy agrees to the plan on the condition that she is out back with the motor running which Luke agrees since Bo’s plan won’t work. Bo asks why he would do it then and Luke says facing Jojo is easier than Jesse. The FBI agents watch Bo and Luke go back in.

Balladeer: See, I told you it was the law. Ever notice how country boys stick out when they’re trying to sneak around in town? Aint’ they smooth? You ought to see them at a shindig. He’s slick on the dance floor too. And who should be the boss, but old Boss Hogg himself.

Bo and Luke go in the back and sneak around, looking for Starr. They get spotted by Jojo, who goes after them. He accidently walks in on Boss and Dodie kissing before being called by Luke. While distracted, Bo knocks him out and Luke takes away his guns. The boys confront Lester in another room but are interrupted by an FBI raid. In his hurry to warn Boss and escape, Lester tosses a tape to Bo, who catches it. The boys leave Jojo to hold the door and run but the cops are flooding in. Lester warns Boss and they all scatter. Lester goes outside but not having his keys he hides in a box.

Balladeer: Now don’t you worry about old Boss none, because he is a survivor. Now while all hell was busting loose behind, Miss Daisy was writin’ another hit. That’s our boys. Boss Jefferson Davis Hogg was born on the dirt floor of a sharecropper’s shack. From there, things kinda went downhill. But everybody has a talent. And Boss has a gift of graft. In a dazzling career in Hazzard County ranging from moonshine to political corruption, Boss has been chased by everything from revenuers to bloodhounds to irate husbands. Even if the city cops do spot his license number, it don’t matter none, because Boss changes license plates like he does his underwear, which is every time he goes to town. When it comes to basic cunning, old Boss was plumb eat up with it.

Boss wakes up his driver and they flee, escaping from the police. Bo and Luke also flee to the General, Luke sliding over the hood and Bo getting behind the driver seat while tossing the tape into the back. They flee as well, the FBI commenting that they are still carrying the evidence. Boss and his driver also escape town.

Boar’s Nest

Balladeer: Old Boss Hogg was fit to be tied about nearly getting’ caught in the police raid. Of course that can never happen in Hazzard. Since he runs the county, controls the graft, and owns the sheriff.

Rosco meets Boss in the Boar’s Nest, where Boss is furious about what happened and is snapping pool cues. Boss vents about what happened and Rosco says maybe it was because they didn’t recognize who he was. Boss vents about how close it was and about how he’s trying to build a record pressing plant in Hazzard. They discuss that the only honest person in Rosco’s department is Enos. Rosco says he’ll make sure Enos is somewhere else and Boss says he just wants to make a syndicate deal. And he also said After all if a man don’t grow he dies.

Duke Farm

Daisy is cooking, Luke is setting the table, and Bo and Jesse sit at the table, listening to the tape Bo brought back. Daisy comments that she has heard all of Waylon Jennings, even has them all, but the song that was playing isn’t one of them despite having Waylon’s voice. Jesse suggests it was hot and Luke realizes it is a piracy operation. Bo suggests to go to the ‘top’ and Jesse remarks that the preacher is out of town. Bo corrects himself, saying they should go talk to Jessi Colter as she is in Atlanta, and Jesse agrees but tells them to get it right this time.


Balladeer: so faster then you could skin a rabbit, they found themselves face to face with Jessei’s manger.

Bo, Luke, and Daisy see Jessi’s manager, who tells her Jessi never recorded her song ‘True Blue Hearts’. He tells them that Lester Starr has been a problem for a few of them and has people mimic singers’ voices. Bo asks why no one arrests Starr and he says they gotta catch the man in the act and he heard the FBI nearly got Starr the day before but someone blew it. Bo and Luke look away, knowing they are the ones he means. He suggests they might be able to help and Luke comes up with a plan to make Starr make another tape using Jessi as the singer. The manager thinks it’s a good idea and decides he’ll make a tape for Luke’s plan before telling them to go to River Pines and they can find Starr there. The others leave to put the plan in motion an Daisy looks around the stage, making a small bow before Luke comes back to pull her along.

Balladeer: Poor little ol’ Daisy, she’s really got the bug ain’t she?

River Pines

Daisy, Bo, and Luke walk around River Pines, attracting a lot of attention from interested people. Bo and Luke wait outside, telling Daisy where Starr is and that they will watch the door. Starr is on the phone with Boss, assuring him they are all fine, when Daisy arrives at the door. He hangs up on Boss and invites Daisy in, who seduces Starr and plays the tape they made. He hires her and agrees to do a recording station in two days.

Balladeer: I don’t know about you, but she’d have done had my boots and guitar. Now if yer wonderin’ why they’re climbing in and out of the windows, the doors of a racing car are welded shut. Ain’t that slick?

The two FBI agents watch as Daisy, Bo, and Luke come out of River Pines, Daisy yelling at the boys saying they are ‘about as handy as a left-handed anvil’. She is angry at them for not appearing to care about her virtue and the boys are confused but happy to know Starr went for the bait. The agents then follow them. Starr calls Boss Hogg to tell him the news, and they excitedly agree to the audition. While in the car, Bo notices a car behind them. They think it’s Starr’s bodyguard and decide to lose them.

Junk Yard

Balladeer: You know there’s a distinct advantage to never growing up. Since Bo and Luke ain’t about to, it gives them a distinct edge in playing games. Since Bo and Luke were always messing with cars, they knew every junk yard like a lover’s face. And following them into one was like chasing a boar into the bushes.

Bo pulls into the Junk yard and the two agents follow. One is upset, saying it will blow the surveillance. The other agent asks if he wants to file the report that they lost the boys.  They follow Bo around the junk yard but keep having Bo and the other Dukes come up behind them. The agents try to talk to to the Dukes but they eventually lose them. The three Dukes are amused, still thinking it was Starr’s men.

Duke Farm

Luke tunes up Daisy’s car as Bo makes dynamite arrows. Daisy says she wishes there was another way and Bo reminds her that Starr is a crook and Luke agrees. Daisy says that the thing she is concerned about is how for one day she’s gonna be a star. She tells them that she is to meet Starr at his place the next day and ride with him to the studio. Luke says that they will be right behind her in her car. Daisy says there is going to be a few people and Luke and Bo get excited, Bo making more arrows.

Boar’s Nest

Boss calls Rosco and tells him that it’s the syndicate boys who are coming and they need to keep the law down to keep them from getting nervous. Rosco meanwhile is trying to tell him that the FBI are currently in his office but can’t.

Police Station

Rosco is shown a picture of Lester Starr from the FBI agents and learn that Bo and Luke accidentally got in the middle of it all and that the men just want to talk to the boys. Rosco says he’ll arrest the boys but is told to just maintain surveillance.

Balladeer: Now if you remember ol’ Rosco and Boss Hogg are thick as thieves, because they are thieves.

Boar’s Nest

Rosco tells Boss Hogg that the FBI are looking for Bo and Luke Duke and that they are someone tied into Boss’ organization to which Boss says is not possible. Boss tells Rosco that if he sees Bo, Luke, or Daisy then he’s to arrest them so they can send them to prison.

Balladeer: Early next morning, everybody was ready for a big day. Of course Jesse had a few words of instructions. He always does.

Duke Farm

Jesse and the boys are finishing breakfast. Jesse asks that they got everything straight but they are interrupted when Daisy comes in, all complimenting her clothes. Jesse tells all three to make sure everyone is out of the plant before the boys blow it up as Dukes take revenge on property, not people. Bo tells Daisy they will be right behind her and Luke tells her to sing pretty as they leave. Jesse asks Daisy if she’s alright and Daisy explains why she’s upset.  Jesse says that he knows those songs are her dream and that is why they need to stop Starr from stealing another person’s dreams. Daisy tells him that at least for one day she’s gonna be a star. She hugs him saying most never get that and Jesse says most stars don’t get to be as big as her. She asks how he got so wise and he says that is what old men are for.


Balladeer: The boys figured if they were going to take on the record pirates and the syndicate, they’d need reinforcements. The most reinforced person in Hazzard was Ms. Mabel, the Mobile Madame. Ms. Mabel’s party girls roamed Hazzard in a fancy RV camper

Bo and Luke meet with Mabel, who agrees to help bring her girls to distract the syndicate boys so they can blow up the plant. Among them is one of Luke’s ex-girlfriends that is still bitter about something that happened between them, to Bo’s amusement. While talking to them they learn the cops are coming and the girls scramble to pack up. Luke drives the RV as Bo gets Daisy’s car and slows down the police to allow them all to cross into Hazzard.

Balladeer: So Daisy and Starr left from his place right on schedule, followed by Bo and Luke, and whoever that is. Everybody seemed to be following everybody, and nobody knew anybody. And so it turned out, everybody was following everybody else for the wrong reason. That’s about up to par.

Daisy meets up with Starr and rides with him. Bo and Luke follow behind in Daisy’s car. They are all followed by the FBI. Bo is surprised that they are headed to Hazzard and Luke notices the FBI. Bo wonders who they are as they can’t be with Starr. Rosco waits for them, cutting off Bo and Luke with Enos and allowing the FBI to go around. Bo is annoyed and Rosco tells them that they are being arrested. Enos happily greets the boys and Bo greets him back. Luke asks what is the charge and Rosco tells him it was consorting with known criminals. Bo says the only known criminal they consort with is him, to which Rosco says he has a nasty mouth and reveals that the other car was FBI. He tells them to get out and Bo lights a stick of dynamite asking if he can bring it with him. Rosco throws it under Enos’s car and he and Rosco cover behind Daisy’s as it destroys the car. Bo and Luke escape. However they lost Daisy.

Balladeer: It seems them boys couldn’t get two things right back-to-back no matter whose life deepened on it.

Bo and Luke find Cooter working on a car and vent to him about what had been happening. He tells them about his new voltage meter when they ask what’s new with him and asks more about what they did. Cooter ends up suggesting they just find the FBI car to find Daisy. Cooter gets on the CB and asks anyone on the Hazzard net if they had seen the FBI car.

Morrow Place/Record Plant

Daisy and Starr arrive at the plant and talk about dreams before Daisy goes into the record studio saying she needs to go to the bathroom.

Police Station

Rosco and Enos return to the station and Enos tells Rosco the FBI are there. Rosco goes to see them to see a group of six and learning they are a raid team and they are headed in, alarming Rosco and exciting Enos.


Cooter tells Bo and Luke that Deacon Lyle Perkins lives one farm over from the Morrow place and he spotted the FBI car and he warns them about the other cars Mr. Perkins saw.

Morrow Place/Record Plant

Boss and the syndicate boys arrive and Boss explains the cover for the plant. The leader is concerned and he tells one of his men, Robert, to keep an eye out. They go inside as Bo and Luke head that way and Rosco and Enos follow the FBI raid.

Balladeer: And once again, here come the law.

Everyone sits waiting for Daisy and she comes in to see Boss. Boss and Daisy are shocked and both run to the bathroom, Boss upset to learn what Daisy is doing as it can get them all killed. Starr comes to check on them and Boss believes they are all going to end up dead. Daisy stalls while the FBI are confused by the RV of ladies pulling up. Hearing the commotion, everyone goes outside to check it out. The ladies are in the RV with a sign that reads ‘welcome syndicate pirates to Hazzard’. Daisy brings out the people from the plant with beers. Bo and Luke pull up, Bo commenting about Boss being there before telling them all that the law are coming. While everyone scatters. Most get held up at the entrance to the farm grounds and Bo and Luke stop, amused by what they see before pulling out the dynamite arrows and blowing up the buildings. Rosco, Enos, the FBI, the pirates, Boss, Ms. Mabel’s girls, and the syndicate watch the buildings burn.

Balladeer: And that’s the legend of Daisy’s song. And the FBI didn’t get their man, no evidence. And Boss didn’t get in the syndicate, no record plant. Looks like it would have been a lot easier just to give Daisy her $50 back. But that ain’t the whole story. Another good thing about Hazzard County, we tend to have happy endings.

Duke Farm

Jesse watches Daisy sitting sadly as Bo and Luke return. They inform her that as a thank you, Jessi Colter is going to release her song for real. Daisy is happy and they all listen to it, Jesse telling her all she’s gotta do is just keep dreaming those dreams.

Main Cast[]

Guest Star[]


  • Ginny Parker as Mabel
  • Clayton Landey as Max
  • Terry Browning as Ruby
  • Candy Bleick as Dodie
  • Wallace Merck as Jojo
  • Bill Gribble as Carson
  • Roy Tatum as FBI agent 3
  • Wallace Wilkinson as FBI agent 1
  • Bob Cleveland as FBI agent 2

Hazzard County[]

Atlanta, Georgia[]

  • River Pines


  • Jesse states that it has been a dream of Daisy's to write and publish a song
  • Jessi Colter's manger makes Daisy a tape to play for Lester Starr with Colter and calls both Donna Fargo and Loretta Lynn to help as well. Both Loretta and Donna will appear in the show later.
  • In the previous episode The Balladeer mentions that Rosco has a cut of prostitution from two moving RV campers. In this episode we meet Ms. Mabel, who is under Rosco's protection. This is never mentioned or seen again.


  • Jessi Colter was the wife of Waylon Jennings and is mentioned through out the episode
    • June Carter was the wife of Johnny Cash. Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and Kris Kristofferson were good friends and formed a group called The Highwaymen in 1985
  • This episode is only 1 of 3 episodes from the whole series where Boss' Cadillac has the convertible top up in the closed position. The other episodes are The Dukes of Hazzard: Witness for the Persecution when Cooter returns the car to Roscoe after being repaired and Duke of Duke, where it is parked out front with the top up.
  • Luke Duke did the first iconic Hood Slide, which was an accident and not intentional
  • Daisy's song 'True Blue Hearts' is actually Jessi Colter's 'That's the way a cowboy rocks and rolls'

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