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Big Dan Hogg, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.

Dan Hogg is Boss Hogg's Cousin, He is a fencer and Boss Hogg sells him a necklace that he later gets back to save Daisy Duke and Lulu Hogg


Targets: Daisy and Lulu[]

Boss calls him, informing him that he has a diamond necklace he wants to sell and asking for him to come out to Hazzard to meet him.

He meets Boss and Rosco at the Boar’s Nest, looking at the necklace Boss called him about. Putting it down, he asks where Boss got it. Boss says he expected him to do business like always, with no questions asked. He is shocked, asking that Boss would let one of the members of his own family buy merchandise that hot. Rosco says of course he could and Boss reminds them all that he and Dan are family. Boss asks him how much will he offer for the ‘sparklers’ and Dan thinks for a moment before telling Boss that since they are blood, he’ll give him 20,000. Boss says money is thicker than blood and he’ll take 30. Dan thinks for a moment saying family is closer than friends and offers 22. Boss says enemies can sometimes take advantage of family and he wants 28. He offers 24. Boss says 26 and he says 24 again. Boss insists on 26 and he yells 24. Boss yells 26 and Rosco offers 25. He reluctantly agrees, shaking Boss’ hand. He says J.D. strikes a hard bargain before handing over the money. Boss asks if that is it, and he confirms it before taking the diamonds and leaving.

While he heads back home, he is surprised when the General Lee and a cop car comes after him. Luke forces him to pull over and he is confronted by Luke, Bo, Rosco, and Boss. He assumes Boss is double crossing him and begins yelling at his cousin. He says first JD took his money and now he wants to steal the necklace. He tells Boss ‘shame on you, stealing from kin.’ Boss explains that he has to have the necklace back because some people are trying to kill his wife Lulu for it. He says he thinks he understands. He says just to make sure he got it straight, he returns to necklace to Boss and Boss gives him his money plus five thousand for his time and expenses. Boss says that is highway robbery and Dan points out Boss would have done the same to him. Knowing he’s right, Boss agrees. He hands over the money and Dan goes to give him the necklace but Luke takes it and he leaves with Bo. Dan returns home.