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Darcy Kincaid, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Season 5[]

Comrade Duke[]

Darcy takes Daisy up in his plane as they work on her pilots license. He sits in the front seat while she sits in the back. He signals back to Daisy, showing she is doing fine. He notices a bus down below on the road that is backfiring but they fly over it.

When Daisy brings in the plane to land, he coaches her through it. He gets out as Daisy tells him how exciting it was and Vance and Coy come over to congratulate her. When Daisy gets out of the plane he helps her down and when Vance comments about her landing, he says it may have been a bit shaky but he thinks Daisy is ready to fly solo. Daisy says it’s because she has the best flight instructor in all of Hazzard and he reminds her that he’s the only one. He asks if they are going to meet up the same time tomorrow and Daisy says only if he finishes crop dusting first. He watches the Dukes leave, saying Daisy is some kind of lady.

Darcy has three farms to crop dust but when he has a mechanical problem he returns to the airfield. Pete tells him that he wasn’t expecting Darcy for another few hours and Darcy says the spray valve wasn’t working. Pete tells him he’ll get on that and informs him that his favorite pupil called. Realizing it was Daisy, he gets excited and goes to call Daisy on the C.B. He tries a few times but Daisy doesn’t respond. He adds that the suspense is killing him. Not getting an answer he puts out a CB wide call, saying if anyone happens to run across Daisy then to send her to the airport as he will be waiting ‘with bells on’.

Daisy and Vance arrive in the hanger where he’s waiting. Daisy tells him she has something very important to ask him. Coy and Natasha come in and Daisy attempts to introduce them when two Russian speaking men come in the back. A moment later two more come in the front, telling them to stay where they are. He puts up his hands as the men attempt to take Natasha. When Daisy attacks one of the men, he leaps into action, pulling Natasha out of harms way. One of the men grab Natasha so he dives on another but it thrown to the side, hitting the wall head first hard. He is knocked unconscious and Daisy stays with him while they intend to get him to a hospital.

After being admitted to the hospital, they diagnose him with a concussion and keep him for a few days for observation.

After getting discharged from the hospital, he goes out to the Duke Farm where Daisy hugs him before kissing him. Daisy then hugs him again.

Daisy's Shotgun Wedding[]

Daisy agrees to go out on a date with him and after he takes her back to the Duke Farm. She tells him that she had a ‘super’ evening and she tells him she loved every minute of it. He asks if she would mind if he kissed her and she remarks she would mind if he didn’t. Darcy puts an arm around her and kisses her. However he is startled by a loud noise at the window of the farm house and looks back to see someone pull down the blinds. Realizing it’s Bo and Luke, Daisy apologizes to him and says she really had a good time and hopes they can do it again sometime. He agrees as she storms off.

Season 6[]

High Flyin' Dukes[]

At some point, Joe Ward buys out his crop duster business

Cooter's Girl[]

He loans Bo and Luke use of his glider for a few days. To get the boys off the ground, he pulls the glider with the General Lee. The boys later come back down due to witnessing an accident and return the glider to take the General back.