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The Davenport Family is a family from Hazzard County that had settled in the area since at least the mid 1800's. The Davenport Family is long time friend of the Duke Family. Many of the known members of the Davenport family are either mechanics or undertakers. The Davenport Family has a Farm in Hazzard County on Jessup Road that Cooter lives on with a pet dog.[1]

19th Century Davenports[]

20th Century Davenports[]

Notable Family Members[]

  • Beverly Hibbs- A young woman who Cooter ran off with and married. Her family annulled the marriage but she was pregnant with their daughter Nancy Lou [2]
  • Earl- a cousin of Cooter's. He is an undertaker and lets Cooter borrow one of the suites. [3]
  • Tyrone- a cousin of Cooter's. Like Earl, he is an undertaker and lets Cooter use a limo to trick Boss Hogg. [4][5]