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Mr. Burton is an antagonist from the series Enos.


House Cleaners[]

While examining the silver that was stolen from Mr. Chester Dade, he hears a knock at the door. He puts down the piece he was looking for and draws a pistol before saying ‘alright Briggs’. Briggs goes to the door, opening it to see it was Brigg’s partner carrying the last of the silver. He puts the gun away and continues to examine the piece. He says it is absolutely exquisite, and antique, a real one. He says it won’t be easy to unload, but it will be most profitable. When Nelson announces a new ambulance call, he continues to look at the silver, telling Nelson not to worry about it, it is an old neighborhood and to pass on it. He tells them that another hit like this they can close up shop, at least in that area. He starts to pack up the silver when Briggs mentions a safe. He asks what safe and they explain that the cops came poking around and they were lucky to get out of there. He says judging from the quality of the merchandise they better keep an eye on that house and the safe is defiantly worth a second try.

They hear another call and Nelson asks what he thinks. He says it’s a live one and to hit it. While Briggs and Brigg’s partner is out, he starts loading up the van.

Briggs returns and he asks how it went. Briggs informs him it was a set up. He is shocked and Briggs says to get the van out of there. He asks what Briggs is talking about as they don’t even have the van loaded up yet. Briggs says they will run decoy for him and to just get it loaded and get out of there. Briggs leaves and Burton tells Nelson that he heard him and to get back there and help him load everything.

As they finish loading the van, he hears sirens and warns Nelson that the cops are there. He says for Nelson to drive and gets in the van. They are quickly cut off and apprehended by Enos, Turk, and Broggi.