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Dawson is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


10 Million Dollar Sheriff: Part 1[]

While cleaning a rifle, he hears Jason Steele get a phone call about capturing two men named Bo and Luke Duke. When Jason hangs up, he moves to sit on the desk by him, asking who are they. Jason says just some rubes and it’ll be easy. He nods to agree.

They day after arriving in Hazzard, he meets Steele in an ally. When Steele asks what he came up with, he hands over a box with a gun telling him to see for himself. Steele praises him for the gun before saying they just gotta figure out when to use it. He returns it to Dawson and they leave.

10 Million Dollar Sheriff: Part 2[]

While he and Steele hide out in a barn, they hear the boys drive by and Bo challenges Steele to meet them in town. When Steele says they have plenty of guts he says he’s tired of them rubbing their noses in it. He says they aren’t falling for any of their old tricks but Steele says they will. He says he’ll have them by tomorrow unless he can get them today. Dawson asks ‘meaning’ and Steele explains he’s going to take their bait and try to goad them into doing something to get arrested.

He arrives at Cooter’s with the van. He gets out and asks Cooter for help finding some old friends named Bo and Luke. Cooter says he can usually find them under a cloud of dust somewhere but since he’s working on Daisy’s Jeep they will be at the Boar’s Nest. He thanks Cooter, tapping his knee as he goes back to the truck. The boys are forced to turn and come back before the fake General overheats at the Boar’s Nest. He gets out with his partner, Rosco, and Cletus to confront the boys. When they are accused of stealing the car, Luke says everyone knows it’s their car and he explains that it isn’t’ their General Lee, just an old clunker painted up to look like it. He watches the boys get arrested.

They arrive at the Police Department with the van to see Bo and Luke trying to escape. He pulls a gun on them, forcing them to stop. After the boys get in the back they leave.

They drive toward Atlanta with the boys in the back. When he sees the Sheriff following them he asks if Steele wants him to pull over but Steele says to wait until Atlanta. However Rosco cuts them off and he drives into the bushes. Bo and Luke escape from the back. He fires a gun to make them stop before running up behind the boys, keeping the gun on Bo who was closer. He calls for Steele but Bo turns, knocking the gun from his hand and punching him. However Steele stops Luke. When Steele tells Bo to leave him alone, he pushes Bo back toward the van and reclaims his gun. Rosco arrives and explains he can’t pay them. Steele tells him to put Bo and Luke in the patrol car. He has Bo get in first and give him the CB. Then he yells at Luke to give him the CB as he gets in. He shoots out the tires before getting into the van and driving away with Steele and Rosco.

As he drives he listens to Rosco call Boss to pay a ransom for him but Boss refuses. When Rosco gets in the back to write his will, he hears something get on the roof. Luke uses his body to keep Dawson from seeing the road and he yells for Steele to do something but Steele reminds him he can’t as the van is bulletproof and he can’t shoot Luke off. He is told to pull over and he does. As he gets out, Bo pulls up in the General and gets out, attacking him. The two fight and Bo knocks him out.

He is arrested for kidnapping and fingerprinted by Cletus.