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Deacon is a character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Dukes of Hazzard: Hazzard in Hollywood![]

Spotting Patch, she has two of her men grab him. She walks up to him with a baseball bat telling him that the parts he traded her for the engine were hot and the police thought she stole them. He tells her that he didn’t know they were stolen, calling her baby. Offended she tells him when she is done with him he will win the ugly cup. She taps him with her bat saying that was a custom racing engine and she wants it back. He say he sold it to some guys from New Jersey, surprising her and disgusting her. He tells her they are at Tio Paco’s chop shop, in an orange car. She tells him that if he’s lying she will put his one good eye in her next martini. They go to leave and Patch calls after her saying there is a big 01 on the side.

They arrive at Tio Paco’s and her and her men start to hook up the General Lee. Bo calls out to her yelling ‘hey lady’ and asks what is she doing. She tells him she is taking his ‘butt ugly car’ and Luke tells her that she might want to disarm the anti-theft device first. She asks what device and looks in the car to see a moving bag. She concludes it’s rattlesnakes with shock. She sees her men flee and Luke says there is 15. She calms down asking how would they get out of the bag. Bo specifies there are 15 snakes, but there are only 14 in the sack. She looks at the car and moves back a step. She laughs, approaching Bo and Luke saying that was cute before becoming serious and concluding they aren't from Jersey.

She meets Gabriella and Cypriano and Bo apologizes that they don’t know anything about her engine but asks if she knows where they can get a transmission. She says her junk yard and the boys tell her to lead on. As Bo, Luke, and Gabriella go to get in the General, she yells that she knew it and they were bluffing as there 'ain’t no snake lose in the car'. Bo reaches into the car, pulling out a snake making her gasp. Luke says it’s just a harmless corn snake and Bo says ‘yeah, but with rattlesnakes running around who bothers to check?” she comments ‘and when I think of all the loot I wasted on guard dogs.’

They arrive at the junk yard and Bo tells her it’s a right classy place which she happily agrees saying she is thinking of franchising it across America. She invites the three in and tells them she has a transmission that will fit but it will be 600 as she puts on an apron. Bo asks if that is the best she can do which she confirms saying she’s gotta get to work. Luke asks what he smells and she shows them her smoker, saying she smokes 200 lbs of BBQ a week for the church, and they sell it. Luke leaves and Bo asks if he can have a taste. She hands him some and she asks what Bo thinks and to be honest, pointing the fork at his face and telling him he won’t hurt her feelings. Bo tells her it’s real good but he has tasted better. She asks ‘the hell you say?” and Luke returns to offer her some of theirs. She tries it, surprised and agreeing it is good. Bo says it’s their Uncle’s recipe. She asks if they want to tell her what is in that sauce and Luke asks if she wants to let them have that transmission on credit. She thinks about it, taking another bite and decides to allow it.

After getting the transmission, Bo tells her the secret is wild garlic. She asks where the hell is she going to find that. Gabriella helps her cook for the afternoon while Bo and Luke use her junkyard to fix their car.

The next day after Cyrpiano and his friend take out one of Igor’s cars that are chasing the Dukes, her and her men run over to the car. When one of the thugs goes to move she yells at him saying one more movement out of him and she will whip him like a red headed step child. They surrender.

She goes to Hazzard and makes her BBQ sauce and participate in a cooking contest.  She runs into Cooter who says he’s glad she could make it to the ground-breaking. She says she is too and she had to get the wild garlic and she might even open a junk yard there. Cooter remarks he wishes he could find out the secret ingredient when she takes some of Enos’ food, asking what it is. Cooter announces that is it and takes some, tossing in his BBQ sauce. She leans over and tastes it saying that is really good. As she eats some she looks at Cooter. She tells him ‘you know what I just noticed’ telling him he is a very attractive man. Cooter gives her an unsure smile and she pinches his cheek. She begins flirting with him.

That night she attends the Toby Keith concert with Cooter.