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"Dead and Alive" is the fourteenth episode of the sixth season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


Bo and Luke chase armored truck robbers Phil (Charles Cyphers) and Lenny (Charles H. Hyman) through Chickasaw County, and Sheriff Ed Little mistakes the Dukes for the robbers. The only eyewitness who can clear Bo and Luke is their old friend, local artist Artie Bender (James Cavan) -- but Boss Hogg has just hidden Artie away and declared Artie legally dead so that Boss can sell Artie's paintings to an art dealer at inflated prices. Chickasaw County Sheriff "Big Ed" Little continues to pursue Bo and Luke after they escape from jail, as they try to unravel the mystery of whether Artie is really dead.


Balladeer: Now Bo and Luke got special probation permission from Boss Hogg to cross the county line on family business. Now only a Duke can be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Even when they have permission. Now this is Artie Bender, Hazzard’s local starving artist, enjoying one of the few things he can afford. A sunny day. Which was about to be interrupted.

Chickasaw County

Luke drives the General as Bo rides shotgun, heading toward the Hazzard County Line which is three miles away. Meanwhile up the road, Artie Bender is painting a scenery picture.

On the road is an armored car and they spot a person laying in the middle of the road. The truck stops and the driver gets out to check on the person. Meanwhile another person in the bushes comes up behind the driver and knocks him out. Artie witnesses the action and hides as the men steal the money from the armored car and drive off. Artie runs down and checks on the driver as Bo and Luke come driving up. Artie flags them down and informs the boys about the robbery and the people committing it in a light colored sedan, a four door. The boys head off after the two robbers.

Sheriff Little arrives at the scene asking what is going on and is informed there was a robbery and that two men in a car committed it and headed down the road. Sheriff Little drives down the road, spotting the General Lee. Assuming it was the boys, he decides to pull them over. Bo and Luke lose the men and have to stop at the intersection. Bo says they can’t go both ways and the face behind them isn’t friendly. Luke says he is being cynical and that Little is the law and has to do his duty. Luke says they will split up and each take a different road. Bo says that Luke will have to explain it to Little, and Luke agrees. Little tells them to get out, which Bo does but Luke sits on the door trying to talk to him. Little pulls Luke out of the General before saying he is arresting them for robbery. Little arrests them both.

Lenny and Phil talk about ditching the car and getting a new one since the people in the orange car got a good look at their car. They drive by a paint shop sign and decide to paint it.

Artie Bender’s Home

After returning to Hazzard and his home, Artie find Boss and Rosco waiting for him. Boss says he is there to foreclose on the property and house for all the money owed on the mortgage. Rosco adds there is an overdue parking ticket and Artie reminds them he doesn’t even have a car. Rosco posts a ‘for sale’ sign and Artie pleads with them not to sell his house. He offers to pay with the money from the next painting he sells and Boss says he’s never sold a painting. Artie points out they will be worth a lot of money when he dies. Boss comes up with the plan to pretend Artie is dead, make it official, and allow Artie to continue painting.

Chickasaw Police Station

Little types up the report as Luke watches and Bo argues with Little, asking if they really did do it why would they stop and wait for Little. Luke says he can prove they are innocent and they are allowed one call. Little gives Luke the phone and Luke calls the opporator to learn Artie’s phone was cut off as he didn’t pay his bill.

Artie’s Home

Boss and Rosco prepare to leave Artie’s place with all the paintings.

Chickasaw Police Department

Luke decides to call Uncle Jesse and have Artie brought over. Bo tells Luke that won’t work as Jesse is plowing the back forty and Daisy went to Capitol City to go shopping. Luke calls Cooter. Luke is surprised when Gussy answers the phone, saying Cooter is on a tow job and she is taking his calls. Luke tells her that they need Artie Bender brought over to the jail. Little then takes the phone, having the operator Jezebel connect him to Rosco. Bo and Luke look at each other in alarm.

Hazzard Pond

Artie begins to paint the pond.

Police Department

Boss has the Hazzard Gazette publish and obituary for Artie Bender, saying he wants it all over the front page. When he is asked ‘why’ he says he wants it and owns the paper. As he hangs up, Rosco comes in with a funeral wreath. They receive a call and Boss finds it’s Little for Rosco. Rosco is unhappy but accepts the call and Little gloats about having arrested Bo and Luke. Rosco becomes angry, saying Little has gone too far and he wants the boys extradited to his county. Rosco informs Boss, who becomes happy and celebrates the news. Little goes to hang up but Luke takes the phone, telling Rosco they need Artie Bender as a witness. Boss takes the phone telling him that Artie just died. Luke is shocked, making Bo worried, and Boss hangs up. Luke tells Bo and Little that Artie just died.


Lenny wants to go to Atlanta, but Phil says they aren’t in a hurry as no one is looking for them in their blue car. He adds they are just off of Hazzard and they might have a bank. Lenny says they got over 50 grand but Phil says he’s greedy.

Police Department

Boss calls an art dealer in Atlanta, saying he wants him to come look at Artie Bender, the Grandpa Moses of Hazzard County, the Rembrandt in overalls, the pitchfork Picasso. The dealer agrees to come the next day.

Hazzard Garage

Cooter got back and received the message from Gussie. He calls Jesse and fills him in on Luke’s message. Jesse and Daisy, who are at the farm where Daisy is feeding a baby pig, say they will just go get Artie but Cooter explains he just learned that Artie is dead. Jesse is shocked and says he wants to pay his respects but they need to go pay the bail on Bo and Luke. Cooter says there is no point as he already called over to Chickasaw and was informed there will be no bail. Cooter says they are in a mess this time.

Chickasaw County Jail

Bo and Luke are in the cell. Luke is leaning against the bars thinking while Bo is laying on the bed playing a harmonica. Bo asks how it sounds and Luke, annoyed, asks if Bo really wants to know. Bo says it was the ‘Camptown Ladies’ and Luke just sighs before saying Bo got to be kidding him. Bo wishes Artie had told Little who it really was before becoming frantic about the bail. Luke says Bo is crazy and that Little wouldn’t let them do that. Bo suggests the truck driver and Luke says Bo is giving him a worse headache than his harmonica. Luke sits down telling Bo the only thing the driver saw was stars. He says they need to find their own way. Bo says the guys are probably out of the state and Luke asks if Bo has a better plan. Bo goes back to playing and Luke tries to tell him to stop before smacking him with a pillow.

Hogg’s Heavenly Haven

A funeral is held for Artie, officiated by Boss with Daisy, Jesse, Enos, Rosco, and Cooter present. Boss expresses how great of an artist he was. Daisy puts flowers on the grave.

Chickasaw County Jail

Sheriff Little comes to get Bo and Luke, saying it’s time to go see the judge. The boys rush him before fleeing. They run into the hall, where a woman is trying to clean the floor. Bo and Luke slide into the wall but keep on their feet and run. Little however slips in the soap and falls to the ground. The two fun out to the impound yard and into the General. Bo drives, crashing through the gate and Sheriff Little gets in his car to follow.


Bo declares they are going to lose Little as they approach a construction site and jumps over it but are both surprised to see Little followed them. Luke tells Bo to play the same trick they did to Rosco on Rocky Ridge. Bo agrees. Little comes around a bend, having followed the boys to see the General parked and empty. He gets out to look, not seeing Bo and Luke who are hidden under the General. He thinks the boys are in the trees and heads up to look. Bo and Luke get out from under the General and sneak over to Little’s car. Luke lets the air out of the back tire and Bo out of the front. Then they get in the General and Bo drives away. Little spots them and Luke waves. Little, frustrated, goes to follow them to find he’s got two flats. Little goes to call for help but accidentally rips out his CB.

Bo calls on the CB for Jesse, who responds as he is in Dixie with Daisy. Cooter also over hears and the boys tell them to meet them at Artie Bender’s.

Town of Hazzard

Phil and Lenny drive around Hazzard to case the bank, passing a large sign outside the County building for an Art Show of Artie Bender’s works.

County Building

Boss brings six people into his office and explains an art dealer from Atlanta will be there in about a half hour. He hands them out some money to their excitement, saying for them to buy up all the paintings while the art dealer is there. Boss says for them all to buy all the paintings and Boss will take the paintings in the back and for them to spend all the money. They all go into the main room to see Enos and Rosco setting up.

Enos asks Rosco if a hanging he put up is straight. Rosco goes to look but Enos nearly falls off the ladder. Rosco scolds him and Boss bursts in calling for Rosco. Unable to stay on the ladder after Rosco lets go, Enos falls back on a table and breaks it, splattering cake on Boss, Rosco, and the six scam artist. Enos gets yelled at while Flash tries to help clean up.

Town of Hazzard

Lenny and Phil are outside the bank when Sheriff Little pulls up. Little puts up a poster and Lenny and Phil approach him, asking if they are the people wanted for the armored car robbery the day before. Little shows them the poster of Bo and Luke, confirming it. As Little leaves, Phil says he wants to find the boys and turn them in to close the case.


Luke drives and tells Bo ‘well’, confusing Bo. Luke says they are wanted for armed robbery, they don’t have a witness nor any idea of who did it or why. He adds they don’t know where they are either. Bo says to tell him something he doesn’t already know. Bo says he’s been thinking about it but has nothing. He asks if Luke has any ideas and Luke says of course he does. Bo asks what they are and Luke says when he sorts them out he’ll let Bo know. Bo is annoyed and asks if Luke thought about what they will do if they can’t get it sorted out. Luke says they will have numbers on their shirts.

Arties’ House

Jesse, Daisy, and Cooter wait at the cabin, Jesse saying Artie picked a good place for it. Jesse says he’s been coming by for 30, 40 years and this is the first time he hasn’t seen smoke coming out of the chimney. Bo and Luke arrive and get out of the General before asking about Artie. Jesse says the first they heard about it he was at the funeral parlor. Cooter is annoyed at what Boss is doing with Artie’s paintings. The boys admit they don’t know much about the crooks. Luke meanwhile is upset about how much Artie’s death benefits Boss. Luke asks them to go look out for the light four door while they go find Doc Applebee.

Town of Hazzard

Rosco is heading out when he notices Little putting up wanted signs. Rosco says he has half a mind to write Little a ticket and Little insults him saying he doesn’t even have a quarter of a mind. Little hangs Rosco by the back of his uniform on a flag pole, and tells Rosco watch a real Sheriff work, angering Rosco.

Doc Appleby’s Office

The boys see Doc Appleby and he says there is nothing he can do as he wasn’t the doctor to sign the death certificate. The boys leave to find out who signed it, Luke driving.


Bo and Luke head back to town, and Luke says the death certificate should be on file at the County office. Bo asks how this is going to help them and Luke says he was their only witness and something isn’t right about all this.

Jesse calls the boys to inform them they have nothing. Daisy asks about the doctor and Bo says they heard Artie was fine and didn’t sign the death certificate. Bo asks if Jesse, Daisy, and Cooter would go to the art show and keep Boss in the front room so they can look in the county records. Jesse and the others agree.

Police Department

The Art Dealer looks over one of the paintings. The dealer is impressed with Artie’s paintings and they see two people fighting over a painting of a waterfall. Cooter, Daisy, and Jesse arrive as the two fight even more over a painting.

In the back, Bo and Luke sneak into Boss’ office and start going through the cabinets. Meanwhile Boss tells the Art Dealer that people are really interested in Artie’s paintings. Daisy, Jesse, and Cooter watch in awe, Jesse saying Artie couldn’t trade a painting for a tire but now they are selling them. Boss decides to go get a cigar from his office but Jesse stops him, saying Artie would be so proud of what Boss is doing for him. Boss tries to brush him off but Cooter stops him saying he would like a tour as he used to finger paint in the second grade. Daisy then gives him a cigar and Jesse and Cooter offer to get him a light. Jesse lights the cigar. Meanwhile Bo and Luke find the death certificate and see that it was signed by Doctor Campbell on Paxton Road.  They don’t recognize the doctor but decide to go find him anyway.

The Art Dealer demands Boss stop the sale as he wants to purchase all the pieces. Boss calls off all the sales to people’s ‘disappointment’. The Art Dealer laments that this is all that is left and Boss assures him he can get more. The Art Dealer, Daisy, Jesse, and Cooter are all confused by that and Boss tells them that he is sure Artie sold some to people in the local area.


Bo and Luke CB Jesse to tell them they are looking for the doctor and Lenny and Phil hear the conversation.

Hazzard Pond

Artie continues to paint

Paxton Road

Bo and Luke find the address of the doctor to see a half built shack frame and a for sale sign, indicating the property belongs to Boss. Luke calls the others to fill them in. Jesse says he knows Boss and while Boss would do anything for a scam he wouldn’t kill anyone. Daisy and Cooter say they need to find the crooks as this isn’t helping anyone. Luke wonders how to find them. Jesse suggests they go to Hopkin’s barn and talk in person. Luke says they will be there in 15.

Meanwhile Lenny and Phil come up behind the boys. They tell the boys they are making a citizens’ arrest. Bo and Luke knock away the men’s guns and take them down before fleeing, Bo driving. The two give chase and Luke notes they aren’t from Hazzard. Bo says the important part is they are following them. Meanwhile Phil has Lenny call for Little.

Police Department

Little is using Rosco’s office, putting a state wide APD on the boys. Rosco and Boss come in, not happy to see Little but he says he is using Rosco’s office as his command post. He gets a call from the men chasing after Bo and Luke, telling him the boys are on Paxton road heading west. Little leaves to help, shaking off Rosco’s protests. Rosco wants to go too but Boss stops him to send him to see Artie. Rosco is upset and admits it’s not his day before whimpering and leaving.


Bo continues to run from Phil, Little coming toward them and having called Enos. Enos doesn’t believe the boys did anything but comes anyway. Bo and Luke approach an intersection and see Little coming from the front, Enos from the side, and the men from behind. Bo asks Luke for any idea and they escape causing the three to crash into each other. The boys get away.

Hazzard Pond

Rosco arrives and takes the finished painting that Artie made as well as a painting he was still working on. Artie warns Rosco that the paintings are still damp and Rosco tosses them in the back of the car. Artie asks if they ever found the crooks who robbed the armored truck and Rosco says no but they expect to soon. As Rosco leaves, Artie hopes Bo and Luke are okay before going back to painting.

Hopkins Barn

Bo whittles a piece of wood as he and Luke wait. Bo says it’s just getting weirder and weirder, which Luke agrees. They hear Cooter calling for them, towing a car. Cooter says he had to make a detour to clean up the boys mess at the crossroads and that he is currently towing the blue sedan and found that the blue paint covered a light color. Luke tells Bo that the two men were the crooks and the boys say they will meet Cooter at the garage.

Hazzard Garage

Bo, Luke, Daisy, Jesse, and Cooter look over the car. Bo confirms it is the car and Jesse says even if they right it doesn’t prove anything. Luke suggests they give themselves up, making the Dukes laugh and Cotoer remark that people call him crazy. Luke says the money isn’t there so the men stashed it. He says if he and Bo go to jail then they will go to the money. Jesse and Daisy say they would follow them. Bo asks where the men are and Cooter says they went to Rachel’s Café. Luke tells Bo its time to go to Jail and Bo smirks at the others as he puts his hands up, following Luke.

Police Department

Rosco arrives, seeing a woman scrubbing the floor. He goes into the main room with the new paintings. Boss, who is packing the paintings, recognizes the location. Bo and Luke come in, shocking them and explain they are turning themselves in. Rosco tries to hand Boss the painting of Hazzard Pond, but Boss shoves it back and they are all surprised to see the paint smeared on Boss. Luke hears the word ‘new painting’ and Bo and Luke realize Artie just painted it. They change their mind and flee into the hall, sliding on the wet floor only to see Little just arrived. They manage to turn and run in the other direction, Little following only to be hit by the door as Rosco comes out. Boss, Little, and Rosco fall and the boys escape.

Hazzard Garage

The boys announce to Jesse, Daisy, and Cooter that Artie is alive and they are going to him. They say for the others to follow the original plan, make the crooks believe they were arrested and follow them to the cash. The boys then flee and when the others look to Jesse he says he’s as confused as they are. Boss, Rosco, and Little come outside as the obys drive off, chasing them.


Rosco and Little fight for the leading car. Boss tells Rosco that he needs to catch the boys before they find Artie. Rosco assures him that the boys have no way of knowing where Artie is. Meanwhile in the General, Luke is driving and tells Bo that Artie is at Hazzard Pond.

Hazzard Garage

Lenny and Phil return as Cooter finishes. Cotoer says they are all set and Phil pays him for his work. Cooter mentions Bo and Luke’s bail, and Jesse says it would take more than that. The two men leave, believing Bo and Luke have been arrested. Jesse and Daisy leave to follow, Cooter staying at the garage.


The boys continue to run and Bo says they are gaining on them which Luke says they can’t let them do. Luke goes off road and jumps the General. Rosco and Little stop, unable to follow. Little tells Rosco they are his prisoners and ask where they are going.

Daisy and Jesse follow the crooks, stopping by a tree. Daisy radios Bo and Luke and Bo responds. He asks if the men made a move and Daisy confirms it. Bo tells them to wait until he and Luke get there. Daisy agrees before putting down the CB and her and Jesse getting out and following on foot anyway.

Hazzard Pond

Bo and Luke arrive at the pond, happy to see Artie, who is also happy to se them and waves. When the boys park, he hugs Bo and the boys fill him in.


Daisy and Jesse watch the crooks when a spider crawls onto Daisy’s hand startling her. She screams alerting the two men to their presence.

Bo calls Daisy and Jesse over the CB, having left the pond with Luke and Artie. Hearing Bo on the radio, Lenny and Phil realize they were tricked. They also hear Bo say that there was a witness and that witness is with the boys. Bo starts to get nervous when he gets no answer and Luke suggests either they left the CB or the crooks found them.

Rosco, Boss, and Little are still looking for the boys and see them come from the other direction. The two turn, Little now in the lead.

Jesse and Daisy were tied to the jeep and Daisy gets free, calling the boys and saying the men are currently heading east on Old Post Road. Bo confirms the information and Luke heads that way. Bo and Luke catch up to the crooks, Little behind them with Rosco behind him. The men turn to watch their pursuers and Lenny starts shooting at them. Little gets angry and starts shooting back. Luke gets them out of the way and heads around to cut the crooks off. Little shoots out a tire and the boys cut them off. They drive off the road. Little and Rosco arrest them and Artie tells Little that they were the crooks.

Balladeer: Well I’d say that did the trick. Thanks to the Dukes and Artie as an eye witness, Sheriff Little now had the real crooks in custody. Boss couldn’t wait to make old Artie take back his paintings. He demanded Artie to pay what he owed him. The Dukes offered Artie the reward money they collected, but Artie didn’t need it. You see, that Art Dealer wanted everything Artie could paint, dead or alive. So Artie not only could pay old Boss off but he was set for life himself. Boss got the $112 old Artie owed him, and that was all he got. As for the Dukes, they got something that money couldn’t buy. An orignial family portrait painted by that great artist, Artie Bender of Hazzard County.

Police Department

Boss, Rosco, the art dealer, Artie, Cooter, and the Dukes are all talking. Boss tells Artie he will have to take back all his paintings and pay for everything. Luke offers him the reward money but the art dealer steps in, hiring Artie to work for him. Bo claps for Arties as the others join in. Boss is distraught.


Artie paints Luke, Bo, Daisy, and Jesse in front of the General Lee.


Main Character[]

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Chickasaw County[]

  • Chickasaw City
    • Chickasaw Police Department
  • Doctor Appleby's office

Hazzard County[]


  • This is the second episode to feature a local artist, the first being Granny Anne with Annie Cargill
  • This is the third time Bo and Luke have had wanted posters, the previous two times being Money to Burn and Arrest Jesse Duke
  • Luke says Bo has a shirt with an alligator on it
  • Artie has lived in the same place for nearly 40 years
  • Sheriff Little is Rosco's personal Number One enemy
    • This would put Bo and Luke at number two
  • Artie's Death Certificate gives the date of the episode as 4-5 March 1983