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"Dear Diary" is the twentieth episode of the fourth season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


Rosco loses his diary on the Duke farm, and Boss Hogg blows his top because the diary is filled with notes on every scam that he and Rosco ever pulled. Jesse tries to deliver the diary to Boss and Rosco, but Hadley (Bill McLaughlin) and Avery (Ernie Hudson), two crooks that Boss Hogg swindled, steal the diary and demand $25,000 -- or they will give the diary to the authorities. Boss Hogg plans to use Bo and Luke to get the diary back by blackmailing them with his big book of trumped-up charges against all the Dukes. The diary ends up getting burned up in a car crash, while, much to the dismay of Boss Hogg, the book of trumped-up charges, which took Boss Hogg 20 years to build up, ends up getting shredded in a tree company's wood chipper.


Balladeer: Yes sir, this is one of ‘em clean, crisp, Hazzard County days when the Duke boys know that life is really worth a livin’. Even the General is feelin’ pretty good. That is except for a broken break like, which is most places is a minor traffic violation. But in Hazzard it’s the same as stealing from winners. That is if you happen to be a Duke. Not that ain’t no ticket ol’ Rosco’s writin’, that’s Rosco’s secret diary. And if old Boss knew what Rosco’s been tellin’ his diary all these years, he’d have a double conniption fit.

The Dukes are out driving, going through a riverbed as Bo and Luke whistle. Up ahead Rosco is sitting in his car with Flash, writing in his diary about Boss’ latest scam. Boss made $10,000 on hijacked radial tires. Rosco writes that he gets 50% of and Flash barks. Rosco changes it to 30% but Flash barks again. Realizing Flash isn’t going to let him lie, he writes 10% but Flash barks again. He adds ‘if I’m lucky’ but again Flash continues to bark. Rosco gets frustrated. Bo and Luke pass by and Rosco gets excited seeing the boys have a taillight out. He chases after them.

Seeing Rosco following them, Bo calls Rosco on the CB and asks what they did. Rosco says they have a broken tail light and that he’s giving them a $5 ticket. Bo says that is the third time Rosco has tried that this month. Rosco says he’s serious this time and Luke decides he’s going to have to catch them first. Bo is surprised to see Luke is headed to the farm and Rosco says he just wants Jesse and Daisy to be there.

Duke Farm

Bo and Luke pull in with Rosco behind them. Daisy and Jesse watch and Jesse asks what they did now. Bo tells them about the tail light and Daisy tells the boys that Rosco is right this time, that she saw when they pulled in that it isn’t working. Rosco goes to give the ticket to Bo, but Bo says Luke was driving. The two argue and Rosco goes back and forth between them but ends up giving it to Luke as he had possession of the steering wheel. Meanwhile Flash takes Rosco’s diary and buries it. Luke signs the ticket and the boys agree they could wallpaper their room with it. Bo tells Luke he’s got more tickets then Bo does. Rosco gets Flash back into the car while the boys laugh. Daisy laughs too but Jesse tells them it’s not funny and to get the car fixed.

Police Department

Boss pulls out the money in his safe to pay off the hijackers. He hands it over and the men remark that Boss is $1,000 short. Boss says it’s because the tires for small foreign cars so he kept some of the money. The two threaten to take it out on Boss and he says they don’t know anything about doing business and he’s actually giving them a break here. Boss adds he never did deduct his overhead expenses anyway. When Hadley asks if he means to fill his fat belly, Boss argues he’s just naturally plump. Cletus comes in with a massive tray of food for Boss and Boss tells him to throw Avery and Hadley out. The two protest but Cletus pulls out a gun and they warn Boss that this isn’t over.

Boss looks out the window to see Rosco is tearing apart his car. He puts down his lunch to go find out. Boss asks if he’s lost his mind and Rosco tells him he lost his diary. Boss is surprised asking that he keeps a diary. After a few back and forth questions, Boss realizes it’s him and his scams that Rosco had written in his diary and that he has now lost it. Boss asks where Rosco last saw it and they determine they need to go to the Duke Farm. They get the seat back in the car and Rosco puts Flash back in so they can leave.

Duke Farm

Bo is chopping wood while Daisy is doing laundry. Luke asks Bo if the brake light is working, and Bo confirms it. Luke says it was just a loose wire as Jesse comes to check on them. They watch Boss and Rosco arrive, curious. The two get out of the car and Bo teases him saying it was a nice piece of driving. Boss demands they hand back Rosco’s diary and all the Duke’s express confusion. Daisy asks if was red with a gold clasp, saying that is the only kind that is sold at the store. Luke asks what is so important about it and Rosco accidentally mentions they would blackmail Boss. Boss says if they don’t hand back the diary he will arrest the boys. Boss tells them he has a whole file of charges against the boys and he can use any of them. When Rosco moves to arrest the boys, Daisy dumps her laundry on them to allow the boys escape. Daisy and Jesse watch amused as they chase after the boys.


Rosco and Boss follow the boys, the seat that isn’t secured flopping around. Bo passes a brown car before turning around and coming back toward is just as Boss and Rosco come up behind the car. The three cars fight for the road and the brown car and Rosco both are forced to stop why Bo and Luke get away. Bo says they are in the free and clear but the front tire goes. As they move to fix the tire, Luke expresses concern about the file of charges.

Duke Farm

Daisy and Jesse return to doing their chores. Jesse goes to milk Bonnie Mae the goat but Daisy tells him to take it easy. Jesse apologizes to the goat when he finds the diary on the ground. They conclude it is Rosco’s diary and Daisy goes to read it but Jesse tells her they can’t as it’s private. Realizing it’s probably got all of Boss’ deals written down Jesse gets an idea to call Boss and try to trade it back to Boss in exchange to leave the boys alone. Daisy tries to hold the diary while Jesse makes a call, but he refuses knowing she intends to read it.


Bo and Luke let the General down only to find the spare tire is also flat. Bo says one of them is going to have to get the pump and use it. Luke says he’ll get it but they will both use it.

Duke Farm

Jesse calls Boss and Rosco over the CB, who are in the Police Department again, and says he found the diary where it was buried. Rosco tells Jesse that he doesn’t want him to read the book and Jesse says he didn’t read it. Jesse tells them he wants to make a deal with him, that he’ll give him the diary if Boss drops all the charges. Meanwhile Avery and Hadley listen in the conversation. Boss asks how he can be sure that Jesse hasn’t read it and Jesse says because he said he didn’t read it. Boss agrees with the condition they spit and shake. Jesse tells Boss that he is coming down Old Mill Road to get the diary back and have Rosco and Cletus pull back all their speed traps. Meanwhile Avery and Hadley decide to get that diary from Jesse.


Jesse radios the boys, who finish with the tire, and tell them about the deal. Jesse says for them to meet him in town and the boys obey. Meanwhile as Jesse drives he notices a blue car coming at him. They try to run off Jesse but he goes around them. Jesse decides to see how good they are before taking off. Jesse comments he’ll keep them with him for a bit before he loses them. However he turns a corner to see a hay cart and runs off the road to avoid it. He gets out of his pickup to twist his ankle and fall over. Avery and Hadley pull up and ask for the diary. Jesse says he doesn’t know what they are talking about and asks for a doctor. They search him to find the diary and leave. Jesse starts moving to get to the CB.

Police Department

Rosco is polishing Flash’s nails while Cletus is pulling out the tape in the type writer. Boss is pacing, waiting for Jesse and frustrated with both. Bo and Luke come in and ask where Jesse is. Luke says something is wrong and Boss says if Jesse isn’t here in the next two minutes he’ll have the boys arrested. They hear Jesse calling them on the CB. Jesse tells them he’s on Old Mill Road near Sutter’s Creek and that he twisted his ankle after two men ran him off the road. Boss learns the men took the diary and Bo and Luke go to get Jesse but Boss says no, they are going to be arrested. Boss tells Rosco to arrest them and Rosco takes them to the cell at gunpoint. The boys get upset, worried about Jesse. As Rosco goes to unlock the cell, he hands Bo his gun telling him to hold it. Bo throws it in the cell saying he can’t hold a gun as he’s on probation. Realizing they have an opening, Luke grabs Bo and starts running. The two escape as Rosco reclaims his gun and Cletus finds his gun that was hanging on the wall.


Bo slides across the roof of the General so he and Luke can get in and race off after Jesse. Rosco comes outside and tries to slide over the hood but lands on the road, nearly getting hit by a car. Rosco yells at the car before telling Cletus to follow him. They head after Bo and Luke, who are looking for Jesse’s truck. Luke radio’s Jesse to tell him they are headed his way before telling Bo to take Plainview Road. As they drive they come to a telephone company who is moving a pole. The crane snaps and the pole falls. Bo and Luke get under pole but it falls on the back of Rosco’s car. Rosco yells at the men to get it off his car before driving away. He knocks it off on two trees and Cletus goes around it. Up ahead, the boys see Jesse and rush over to help him. Rosco and Cletus arrive as they help Jesse up and they agree to help Jesse but make it clear the boys are under arrest.

Police Department

Doc Appleby comes to the jail house to wrap Jesse’s ankle and Daisy arrives. Bo and Luke watch, worried. In Boss’ office, Boss and Rosco talk about what happened. They agree they believe Jesse was attacked for the diary but wonder who it could have been, Rosco saying it could be anyone in town. Boss then gets a phone call and learn Avery and Hadley have the diary. When Boss asks how he knows they have it, Hadley reads a few pages. He remarks about Boss’ stolen car operation in 1978 and robbing his own bank for the insurance money in 1979. Hadley tells Boss to deliver $25,000 to the Sycamore Dead End in one hour or else.

Boss is upset and Rosco hangs up the phone, getting the cord tangled around Boss. Rosco apologizes and Boss gets the idea to use illegal money. Boss says they have some counterfeit money in the evidence bin and tells Rosco to go get it and he’ll have to Duke boys deliver it in exchange for dropping the charges. Boss and Rosco go into the booking room and while Jesse starts yelling at Boss, Daisy goes to stand by Bo and Luke. Boss tells them that he just heard from the men who took the diary. Boss says he figures they are partners of the boys to which all the Dukes protest. Boss says if they deliver the money he’ll let them go and destroy the file charge. Rosco pulls out a huge file of charges with the boy’s name written on it. Luke decides they will do the delivery and Bo asks Daisy to make sure Jesse gets home. Jesse tells them to be careful.

Boss has Bo and Luke freed and gives them the suitcase with the money and tell them where to go. Boss says not to give them the money until they get the diary and not to read the diary. Rosco talks about his teddy and Boss’ rubber duck and Bo jokes saying he’s making the diary tempting to read. Rosco tells them they can read page 4. Boss emphasizes they are not to read it and on their way out they check it was page four. As they go outside Bo run for the General, tossing the suitcase at Luke and sliding across the road despite Luke’s protests. Luke tells Bo to spare the paint job as they aren’t in a hurry. Bo agrees but says he’s going to gun the tires before speeding off.


Bo and Luke head out to meet with the two men and Bo remarks there must be something awful important for Boss to be parting with that much money. Luke agrees he doesn’t feel good about it and it doesn’t seem right.

Seminole Road

Avery hears the General coming and hides off to the side with a gun drawn. Hadley waits for the boys to arrive, surprised it isn’t Boss. Avery moves Bo around to the same side of the General as Luke but when he shoves Bo, Bo moves toward him only for Luke to pull him back. Luke assures them they aren’t trying to pull anything and only want the diary. Bo says he wants to teach them a lesson about ganging up on their uncle but Luke reminds him that isn’t why they are there. Luke hands over the money and the two look at it. Hadley realizes its counterfeit money. Realizing they are in trouble, Bo and Luke attack Hadley and Avery. Avery hits Luke hard in the solar plexus and Hadley throws dirt in Bo’s eyes. As the two men flee, Luke asks Bo to drive as he’s not feeling up to it. Bo protests that he can’t see anything but gets behind the driver seat anyway.


Bo and Luke chase after Avery and Hadley. Hadley puts the diary on the bench seat between him and Avery as they go. In the General Bo asks Luke if he’s alright, to which Luke says he thinks so and when he starts breathing he’ll be doing better. Avery goes up Arrowhead road and the boys follow. As they go up the hill the car stalls out not able to make it. The car stalls and goes backwards. Avery can’t get the break to work and Bo turns around to follow them down the hill. Avery and Hadley jump out of the car and it goes over the edge, catching fire and being destroyed. Bo and Luke run up to them, asking where the diary is. Hadley tells them it was in the car. While Bo and Luke at the wreck, they both flee on foot. Bo goes to chase after them but Luke says there is no point now. They decide to go back to town and tell Boss what happened, driving off in the General.

As they are nearing town, Luke says there is no reason for them to. Bo asks why not and Luke reminds him Boss has never believed them before and will still think they read it. Bo reminds him of the file of charges before asking Luke how will they get that file away from them. Luke says he wishes he knew. Bo remarks if Boss had only seen it get destroyed they’d be out of this mess. Luke sees a wood chipper and stops, smiling. Bo asks what he’s doing and Luke says Bo hit the nail on the head. Bo asks how and Luke asks what if Boss got to see it get destroyed. Bo questions it and Luke says they can get another diary and let Boss watch it get destroyed. Luke tells him he’s got an idea.

Hazzard Garage

Luke calls Daisy and has her pick up a diary like Roscos’. She goes over to Cooter’s where the boys are waiting with Cooter. She wishes the boys luck before heading home. Luke decides to call Boss, having Mabel connect him. Cooter tells Bo he’s getting a ringside seat for this. Boss answers the phone and Luke informs him they got the diary. Boss accuses him of having read the diary and wanting to blackmail him and Rosco. Luke says he’s only checking their deal. Boss confirms that if they bring the diary he’ll give them the charge file. The boys head over with Cooter following.

Police Department

Bo and Luke go over to the office and Cooter watches outside. As Boss and Luke don’t trust each other, Rosco proposes that they exchange on the count of three. Boss and Luke agree and Rosco starts counting. When he reaches two, Bo reaches over and grabs the diary. The three look at Bo and Bo says ever since he can remember Boss had been trying to cheat them and he thinks it’s time for Boss to pay for it. Boss says they had a deal and Bo disagrees saying they spoke to Luke and no one talked to Bo about anything. They all try to take the diary from Bo and Luke confronts him saying Bo is making him look like a fool. Bo gets mad that Luke isn’t on his side and Cooter is chuckling outside, enjoying the show. Luke challenges Bo to go through him. The two start fighting, to which Cooter starts laughing. Inside Bo hits Luke too hard and Luke quickly tells him he’s overacting. The two pretend to fight through the booking room until Bo throws Luke onto Boss and Rosco. Bo then announces him and Luke are through permanently and if Boss ever wants to see the diary again he’ll have to pay Bo real good for it. Bo takes off, getting in the General and Driving away. Boss, Rosco, and Luke follow him to the police car. Luke says to let him drive as he knows every move Bo will make. Rosco protests as he isn’t a deputy and Boss tells him to deputize Luke. Rosco does and Luke drives off after Bo, to Cooter’s amusement.


Bo grins as he drives, amused, and goes up Cottontail road. Luke follows with Boss and Rosco. Luke and Bo trash talk each other over the CB to Daisy’s amusement at the Farm. Jesse is worried because it sounds like the boys mean it but Daisy assures him they are just playing. Bo jumps over a creek to get to the chipper, Luke following to Boss and Rosco’s protests. Bo stops and gets out, as does Luke, Rosco, and Boss. Luke and Bo pretend to fight, Luke hitting down Bo who hands over the diary. Luke has Boss set down the charges on the General before deciding to toss the diary to Boss. Boss agrees but Luke ‘misses’ sending the diary into the chipper. While Rosco laments the loss and Boss says its good riddance, Luke checks the charge file. Boss turns back to Luke saying there is no need for them to keep the charge file and to return it. Luke throws it to Bo and Bo chucks it in the chipper. Boss gets angry at Rosco saying it took him 20 years of squeezing, pinching, and doing everything to get those charges.

Balladeer: Now the boys finished up their little play lit by making up with each other in front of Boss and Rosco. Ol’ Boss made Rosco promise that he’d never write anything on paper again, unless it was a citation against the Dukes. Which meant starting up a whole new file of charges against them. Jesse and Daisy just loved hearing the whole story about all that play act. You know them Duke boys ain’t half bad. That is for Hazzard County.


As Bo and Luke drive home they tell Daisy and Jesse everything that happened over the CB, to their amusement.


Main Character[]

Guest Star[]


  • Tony Brubaker


Hazzard County[]


  • Rosco keeps a Diary that he started around One Armed Bandit's to now.
  • Rosco mentions in this episode that Mama Coltrane reads Jack-in-the-Beanstalk to him in order for him to go to sleep. In the episode Coltrane Vs. Duke, Rosco made Boss read that very book to him repeatedly in order to go to sleep.
  • While on the CB, Boss and Jesse spit and shake on the agreement to exchange the diary for the charges against Bo and Luke. Previously in Pin the Tail on the Dukes, Boss expressed that he doesn't keep his word unless he spits and shakes on it to which Jesse asks how they can spit and shake over the phone.
  • Rosco admits he has a teddy bear and remarks about writing Boss' rubber duck in the book as well.
  • Boss admits that Jesse is an honorable man and he does believe Jesse when he tells him things, he just doesn't want anyone to know he does.
  • This is the second time Bo and Luke were fighting each other in the series. However unlike Carnival of Thrills, they were acting.
    • Boss and Rosco were very surprised at the idea of a Duke punching a Duke and Jesse has said a few times through the series that Dukes don't fight Dukes.
  • Rosco temporarily deputizes Luke to chase after Bo in his patrol car. This is technically the second time Luke has been 'deputized' as Luke was previously a deputy in Deputy Dukes
  • Boss says that it took him 20 years to gather all the charges he had against Bo and Luke in the charge file the boys destroyed. If that is true, and if Bo was about 18 in 1976, then it would mean Boss had been gathering charges against the boys since Bo was at least 4 years old.
  • Boss' charge file against Bo and Luke had previously been referenced in Cletus Falls in Love, as Boss remarked that he had 287 suspected violations against the boys without a single conviction.