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Deke Haskell is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Bye, Bye, Boss[]

After learning Digger is free, Boss asks him, Fred, and Smiley for help and saying it’s his bounding duty. He tells Boss so is living and that Digger Jackson is a mean sucker and Boss had better call the militia. He goes to leave with the others following and Boss stops him asking who loaned him the money to buy the little Blue Bell semi-automatic, front-loading, battery-operated washing machine and he says Boss did but he charged Deke 50% interest, compounded before leaving.

Fred smiley and deke

Fred, Smiley, and Deke refuse to help Boss

Outside the Boar's Nest he tells Smiley and Fred that his heart goes out to J.D. Hogg as he’s in a tough spot. He says Digger is mean and tough but of course he doesn’t scare Deke none. He says a man has to protect his own. Seeing Digger arrive he tells the others he’s going home to protect his right now.

He returns to the Boar’s Nest after Boss was kidnapped and asks who Boss thinks he is driving around in that big white car of his. He asks what Boss ever did for the others and he says good riddance to Boss. Jesse calls him out and says he can’t believe his ears as there is a fellow out there who’s life is in danger. Jesse says it is J.D. Hogg and he is one of the worst people on that side of Hades but he is a being and a human. Deke says Boss wouldn’t lift a finger to help them and Daisy reminds him they are supposed to do unto others as you’d have them do, not as they did do. He says J.D. Hogg has done plenty to everybody in their community. However he stops when Rosco comes in and asks Rosco if there is any news and if Lulu is going to buy Boss back. Rosco snaps at him, saying he only just heard about it.