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Dell Webber is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Late J.D. Hogg[]

Escaped prisoner for mail theft. Seeing a poster of him and McKay on the Hazzard Post office board, he pulls it off. He rips it up and remarks that in a few hours they will have over $100,000 in Social Security checks. At McKay’s insistence, they leave to take care of a few finale details.

While walking outside the barber shop, they spot a car. He checks the driver side to see the keys are in the ignition. He nods to his partner and they steal the car. As they drive away they are chased after by Bo and Luke Duke, who’s friend owned the car. When McKay asks who he thinks the owners of the car is he asks McKay to shoot first and save the questions for later. As McKay shoots he notices a road sign ahead and yells ‘uh oh’ to signal McKay. He is forced to jump an open ditch but manages to lose Bo and Luke.

They stop and change clothes into disguises.

They steal the mail truck and tie up the driver. As they drive away he remarks it all has gone real smooth. He laughs at their success until he notices the sheriff following them. They are surprised to see two vehicles with the Dukes coming toward them. The cars go around and Linc says someone just road shotgun for them, taking out the cop car when it becomes apparent it was a deliberate attempt to assist them. He is confused and is told not to ask why, just keep driving.

They pull over and put the mail in Charlie’s car before driving away. As he drives he sees the jeep from before coming up behind them and says they got company again before driving through a fence. They quickly lose the jeep. As they pass under a bridge they see Bo jump on the top of the car. He starts to swerve, trying to throw Bo off. Bo gets in the backseat and he is forced off the road by Luke. He tries to run but Bo chases after him. He swings at Bo but misses and is knocked down. They are arrested by Rosco and Cletus.