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Dempsey is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Dempsey has a history with Mason Dixon. He has been arrested in the past and was released six months before moving to Hazzard. He set up a new operation.


Mason Dixon's Girls[]

His men come to him after picking up a shipment of weed only to find it was a water heater. He kicks a box calling them birdbrains. He says the street value of that crate was nearly a million dollars and for them to find the crate. When they ask how, he tells them to check the freight agent and see if he saw who took the other crate.

Later Ryan and Davis tell him about a run in they had with an RV and a sports car. He concludes it was Mason Dixon and his girls. When Davis asks that he is telling them there were two women driving like that, he says that isn't all those girls can do ‘like that’. He tells Davis and Ryan to go help the others as they are getting out of Hazzard now. As they leave he thinks about Mason and is furious.

While packing up he sees two men standing around, Bo and Luke, and sends them to help the others saying they need to get out of the county. He gets a call from Mr. Beckett and Mr. Morse to tell him that two of the men working for him are fakes. He, Ryan, and Davis confront Bo and Luke with guns drawn asking which is which. He tells his men to tie up the boys in the barn. He calls his men back and tells them to get Mason up there.

When Sam and Tinker arrive he tells them they don’t need to free the boys and to drop their guns. The girls greet him as they do. He sends Davis to find the girls climbing gear before him and Ryan take the girls inside the barn, telling them ‘step into my parlor will you?’

As they leave he checks to make sure everyone knows where to meet. When Ryan notices two gliders he realizes they are with Mason and tells Ryan to give him a rifle. When he gets it he tries to shoot but they are cut off. He smacks Davis asking what is he doing and tells him ‘get out of here’ and to see if he can keep the car on the road. He yells for Davis to watch when Mason comes out in front of them and slaps him, telling him not to slow down and run Mason down.

As he checks on the Truck he sees two people on the truck. He and Davis start shooting at them. However he is stopped when the General starts chasing them and yells for them to get out of there. They are ran off the road and taken into custody by Tinker and Bo.