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Dennis is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Bad Day in Hazzard[]

While testing the escape route for the get away, they accidentally run Bo and Luke off the road. Mr. Thackery calls them to his car and he gets out of his own and listens as Loggins talks to Thackery, being scolded for their stunt. He and Loggins are then sent to town.

Loggins and Dennis take pictures of the bank and hearing a stretch he turns and sees the General Lee. He asks Loggins isn’t it the car they put in the ditch and they decide they need to leave. However Bo and Luke spots them and gives chase. As they leave town he remarks that the boys are keeping up with them and asks Loggins if he can shake them but Loggins asks why, saying they’ll change plans and get the boys now. Loggins stops and Bo comes running over to his door, telling him to get out. He smiles and points a gun at Bo. Bo tries to bolt but he gets out of the car and Bo stops. Loggins says they are coming with them and Dennis grabs Bo, pulling him to the back seat. Bo says they were a little hasty but gets in. After the boys are in, they head to meet up with the rest.

When they pull into the Boar’s Nest and he sees the ‘closed for alterations’ sign he comments that phase two is right on schedule. Bo gets out with him, asking if he’s sure they came to the right place saying the beer’s cold and the food’s bad. When Luke suddenly attacks Logins, Bo turns to him but he grabs Bo, slamming him against the car. He calls out to Luke, showing him the captured Bo and his gun and telling him to let Loggins go. He tells Loggin to grab Luke’s knife as he drags Bo toward the building. He follows Luke and Bo into the Boar’s Nest, shoving Bo forward when he isn’t moving fast enough. Inside Thackery, Peters, Daisy, Jesse, and Boss are waiting. Thackery comments they weren’t supposed to pick up the boys until three. Bo starts a fight with Loggins and when Bo steps toward Loggins he grabs Bo’s arm and moves to hit him with the butt of his gun. Thackery calms everyone down.  He listens to Thackery explain that they are robbing a truck with ten million dollars on it to the captives.

While waiting for Rosco and Cletus to arrive, he keeps a gun on Jesse and Boss. The two officers come in and Bo and Luke flip a table. He gets up at the commotion. Seeing a clear shot at Bo, who was knocked through a door, he goes to shoot him but Bo dives on top of him. He drops his gun and the two wrestle before he gets back to his feet and hits Bo hard in the stomach and then the face. Bo manages to get the upper hand and knock him out. He manages to get up as Thackery takes control of the situation. When Thackery decides to split them up, he stays in the main room to watch the Dukes.

They hear Adams check in with Thackery. After when Thackery goes into Boss’ office to have him make an announcement to clear out the town square, he listens to it on the radio. When Boss finishes the announcement he shuts off the radio. He moves to the office door when Thackery comes back in with Rosco, Rosco begging to be allowed to take Flash for a walk. When Thackery tells Rosco to get back in the office, he taps Rosco’s shoulder with his gun to enforce what is being said. When Rosco goes in he closes the door behind Rosco. A moment later Luke bolts out the door and he shoots after him. After he watches Bo and Daisy while Peters and Thackery go outside to bring Luke back using Jesse.

After Luke’s return, he sits watching the Duke men as Daisy serves drinks when Cooter Davenport strolls in. When Peters taps Cooter and Cooter turns around, he holds up his gun so Cooter knows he is now a hostage. Thackery tells them all to go ahead and plan an escape but he wants to remind them that Dennis and Peters are expert marksmen. He demonstrates but shoot two bottles of beer off the Boar’s Nest shelf.

He watched the Dukes and Cooter when Jesse stands up. He stands up as well and Jesse says he would like to talk to JD. He shows Jesse his gun saying ‘this here says you don’t.’ When Jesse just walks away anyway, he looks to his boss for direction and Thackery says to let him go and he allows it.

He moves to sit at the bar where Daisy is washing glasses. Luke asks for a few drinks which Thackery allows. Cooter comes over to get them and Daisy sprays him in the face with beer. As he tries to recover Cooter punches him in the face and shoves him on the bar. Daisy breaks a glass pitcher over his head.

The boys are recaptured and brought in. They all listen to Boss say that the boys will keep trying to escape and propose to lock them up. The boys are put in a closet. Later he and Peters watches Boss, Daisy, Jesse, and Cooter until Adams calls. Peters leaves him to watch the prisoners while he goes to see Thackery for the next phase.

When Peters and Rosco returns, he takes Cletus’ handcuffs and cuffs Cletus to Cooter. Thackery comes into the room and pulls him aside to speak.  After Thackery and Loggins leave, forcing Dennis and Peters to watch the prisoners. He watches Boss and Rosco fight over using their arms that are cuffed together, in horrified amusement. A moment later Daisy announces she can’t stay sitting still anymore and wants to dance. She gets up and plays a song on the jukebox. When Boss and Rosco get up to join the dance, he finds himself laughing before forcing himself to become serious again. A moment later he starts laughing again.

He is surprised when Peters pulls the plug and Peters says something is wrong and for him to check the supply room. He heads in, opening the door to see a trap door. Hearing a noise he goes down to check it out and sees Bo and Luke breaking through a wall. Bo says a few more swings and they can go right on through. He comments ‘not unless you can run faster than a bullet boys.’ He tells them to turn around ‘nice and slow’ and they do before ducking behind various barrels. He fires twice, once at each of them. While looking at Bo, Luke dives on him from the side. Luke then knocks him out.

He is arrested and locked in the Hazzard County Jail with the rest of his team.