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Denny Logan is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Denny is the younger brother of Rafe Logan. After his older brother is captured, he works with Linda May to help free him.


New Deputy in Town[]

When Linda May leaves for Hazzard, he calls Rosco and pretending to be from the Roseville Police Department, tells him that they are sending an officer to assist Hazzard as a temporary duty.

Linda May calls him and tells him that the people of Hazzard bought the story. He comments good before telling her his friend in Roseville just tipped him off that the Marshal will be arriving at five that afternoon. Linda May says they’ll have his brother sprung. He agrees saying if anyone gets in their way they will take care of them. He adds that he will be in Hazzard at 4 and she gives him directions of where to meet her.

After a bit he heads to town, checking his watch to make sure he wasn’t running late.

As he drives he checks his gun to ensure it’s ready to go.

He arrives at the meeting place and parks. He waits in his car until Linda May arrives. He gets out the car and hugs her asking ‘how you doin’ sugar’ and she informs him that she is the acting sheriff. When she says it could be a whole new career he remarks on her it looks good. He asks if they are all set and she says Rafe is due to arrive at 5. He says that’s good and they will be there to greet them. Linda May however informs him that there is a problem and Boss Hogg is trying to turn it into a circus. He tells her not to worry about ‘fatty’ and if he gives them any problem he’s gone. Hearing a stick snap, he moves around Linda May, drawing his gun and says for them to ‘get up or your dead’. Bo and Luke come out, who Linda May addresses and he asks if she knows the jokers. She tells them their name is Duke and he remarks he just wanted to know for the tombstone. Luke asks if they can talk and he says not after the earful they just got. Bo says he didn’t hear nothing and Linda May tells him she’s got an idea. She shows him her handcuffs saying to use the tools of her trade. He agrees, telling her to cuff them, on arm a piece. He keeps them covered as Linda May does. Bo remarks he’s getting in it awful deep and he points the gun at Bo yelling for him to shut up or he’ll finish him right there. He grabs Bo and drags him over to the driver’s side of his car, telling Linda May to hook them to the side mirrors. Bo snaps ‘alright’ as he pulls him saying Denny doesn’t have to pull so hard as he’s coming. He watches Bo, telling him not to try anything as he reaches into the car to put it in neutral. Bo asks if they can talk it over and he smirks saying to ‘have fun fellas’ as the car starts rolling down hill, dragging them along. They get in Linda’s car and leave.

They arrive at the Police Department and he gets out of the car, looking around the town. He remarks it’s not much of a town and Linda May says what you see is what you get. They go inside to see Boss, Rosco, Cletus, Daisy, Jesse, and Cooter fighting and the entire place decorated. He remarks it could louse up everything and it’s almost 5 now. He pulls out his gun and tells them all to shut up or they are dog food. When Linda May says there is a jail cell downstairs he remarks that they need to get the six down there and then clean up that place fast. They start forcing the group down but Daisy darts for the CB, yelling for help before he can pull her away and shove her toward the stairs. In the lower floor he takes Rosco’s gun before addressing Cletus as ‘you in the funny hat’ telling him to move to the side. After everyone is in the cells he tells Cletus to take off his uniform. Cletus says he can’t make him but he pokes Cletus with the gun and Cletus starts to strip.

He finishes changing into Cletus’ clothes, Cletus threatening him which he ignores. He tells them all if they make a sound it will be their last before heading up stairs. He comes into the main booking room saying ‘come on let’s go, that ain’t gonna hold them forever’ to see Linda May has already freed Rafe. Rafe happily greets him saying they did it and he didn’t think Denny had it in him. Rafe adds he’ll give him ‘something extra this month’. When they go outside, Rafe decides to kidnap Lulu Hogg who is coming toward them. He gets in the back with Lulu as Rafe shoves her in the car.

As they go he is annoyed by Lulu’s yelling. He glances back to see the General Lee and announces they are being followed. Linda May says it’s the Duke boys and he laments that they should have really wasted the boys. Rafe asks what they are waiting for and he leans out the window to start shooting. However he is annoyed by Lulu screaming and he yells ‘Lady will you shut up’ to which Lulu screams louder. When Bo and Luke stop Rafe says to dump Lulu. When Linda May stops he gets out, saying ‘you’re getting off here lady’ and pulling Lulu out of the car. He then hands Lulu her basket as he gets back in and they leave.

He glances back to confirm the road is clear and they celebrate their success. However they are all surprised when the General Lee jumps over them and forces them off the road, hitting a tree. He gets out but Luke grabs him and hits him, knocking him out.

He is taken to Atlanta by the marshal.