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"Deputy Dukes" is the tenth episode of the first season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


Bo and Luke are arrested just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Crime boss Rocky Marlowe (Leo Gordon) is scheduled to be escorted from Springville to Hazzard County so Marlowe can go on trial. Boss sees a money-making opportunity with a high profile trial such as Marlowe's being held in Hazzard. Not wanting to risk Rosco, or Enos for that matter, Boss decides to send Bo and Luke to transport Marlowe from Springville, in exchange for not selling the General Lee. Bo and Luke agree, and head off to Springville, but not before being spotted in deputy uniforms by Daisy and Cooter. Along the way, Bo and Luke must deal with Herky (Bob Hoy) and Manny (Pat Renella), two of Marlowe's henchmen who will stop at nothing to free Marlowe, and they must also deal with Mary Beth Malone (Stella Parton), who has a personal grudge against Marlowe, who got her father wrongfully locked up.


Balladeer: It all began when Bo and Luke won $100 First Prize at the Hazzard County Snipe Hunting Contest: Which automatically made Maybelle and Cindy Lou close friends of the boys, even though the ladies was strangers to these parts. Now Bo and Luke are men of very few words. You can’t use fewer words than that. Yeah I guess you can, too.

Bo and Luke go out with two girls when the girls ask to go skinny dipping. After the boys are naked the two women steal their clothes and money. Bo and Luke bicker before getting in the General an chasing after them. Luke has to hotwire the General to rush after the girls. Rosco is heading down to the FM 74 Junction with FM 13 where he is ran off by the girls. Before he can chase them, Bo an Luke come flying past and he cuts them off. He tells the boys to get out of the car but Luke says they have the right of way. Rosco writes them a ticket before noticing they are naked in the car.

Hazzard Police Department

Rosco tells Enos and Boss how excited he is that they have the boys. In the jail cell down stairs, Bo and Luke fight over what happened. Boss and Rosco get a phone call From Chief Lacey. Rocky Marlowe has got a change of venue and is moving over to Hazzard. Boss Hogg is  excited by this and they send Enos out to check the police meters. Rosco and Boss are excited but Boss says he can’t sent Rosco as he promised Lulu and Rosco doesn’t want to send Enos. Boss decides to send Bo and Luke Duke in exchange for dropping the charges. Boss tells Rosco to make the boys deputies or they will sell the General Lee.

Bo and Luke reluctantly agree to the deal and the boys remind him they can’t take the guns. He promises the boys that they would be the only ones who knew only for Boss to come in and reveals he knows too. Boss tells them to go get Mocky Marlowe and the boys leave.

Balladeer: Now these two are Rocky Marlowe’s business associates. When you associate with Rocky, they give you the business. Now Friends and Neighbors it looks like this party’s going to get rough. The Deputy Dukes were trying to sneak out of town, like a couple of whooped pups. But tha’t’s cousin Daisy, in case you had never got around to seeing her face. It’s mighty pretty too. Now Bo and Luke explained the situation to Daisy and made her give them a promise that she wouldn’t say a word of this to Uncle Jesse. Now Old Jesse’s allergic to police uniforms, they give the hives.

Daisy sees Bo and Luke on their way out and they tell her what is going on before begging her not to tell Jesse

Bo and Luke try to get out of town without anyone seeing them. However Daisy catches them before they leave the Sheriff’s office.  They get out of the court house and take a sheriff’s car.  A towns person watches in amusement as the boys struggle to leave. Bo causes a few accidents trying to hide. On the road Enos and Cooter spot the boys as Enos pays Cooter for fixing a door with three of his parking tickets. Enos assumes they are escaping and chases after them with Cooter riding along. They catch the boys and radio in with Rosco, who explains the situation to Enos.

Bo and Luke arrive in Springville with Marlowes men following. They meet with Sheriff Lacey and learn that they are taking back Rocky Marlowe to their shock. They are given Rocky Marlowe to take back. As the boys drive they are followed by Marlowe’s men. Luke tries to loose Marllows men in town, taking the back roads. A resident of Springville is annoyed by the chase, even losing a car door.

Balladeer: Now how’s that for value? A used car with it’s own driver, 3 passengers, automatic transmission, cigarette lighter, and 4 Babaloon tires.

The boys loose Marlowes men in an auto car yard. In Springfield one of the deputies finds Officer Price in the trunk of her car. Lacey has another deputy, Ray, try and radio Bo and Luke, not knowing the boys have left the police car. After the Hearse starts to give them issues, Marlowe’s men are tipped off on where they went. They stop at a gas station and Luke gets out, telling Bo that he better pray Luke can fix it. Marlowe tries to get Bo to help him but Bo turns him down. After Bo gets out, the female officer promises to help him.


Boss and Rosco talk about their plans to make a festival. Rosco mentions a free ride and Rosco gets mad telling him to never use the word free in his presence.


Luke identifies the problem is the carburetor

Police Department

Jesse finds out where the boys are and he and Daisy confront Rosco and Boss, Jesse furious saying they might as well send the boys on a boar hunt with their bare hands. Daisy redirects Jesse’s anger to Rosco and Boss throws Rosco under the buss. Rosco is called and told about the fake deputy with Bo and Luke and how no one can reach them. Everyone is alarmed and Jesse says they are all going out there to find the boys. Rosco agrees. Enos and Cooter are waiting outside and after learning Cooter offers to help and they all go to find the boys. Rosco drives Jesse and Enos and Daisy rides with Cooter.

Balladeer: Well you’ve all heard the expression the Calvary’s coming’…well they ain’t.


Bo and Luke finish up with the car as Marlowes men arrive. Bo drives and runs Marlowe’s men off the road before doing a U-turn to get on the right direction for Hazzard. They see Marlowe’s men again. They see a truck parked across the road and Luke decides for them to run for it. The boys grab Marlowe and the four go on foot. Luke suggests going to a road nearby and hitching a ride. Manny and Herky follow.

Rosco’s car and Cooter’s car heads out on the highway between Hazzard and Springville. Rosco argues with Enos about the cars while Jesse keeps them on the road.

The boys and Mary Beth find the convertible of Cindy Lou and Maybelle. They steal the car. Realizing the car is close to empty, the head to Possum Hollow for gas. They meet the gas station attendant to work out a way to get gas. While the boys are inside Mary Beth frees Marlowe. He leaves and she gets her gun. Bo and Luke come back out to find Marlowe and Mary Beth is gone. They pull out their bows and head off after them. The gas station attendant shrugs and reads. Mary Beth confronts Marlowe about her father’s prison sentence. Bo and Luke find them. Marlowe gets the gun and Bo and Luke follow him.

Rosco and the rest learn from the jack knifed truck driver that everyone headed to Possum Hollow.

Marlowe tries to escape in the convertible but Luke shoots out the  radiator. Marlowe’s men arrive and they kidnap Mary Beth and try to leave, but they are cut off by Rosco and Cooter’s arrival an Bo shoots a dynamite arrow. Marlowe takes Mary Beth hostage. Bo points a dynamite arrow at Marlowe and they all surrender and are arrested.

Balladeer: That’s the legend of the Deputy Dukes, and it ended pretty happy. Except for old Boss when Rocky Marlowe’s change of venue had another change of venue. Now this left Boss with his Ferris wheel up the creek, come to think of it, this is a darn sight happier ending then I thought we was gonna get.

Bo, Luke, and Rosco put the group in jail. Cooter tells them about seeing ‘that big old grey boar out by cripple creek’ and the boys both want to go but they had both promised to take Mary Beth back to Springville. Daisy says she is taking Mary Beth and the boys agree to go hunting. Rosco fires Bo and Luke and gives them a ticket. Bo says that is a small price to pay to not have to be his deputies anymore.


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Sweetwater County

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Hazzard County


  • Boss informs us that he promised Lulu when they were married that he wouldn't allow Rosco to do anything too dangerous. This will be brought up a few more times.
  • Bo and Luke are made deputies during this episode
  • Rosco arrests Bo and Luke after they had their clothes stolen. This is one of two times where someone steals Bo and Luke's clothes and they must find their way without clothes


  • Stella Parton, who played Mary Beth in the episode, is the sister to country superstar Dolly Parton.