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Bigalow is known for kissing up to his superiors and taking credit for things he didn't do. Many of the other officers including Enos and Turk do not like him. Turk says Bigalow is looking for something to hold against Turk because Turk will not allow him to date his sister as Bigalow is too old for her[1]. Bigalow's hair is also a hairpiece, something he is sensitive about[2].



Bigalow and a number of other officers make fun of Enos due to him accidentally blowing a raid and 'losing the hooker' he arrested. He especially is amused by the fact that Enos bought his car by selling pigs back at home. Enos comes in and apologizes for embarrassing them and he and the other officers leave.

Where is the Corpus?[]

Angelo Pecola turns himself in and Bigalow officially arrests him. As he’s taking Angelo to the booking office he is surrounded by reporters asking for information about him. He says his name is Bigalow, spelled “B-I-G-A-L-O-W, no ‘e’” adding that his left profile is his best. When he’s asked to describe how he apprehended Angelo, he says that when they are charged with a murder things get harry. He promises to fill everyone in at a press conference. He then takes Angelo to the booking room, taunting Enos and Turk as he passes. In the booking room, Enos addresses him as ‘Big’ asking how he found Angelo. He tells them ‘plain old fashioned police work’ which Angelo immediately calls out by saying he turned himself in. Bigalow snaps that Angelo used his car. Turk asks if Angelo made a statement about Mooses’ killing and Bigalow says he didn’t have to. He adds he got his man.

Later he and a few officers put a number of billiard balls in Enos' locker to make fun of him for getting into a fight at a pool hall. They wait in the locker room until Enos opens his locker and the balls fall out. When Turk says something to him he says it's Enos' mess to clean up before leaving.

Grits and Greens Strike Again[]

Seeing Turk and Enos in a car, he walks up saying ‘if it ain’t the LAPD’s dynamic duo, Sam Spade and Abner Cluseaou. Enos asks what he’s doing there and he says they stuck him with juvenile and he’s patrolling the park. Turk tells him not to pick the phones and Enos says not to step on the grass. When an older woman walks by, saying she is going to try the other side of the park, he asks Enos and Turk what that was. Turk says it was a police woman, a decoy and just assigned. Turk says for Bigelow to come with him and tail the woman while Enos stays behind to watch for the car. He agrees.

He and Turk follow Lilly through the park. However someone throws firecrackers at them. After the fire crackers go off, he asks who that could have been before hearing squealing tires. They go to run after the thief, but stop to ask Lilly if she’s okay. When she says ‘of course I’m okay’, he and Turk run after the yellow car. However he stops, turning back to Lilly and asking to see her badge.

They sit and the park and Lilly explains that she is an actress. He becomes frustrated, saying all he wants to know is how she got involved with Enos and Turk. Lilly asks if he’s wearing a hair piece and he pats down his hair, admitting it is. She says she never would have guessed.

He later reports all he’s learned to Broggi. At the station with walks with Broggi, Turk, and Enos as Broggi informs the two that Bigalow reported them for working with Lilly. He gives Turk and Enos a smug look when Broggi talks about removing them from the case.


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