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Devere is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Meeting[]

Rostosky contacts him to tell him to go to the Hazzard County Court House.

He arrives at the Court House with his men and Boss gets the door for him, telling him to step inside and shows him the path to the meeting. He cuts off Boss, calling him a punk and saying he is wilting his boutonniere. He then leaves to head inside.

They start the meeting, discussing about how their organizations have fallen into unfriendly hands, their own sons. He remarks his own kid won’t let him near the docks. They conclude that what they have given their kids, they can take away. As they start to debate who gets what, Black Jack says he wants Miami. Annoyed he snaps that’s great, that while Black Jack is getting a suntan he is up to his ears in icicles in Chicago. As they debate, they notice the two tables with their lunch moving on their own. Curious they follow the tables, drawing their guns. When the tables stop, he points  at the table with his gun. Bo and Luke sheepishly come out. When Black Jack decides to have them killed they try to walk out but he blocks them saying after all they heard, there is no way. They tell the boys to get out and watch them leave with the four men.

They learn the boys have escaped and meet to discuss how to handle it with Boss and Rosco. He is amused by Boss pleading for the boys but ignores him. They move aside to discuss it more. While they look over the map, he is stunned when Boss mentions welshing and rushes over but is stopped.

He comments that he doesn’t like the fact that they haven’t been able to contact any of their men in over an hour. They are surprised when Jesse Duke knocks and comes into the Sheriff Station. Jesse explains that they have all eight of their men and have them ready to testify against them. At Steele’s suggestion, they move to capture Jesse but are stopped by Bender. After Jesse leaves, Bender says they will take the Sheriff’s car and follow Jesse to the boys. As they get in the car, he announces he will take the wheel. He chases Jesse around the town. When they start loosing Jesse he snaps that he’s already going 60. When Boss and Rosco crash into them he says to forget them as they need to go after Bo and Luke and chase after the boys.

They see Bo and Luke run into the Jail and follows them in. They approach the boys with guns drawn. He asks that now that they have the boys what do they do with them. When they argue about what to do with the boys and one wants to put them in cement, he says that went out 30 years ago. A net is dropped on them and they are captured. As he is put into a car to take him to Atlanta, he tosses his flower venting about southern Hospitality. Bo drives him to the FBI.