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Dewey Hogg is Hughie Hogg's older brother. He is a fictional character on the American television series The Dukes of Hazzard. He was portrayed by Robert Morse.


Dewey[1] is a proud supporter of the crooked Hogg family values.

Like his little brother Hughie, Dewey grew up with the Dukes and tormented them at every opportunity. As children, Dewey tried to push Daisy off the roof of the house in a soapbox airplane. Jesse whipped him for it and he never forgave him. He also cheated Daisy out of first place in the all school spelling-bee, which Daisy is still upset about. He was also in the boys scouts with only the moto 'be prepared' taking.

Dewey, like Boss and Hughie, started his scams young. In the third grade, Dewey faked the bubonic plague and got the school closed for a week. In the ninth grade, Dewey sold all the school chairs and desks to get two moonshine stills. As Waylon said, "Dewey makes his Uncle Boss look respectable." When his Uncle Boss found out all about this he was not too pleased and he has finally had enough with Dewey's shenanigans.

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As an adult, around 1977 he was thrown out of town and told never to appear in Hazzard again for the rest of his life. Dewey, comes back to Hazzard in 1984, claiming to be suffering from a rare - and ultimately, fatal - illness. As his last wish, he hopes to raise $100,000 for a new children's hospital. Of course, it's all part of a scam to cheat the folks of Hazzard out of their money. But Dewey, knowing the fraud will eventually be found out, plans to have Uncle Jesse framed for the scheme, leaving Luke and Daisy to expose Dewey.[2]


How to Succeed in Hazzard[]

They head to Hazzard in an ambulance, and while he lights a cigar his female companion, the Nurse, opens a bottle of champaign. After she pours them both a glass they drink together. He looks at himself in a small mirror, saying his name before saying he’s the slickest scoundrel in Georgia and is about to steal Hazzard blind. When they hit something he looks out the window to see his driver ran Luke and Jesse Duke off the road. He laughs as he continues to smoke his cigar. He goes up to his driver, saying that was a fine move, worthy of a Duke ditching Hogg.

He arrives in town at Boss’s house and his associates get him out of the ambulance. He pretends to be sick and looks up to see Cooter and Daisy have come over. He greets them, excited and says ‘look at you the lovely Daisy Duke’ before adding Cooter looks like he put on a pound or two. Cooter says he hasn’t changed a bit. Daisy asks what he came back for and he says he’s a very sick Hogg. Daisy nods and says he’s going to be even sicker when Boss finds him. She says he wasn’t ever supposed to step foot in Hazzard again in his lifetime and he says his lifetime is nearly over. He tells her that he’s going to die, confusing her. His two assoicates wheel him over to Boss' front door.

He rings the door bell and when Boss answers the door he pretends to be overjoyed. Furious, Boss says after all these years he never thought he would see his rotten face in the county again. He greets Boss Hogg saying ‘hi Uncle Boss’ and Boss says don’t call him that and he may be Boss nephew, to which Dewey adds ‘your dying nephew’ and Boss continues saying he’s the slickest most low down thief in those parts or any parts and Boss wants no part of him. He is pushed out the door and the door is shut before Boss returns, having registered the word ‘dying’. Boss asks that he said ‘dying’ and he confirms it. The nurse pushes him in and he says he swears by it. He offers Boss a medical report saying it’s all there and he is inflected with a rare and barley known subtropical sleeping disease. He pretends to fall sleep before waking up and saying ‘there did you see that, that’s the disease’ and says he got it selling frozen hog jowls in the deepest Africa. He sobs, pulling Boss into a hug and saying his days are numbered. He says Boss is all he got in the whole world and Boss pulls free of him. He then pretends to fall asleep. Boss asks if he’s dead and he remarks ‘not yet but almost’. Boss refuses to believe it and he says he has proof and if Boss will get dressed he wants to take him to Sutter’s Road and show him something. He says it’s his last, finale, real estate purchase.

Dewey and the nurse ride out to Sutter’s Road with Boss in his Cadillac. Boss looks at the grave site and turns to Dewey, putting a hand on his shoulder and saying then it must be true and he is headed for the pearly gates. He says he’s practically knocking on that door now. He tells Boss that before he dies he wants to do something good, he wants to build a lasting monument, a medical clinic for the good people of Hazzard, one he would call the Dewey Hogg Memorial Clinic. He says it will be built with his $50,000 life savings. Boss points out that the plans he has would need about three times that. He says he thought they could have a fundraiser to match the $50,000. Boss says if that happens he is still $50,000 short. Dewey says he thought Boss would kick in the last part and Boss says he must have lost all his marbles. Boss tells him that blood may be ticker than water, but money is thicker than blood. Dewey says for his investment he made Bos the beneficiary of his $300,000 life policy. Boss agrees and they hug while also stealing each other’s wallets. He tells Boss he wanted to see that he still had the touch and Boss says him two before they take their books back. Boss hugs him again saying ‘that’s my Dewey.’

They return to Boss house and the driver picks him up and puts him in a wheelchair, Boss commenting ‘poor Dewey’ the entire time. Rosco arrives, announcing he is going to arrest Dewey but Boss stops him. When the Dukes question how sick he really is, he pretends to stop breathing. The nurse and driver take him away.

The next day he sits in the Gazebo with Boss and Enos when Boss calls a Town meeting. After Boss explains the hospital, he addresses the crowd saying ‘you good, kind, wonderful people of Hazzard.’ Dewey says he’s not good at financial matters and they know his record in the past is not good. Boss says they forgive him and Dewey says he picked the most honest person in Hazzard that he could think of to hold the funds, being Jesse Duke. Jesse agrees and decides to publicly count the money.

While Jesse counts, his nurse comes back. He asks if Luke took the bait she laid of a fake doctor and she confirms it. He looks at himself in the mirror, praising his plan.

They head out of town, his driver speeding. When he is told the Dukes are following them he hardly reacts, switching on an oil slick to lose them.

They meet with Mack Magee who confirms he already rigged the bank vault as Dewey asked. He informs Mack that he is an artist and a craftsman. He receives a key to Jesse’s deposit box and says the money won’t be in there for long. He says he has the whole town suckered.

When the folks of Hazzard raise the money, he pretends to be overwhelmed at the Gazebo, addressing the people of Hazzard and thanking them. He says he knows he can rest in peace now that he’s given them a living monument. He tells them they will have to excuse him now as he needs to rest. He says he thinks his time is closing and pretends to feint. The nurse and driver take him to Boss’ house.

Daisy comes to visit him, sitting beside him and saying she believes he was reformed. He says he is. Daisy says the first time she really noticed him. They talk about how in the third grade he spread a rumor that everyone had the bubonic plague and got everyone a week vacation. Daisy asks about the ninth grade and he gets excited recalling how he traded all the chairs and desks for two operating stills. He says he was on his way then. He adds he is a changed man. Daisy kneels down beside him, saying that’s the problem and she doesn’t know if she likes him changed. She says she always secretly admired that sneaking, evil, conniving nature of his and it’s such a shame. She hugs him and in shock he asks what is a shame. She tells him that they discovered their feelings for each other too late. He tells her it may not be too late after all and he might recover with her help. She says she would be so glad to help in any little way she can. She becomes overwhelmed. Daisy gets up and pretends to cry. He pushes himself up out of the chair, announcing it is a miracle. He announces that Daisy has made him well and he’s alive. Daisy goes to hug him but moves at the last moment. He starts chasing her around the house and she fends him off, telling him to keep away from her. He lunges for her again and Daisy moves, telling him to stop now or he will have a relapse. He tells her never before he chases after her again.

He continues to chase Daisy, telling her he found the cure and she breaks a vase on his head telling him that she means it and to keep away from her. He tries again, fixing his hat. He tells her his evil nature has returned, trying to grab her again and Daisy throws a vase at him. He grabs Daisy and tries to kiss her and she tells him to stay away from her. Hearing Boss and Rosco come in, he flings himself to the ground. As his driver and nurse help him in the wheelchair he begs them to keep Daisy away from her. He says Daisy couldn’t control herself and took advantage of his weakened state. He tells Boss that Daisy flung him to the floor. The nurse and driver take him out to the ambulance. After they close the door he remarks that was a close call and they need to move onto the bank.

They lead the Dukes out of down where he dumps glass into the road. They swing back into town and he goes through a tunnel under the bank. Once in the vault he moves all the money from Jesse’s box to box 114. He slips out the fake vault door through a tunnel. The nurse is pushing him back to the ambulance when Luke and Daisy walk by. Daisy ‘falls’ across his lap and apologizes and he claims she woke him up. Daisy quickly adjusts his blanket saying she wants to tuck him back in but he says she is tickling him. Luke offers to see if a wheel got knocked loose. Boss and Rosco run over and he announces that the money is gone as he can feel it in his bones. He says they are ruined. They rush into the bank to check it and confirm Jesse’s box is empty. He yells that Jesse Duke works real fast and he stole his money. Luke says he’s the one working the bank and he denies it. Boss orders for the Dukes arrest but he’s pulled away from the door as the three make a run for it.

He sits in Boss’ living room, looking at himself in a mirror. Hearing Boss return, he returns to his wheelchair. Boss, Rosco, Daisy, and Luke come in and he tells Boss he feels as though his time has come. He says he can hear all the Hogg’s calling him home to Hogg Heaven. Luke tells him he can cut the dying act. Confused he asks what the Dukes are doing there and Luke says they came to celebrate his victory. He becomes even more confused and Boss says they all know he stole the money. He is even more confused and Daisy says there is nothing they can do about it, they’re beat. Boss says if they can’t beat him, they decided to toast him. Boss and Rosco go to get glasses and Luke says he picked out the best vintage. Daisy says they figured the best for the best. Dewey yells that he doesn’t buy this and they can’t be serious. Boss insists they are and tells him to drink up and not to be a sore winner. Everyone but Luke gets a drink and Luke toasts to him, saying he is the greatest con artist in the whole state of Georgia. He drinks his and thanks them. He watches in horror a moment later when Rosco ‘dies’. Rosco is quickly followed by Daisy and then Boss. Luke gets a phone call from the Atlanta Poison Control and he asks Luke what is going on. Luke says there was a bottle of Chateauneuf de Picard from 1970 that was laced with poison and it was traced to Hazzard. Dewey becomes frantic as he realizes that is what they drank. He leaps out of his chair and says he is gonna die. Luke confirms it and he takes the phone asking what the antidote is. The ‘poison control’ says there isn’t one and his best chance is to get a stomach pump as he only has about an hour to live. He sits down, claiming to be in pain and demanding they get him a stomach pump. Luke has Gussie connect him to the Capitol City hospital and he asks what Luke is talking about as that is an hour away. When Luke asks for a stomach pump, he asks if they can fly it and Dewey agrees saying a ‘helicopter, anything.’ Luke warns him it will be expensive and he says he can pay $30,000. Luke asks where he can get that kind of money and he says at the bank.

Luke helps him up, saying he doesn’t look so good. He says he doesn’t feel fell and Luke helps him over to the bank. Luke supports him as they go into the vault and he keeps chanting for Luke to ‘get the money’. He says he’s never gonna make it and hands Luke the key asking for him to open it for him. He shows Luke it was box 114 and Luke remarks that is pretty cleaver. He snaps to never mind the compliments right now. He pleads with Luke to get the money and wonders where the helicopter is. Hearing a noise he sees Boss and Rosco in the bank. Angry, he yells they tricked him. He hits Luke, and thinking he knocked him out he grabs the money and slips out in his tunnel.

As they head toward the county line, he and the nurse toast to their future South America trip. When Enos starts following the ambulance, he and the nurse bails out with the money and they go to an emergency get away vehicle they stashed. They get strapped in and he drives off.

He is surprised when the Dukes catch up and tries to evade them. Luke cuts him off, and he says they made him take the wrong turn. He says he’ll show them but says he only needs one more maneuver. As he turns he accidently goes into the pit he dug for his ‘grave’. Luke and Daisy stop and ask if he is fine.

He is forced to walk out of town with his two henchmen, Rosco following them in his car. He tosses aside his broken mirror and Rosco screams at him for littering. He promising that he will be back in another seven years.




  1. He is introduced in the Season 7 episode, "How to Succeed in Hazzard."
  2. Bo has a cameo appearance at the end of this episode.