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Dewey Stovall is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Dewey is a long time friend of Jesse Duke's and knows the Duke family well. He and his wife Lucy live in Choctaw County where he runs a hardware store. After a big chain had forced him out, he gathers $1,200 in savings and tries to gamble to make enough to expand his store.


Route 7-11[]

He returns to Hazzard to use a rolling casino. As he is walking toward the Hazzard motel, he is surprised to encounter Bo and Luke. Happy, he greets the boys, shaking their hands. He calls them rascals and Luke says that they figured it would take something big to get him out of Choctaw County. He tells them that he’s just passing through and Bo asks without seeing their Uncle Jesse as Jesse won’t take kindly to that. Luke asks why don’t he come by the house that night and surprise him. Worried, Dewey says he’s a little tied up tonight and Bo says then tomorrow night. They tell him they won’t take no for an answer and with an exasperated sigh before smiling, he says ‘done’. As the boys leave he frowns before heading into the motel.

The next day he plays in the rolling casino. He loses a large amount of his money at poker and when Helen asks how he’s doing he admits he’s not doing too good. She offers him a kiss on the head for luck. After losing everything, he couldn’t stand to be there. When the truck passed the edge of town he jumped out the back.

He goes to the Duke Farm and gets cleaned up, Daisy pressing his pants and Luke cleaning his jacket. Bo tells him they didn’t even stop and he says he knows before explaining how he got out. Luke informs him the games were all crooked. After Daisy turns around he puts on his pants and tells them that he was being a fool, that he should have remained happy running his hardware store but a big city chain ran him out so he was trying to get more money. He explains he lost his and Lucy’s life savings. Luke says if they can find a way to get his money back he must promise to never return to the gambling truck. He agrees and after the boys leave he tells Daisy she can turn around again as he is dressed. Daisy sits next to him and he asks what she thinks the boys are really going to do.

At the farm, Bo, Luke, and Daisy try to convince Jesse to win the money back and he tells them all to forget it as this is nothing but his own doing and he’ll get himself out. Jesse tells him that they have been friends longer than he cares to remember but this would go against everything he ever taught the kids and stood for, which Dewey says he knows. He goes into the kitchen watching Jesse play with the cards, impressed and is further stunned when Jesse agrees to help them.

The next day he waits with Cooter by the General Lee. When Luke calls, he yells to wake Cooter up. After Luke says to pick him up in five minutes, Cooter asks him to wait there for him. He drops his hat and Dewey gets it for him as he drives away. Dewey remarks he’s been left by the side of the road again and he supposes it’s all part of the plan. A few minutes later, Cooter and Luke return and Cooter gets out as Luke leaves, telling Dewey to come with him so they can get out before Luke makes things difficult for Rosco. After Luke runs off Enos and Rosco, Luke calls them and they get in the General.

As they pass by where Boss, Rosco, and Enos have Bo and the rest, Bo tosses the money from the truck into Dewey’s lap. They reach the county line and Luke asks if he wants help out, offending Dewey to which he says he’s been climbing in and out of windows before Luke was born. Cooter hands him his bags. Luke says he hopes Dewey will take this as a lesson but Dewey gets excited, asking if Luke is kidding. He tells them that he heard a new place will be opened in Choctaw that is completley legit and he’s going to keep gambling. He wishes them luck before walking home.