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"Diamonds in the Rough" is the third episode of the fourth season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


Bo and Luke find a bag of diamonds hidden in a stuffed Bugs Bunny doll that was parachuted from a hijacked airplane, and they take the diamonds to the Duke farm for safekeeping until they can contact the state police. Lisa, the leader of the group of thieves who stole the diamonds, follows the Dukes to the farm, claiming to be a reporter, so that she can get her hands on the diamonds. Boss Hogg hears that there is a reward being offered for the recovery of the diamonds, so he tries to get his own hands on the diamonds by sending phony FBI agent Mason to the farm to get them, under the guise of having a warrant to take the diamonds.


Balladeer: Bo and Luke ain’t being chased, they’re secretly testing a new sway bar that Ol’ Cooter rigged up for them. Y’all didn’t think the General did all his fancy stuff without practice now did you? Now don’t y’all try this, even with practice. Now I don’t know who they are, but they sure ain’t dressed for rabbit hunting.

Bo drives as Luke times him, grinning as he does. Bo says the General has never felt that smooth. Luke says it’s looking good. Luke says it’s hard for him to tell from over there and for Bo to give him a shot. Bo agrees and they switch seats while still driving, putting Luke behind the wheel and Bo in the passenger seat. Two men watch them drive by, one aiming a gun at them. The second stops him and they remark that the drop is due any minute now and the other says they might move on before it happens. Luke stops and Bo calls Cooter, who is working on a car. Bo praises him on the sway bar and Cooter says he’s happy that they are happy and he hopes they will be just as happy when he gives them the bill. The boys laugh about it.

Bo and Luke notice an odd plane and Bo asks what it is. Bo points out someone jumped out but Luke says it’s something. They decide to go check it out, frustrating the two men watching. The item gets stuck in a tree as it falls. Bo and Luke pull up under it and Luke climbs on top. He breaks the tree limb that the chute is stuck on off. Bo gets the Bugs Bunny Doll and Luke looks at the sandbag on his bag. Alarmed they decide they should get out of there. The two men decide to shoot at the tires as they drive away, but they miss. Bo becomes alarmed, asking if that sounded like gun shots. Luke says not to stick around to find out. The two men chase after them and Bo asks who would shoot bugs bunny. Luke suggests Elmer Fudd, earning an unamused look. Bo opens the doll to find a bag of diamonds. Bo says he thinks they are real diamonds and Luke says he doesn’t think anyone would go to that trouble for fake ones.

The two men fall in behind the boys and the driver starts to shoot at them. When they hit the rear-view mirror Luke says they mean it. One of the men runs out of bullets. The other looks at a map saying they must be headed to River road and he tells the first to take Rivefire Lane and they can cut the boys off at a place called Willard Junction. Bo and Luke see what they are doing and head into a tunnel. Lenny and Frank are unable to follow as a large truck was in the tunnel. Bo asks what now and Luke says they will go to the nearest phone to call the FBI.

Boar’s Nest

Rosco tries to talk to Boss but he tells him that he needs to concentrate on using chop sticks to enjoy a Chinese stir fry lunch. Rosco insists he will like what he and Cletus have. Boss insists he won’t and he has to go through some papers for an important state examination. Rosco insists but Boss says it’s too hot. When Rosco insists it will earn money, Boss looks. Rosco says this is the day of electronics and he and Cletus show Boss Rosco’s new sign, a sign that changes from 55 to 35 mph with a push of a button. Rosco and Cletus bicker about the sign, making it go haywire. Boss likes it until all his electronics go out of control. In the bar area the phone and all other electronics short out, dumping all of the money put in them on the floor. Daisy tries to help stop it but Boss grabs it from her and spills the money everywhere. All the patrons start gathering money. Rosco and Cletus go outside and Rosco concludes Boss is just upset and sends Cletus to go set up the sign. Cletus asks if Rosco can help but Rosco says he needs a corn dog. Cletus hits Rosco with the sign as he leaves.

An unknown woman watches the commotion from her car while being filled in on the situation by the two men that shot at Bo and Luke. She is annoyed but is surprised when the General pulls up next to her. She confirms the vehicle with the two of them and tells them to come to the Boar’s Nest.

Bo and Luke come inside the Boar’s Nest as Daisy and Jimmy are cleaning up, stunned at the mess. Outside Lisa confirms Bo and Luke’s description. She tells her men to get there fast. Inside Luke asks if Boss had a feeding frenzy, making Daisy laugh. She notices the doll and asks if it’s for her. Bo nervously says no and keeps it from her. She asks where she got it and Luke says they don’t have time for that and they are in some trouble and don’t want her involved. He says they need some change for the phone and Daisy shows them it’s out of order. They conclude they need to go home. She asks what is going on but they brush her off. Daisy approaches a new arrival, Lisa, and cleans off the table. The woman asks about Bo and Luke, claiming to be Della Dawn, a famous newspaper columnist who writes about moonshine. Daisy gets excited and offers to take her to the farm to meet Uncle Jesse.

Cletus sets up the sign and begins to play with it. He hears a car and remarks regret that it’s Bo and Luke. He says he would hate to do this to them, but with poverty breathing down his neck, its rule or die. As Cletus uses the button, his car goes haywire. He chases after Bo and Luke, startling them. Bo asks where he came from and Luke says it doesn’t matter as they can’t be caught with the stolen diamonds. Bo and Luke approach a road that has blasting going on. Bo makes it through as the dynamite goes off but Cletus is forced to stop. The road crew goes to check on him and Bo and Luke head home.

Daisy and Lisa go outside and Daisy says that the Farm is about ten minutes away. As they get in the cars, Lisa sees Frank and Lenny. She calls them on the radio and tells them to follow her but not too close and not to make a move until she tells them to. They agree.

Duke Farm

Bo and Luke look at the diamonds on the kitchen table while Jesse has Mabel connect them to the FBI. Bo accidentally knocks a diamond to the floor. Luke yells at him and they start to talk over each other to which Jesse tells them to hush. Jesse reaches an agent named Caldwell and fills him in. He asks to speak to one of the boys and Bo takes the phone. He explains the story to Bo about a plane being hijacked, and Bo relays it to Luke. Bo assures the agent that the diamonds will be safe until his arrival at 5 as no one but them and the sharp shooters know they are there. When Bo hangs up Luke gives him an unamused look and repeats the last sentence back to Bo to make sure he heard.

Boar’s Nest

While Rosco is working on his electronic box, Boss gets a call from Mabel telling him about the Diamonds the boys found. As Boss hangs up Rosco tells him to say ‘goodbye from Rosco’ which Boss echoes since he already hung up before yelling at him. Boss asks if the box is on fire and Rosco says it might be. Boss tells him that the Dukes found diamonds in the North Meadow. Rosco says that infuriates him as he only found 60 cents and a metal muffin. Boss explains the diamonds were hijacked. Boss says to go get a search warrant and Rosco points out one for diamonds would be obvious. Boss agrees and says to get one for moonshine. As Rosco leaves, the box makes everything go haywire in Boss' office and he yells for Rosco to stop messing with it as his fan blows in his face.

Duke Farm

Bo and Luke are cleaning off the red clay for the General when they notice Daisy and another car pull in. Luke tells Bo that he doesn’t know who followed Daisy home but he saw her first. Frank and Lenny watch from the hill. Daisy introduces her to the others. Jesse says he had no idea that the articles were written by a young pretty woman. Bo says Jesse shouldn’t have sweet talked her like that and when Jesse asks why, Luke says that Bo was planning to. They all go into the house to talk. Jesse escorting Dela and Daisy taking Bo and Luke’s arm so they don’t feel left out.

Inside Jesse explains they have had the house for three generations. They all sit down in the living room, Bo and Luke rushing to sit on either side of Lisa on the couch. Bo asks if she is doing moonshine articles and she says she is doing research. Bo tries to tell her that their uncle is the best but Luke talks over him, saying the same thing. Bo gives him an offended look and Daisy backs it up saying it’s true and he’s got a hundred stories. Jesse bashfully agrees to tell some, on the condition they would be off the record.

Boss, Rosco, and Cletus arrive at the Farm, surprised at the additional car but ignoring it. Boss tells Cletus to guard the door and not to let anyone in. Rosco goes to enter and Cletus tries to stop him. Boss tells him to let Rosco in and Cletus does. Bo, Luke, Daisy, and Lisa watch them from the window and Bo tells Luke to grab the rabbit, which Luke does. Boss and Rosco enter the house and Luke tells Bo to take it. Bo does, confused and when Daisy tries to figure out what they are talking about the boys hush her. Boss and Rosco show Jesse the warrant for moonshine. When Boss says he is going to check them all, Luke tells Bo to get rid of it. Bo turns and tosses it out the window while everyone is watching Boss and it lands in the backseat of Boss’ car. Rosco goes to search Jesse but Jesse threatens to turn him over his knee. Rosco concludes Jesse is clean. He goes into the living room, searching Luke, then Bo. He goes to search Daisy but she yells at him and he says he doesn’t think the diamonds are on Daisy. Boss becomes upset, Daisy is confused, and everyone else is alarmed.

On the hill Lenny wants to go down but Frank refuses, waiting for Lisa’s signal. In the house Jesse reminds Boss that the warrant is for moonshine, not diamonds. Rosco says Jesse is right. Luke says that the guest in their home is a star reporter and she threatens to write an article on it. Boss quickly agrees to leave and get a proper warrant made. As they all leave, waking up Cletus who was sleeping in a chair, Bo looks out the window to locate the rabbit. Jesse talks to the others, Daisy wondering where the idea came from that they had diamonds. Bo finds the rabbit in Boss’ car as he watches Rosco and Boss drive off with Cletus following. Jesse and Luke ask Bo where he hid the rabbit and Lisa pulls out a gun, pointing it at Bo and telling him to hand over the rabbit.

She signals her friends to come down. They both enter the house to startle the Dukes even more. When they ask if Lisa got the diamonds, she remarks she was just about to and asks Bo to confirm it. To everyone’s surprise Bo says ‘no ma’am’ and Jesse says to hand them over. Bo explains that he threw them outside. He is told to go get them. Bo closes his eyes and looks away as he explains it landed in Boss Hogg’s back seat. Seconds later Luke, Daisy, and Jesse all start yelling at him and Lisa shoots into the ceiling to get their attention, angering Jesse. Lisa says that her, Bo, and Luke are going to go get the doll as Boss doesn’t know it’s there and Jesse and Daisy will stay with Lenny and Frank.

Town of Hazzard

Boss and Rosco arrive in town and Rosco parks. Rosco says he’s going to get a corn dog and Boss says to get him half a dozen. As Cletus pulls up, Rosco sends him to get the corn dogs before opening the door for Boss. Rosco sees the doll and offers it to Boss assuming it was his doll. Boss says the only doll he has weighs three hundred pounds and goes by the name Lulu. Boss says some kid probably threw it away. Rosco decides to give it to Flash as they can go make a new warrant.  Outside the County Building, Boss gets an idea and Rosco asks if something is wrong. Boss says he has an idea of how he’ll get the diamonds without a warrant or a fuss.

Bo, Luke, and Lisa arrive behind Boss’ car and get out to look. Not seeing the doll, Bo and Luke start searching, hoping it fell under the seat.

Duke Farm

Daisy, Lenny, and Frank sit at the table. Frank is cleaning his gun and Lenny is eating cookies. As Jesse paces, they tell him to find a place to sit. Jesse gets mad and to calm him, Daisy offers to make him some coffee. He tells her to make it strong and that the two men don’t get any. He takes the cookie from Lenny and removes the cookie jar from the table.

Town of Hazzard

When Bo stops looking Luke says Bo isn’t about to tell him it ain’t under the seat. Bo says not if he really doesn’t want him to. They go to leave, Bo and Luke proposing to search the road when they see Flash holding the doll. Bo reclaims the doll from Flash and Lisa takes it from Bo. As they get in the car, Rosco comes out to see them leaving with the doll. He becomes infuriated they would steal from Flash and chases after them. Luke leads Rosco down a dirt road, saying he sees a new cut off to highway 101 before jumping through a billboard with Boss Hogg’s face on it. They laugh in amusement and Rosco follows, also jumping through the billboard. However a piece of the board covers the windshield and he crashes into a tree.

Boss radio’s Rosco and Rosco tells him about the boys stealing the rabbit. Boss tells him that the diamonds are in the doll. Rosco says he’s going after them and Boss says there is no need to as that matter has been taken care of.

Duke Farm

Bo, Luke, and Lisa arrive at the Farm and head inside. Lisa confirms they got the diamonds but Daisy suddenly grabs the doll and flees into a nearby room. The four chase after her as she goes into her room. Lisa and the others go to chase her but Bo and Luke fight Frank and Lenny. Lisa threatens them all if Daisy doesn’t come out and Daisy returns the door. The three leave, also deciding to get rid of one of the cars.

Inside Bo and Luke head out to get them and Daisy stops them. Jesse says they got guns and Daisy tells them all that she has the diamonds. Everyone laughs and cheers in relief and she says she took out the diamonds and stuck in some costume jewelry. Jesse praises her but then Bo worriedly points out that the moment they learn that they don’t have the diamonds they will be right back looking for them. Hearing another car, they all become quiet thinking it might be Lisa. Jesse decides to go check it out and has they all stay in the house.

Jesse goes outside to meet a man named Mason from the FBI. He explains he is there for the diamonds and Jesse pulls them out. They each sign a paper to show they exchanged the diamonds and Jesse asks about security for his family. Mason offers to have two agents watch the house for the night. Jesse thanks him and the man leaves. Jesse watches him go before going inside. Mason calls Boss at the Boar’s Nest, who tells him to meet them at Primrose corners in 20 minutes before celebrating with Rosco.

Balladeer: Now don’t that just blow your hat in the creek? As souvenirs from his moonshine days, old Boss has got phony license plates, phony police badges, and even phony FBI credentials. I’d bet you old Boss could probably get into Heaven if all he needed was a pass.

Boar’s Nest

As Boss and Rosco prepare to leave, Rosco asks how much does Boss figure the diamonds will make him. Boss says he figures after he cuts down the share Rosco will have to retire in 30 years.


Lisa and the others toss the stolen blue car off a cliff. They drive away and Lisa open the doll to see the costume jewelry. Furious at being tricked, she tells them to head back to the Duke’s Farm.

Duke Farm

Jesse and the kids sit down to dinner, Jesse telling them he’s proud of them. Jesse hears his name being called on the radio and goes to answer it. The Dukes all go quiet as the man on the radio says he is agent Caldwell from the phone and he is having car trouble. He is with Cooter and Cooter tells him he can get him on the road in a half hour if he’s lucky. Jesse tells the kids they have been ‘snookered’ and the next time someone claims to be FBI he is going to give them the saliva test. The Dukes head out to find Mason.

Jesse checks on Maudine as they go outside, then the goats. He remarks about Daisy’s jeep being out but Bo points out Jesse’s is out too. Bo and Luke notice the General is fine as it was parked by the barn. They get in the car and drive.


Lisa and her men head toward the farm. Bo and Luke try to figure out who Mason is. Luke suggests he is tied to Boss. Lisa and the others see the General as they pass and turn to chase after them. Bo is concerned about not catching up. Luke tells him to take a shortcut and Bo says there is no road there. Luke laughs saying that’s never stopped Bo before and Bo agrees. Lisa and the others watch Bo and Luke jump the road into the field and Lisa says to take the long way around. Bo and Luke come out of the bushes to another road. Caldwell and Mason are both driving as well, neither fully knowing what is going on. Bo and Luke come out behind Mason, surprising him. Mason tells Boss over the CB and Caldwell overhears the conversation. Hearing the name Duke, he chases after the group to figure out what is going on.

In Rosco’s car, Boss points out that if the Dukes catch Mason they will give the diamonds to the FBI agent. Rosco is confused about the plan. As Bo and Luke continue to chase Mason, Lisa and the others catch up to them. Luke tells Bo to focus on the road ahead when Bo looks back at Lisa and the rest. Rosco spots the three cars and joins the chase behind Lisa.

Balladeer: Now here’s the lineup. First the phony FBI. Then Bo and Luke. Then the badders. Followed by Boss and Rosco. Shoot, that many didn’t finish the Charlotte last year. And the real FBI is coming right at ‘em. That boy’s gonna need a big net.

Luke tells Bo to cut through Marley’s farm. Bo asks if Bob will mind and Luke says ‘Nah’. Bo heads off across the farm, the others following him. Rosco hits the farm’s scarecrow, causing its head to fall into the car, and Boss trades his used cigar for the scarecrow’s newer cigar just for fun. Bo comes back to the road to almost cut off Mason. He honks to let Mason know he’s back and pulls up alongside him. They see the FBI agent headed to them and Luke tells Bo to do something. Bo says he’s praying. Bo and Mason stop and Lisa’s men stop but slide into Mason’s car. Rosco tries to stop but takes off the front passenger fender on Lisa’s car.

Everyone starts getting out of the cars. Luke claims the diamonds from Mason but Lisa goes to claim the diamonds from him. Lisa claims them from Luke but Caldwell claims them from her. He arrests Lisa and her men and thanks Bo and Luke for their help.

Balladeer: It did take some doin’, but the real FBI got to arrest the real diamond thieves. And the real Rosco, to protect himself and Boss Hogg, got to arrest the phony FBI agent. They sure didn’t want him falling into federal hands. The Duke boys got a real commendation of good citizenship. And as for the real Boss Hogg…but it didn’t take about one bite and his appetite took right up to a normal glutton. And friends I tell you, livin’ in Hazzard might be complicated but it sure is fun. No wonder no one wants to leave.

Duke Farm

Bo and Daisy hang up a commendation while Jesse and Luke watch. They remark they are proud of it.

Boar’s Nest

Rosco is worried about Boss not being hungry and Boss allows him to share his spaghetti. When Rosco eats the same strand as Boss, Boss cuts it with a pair of scissors and starts eating again.


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Hazzard County[]


  • Cletus emphasizes that part of why he works with Boss' schemes is because of poverty
    • Cletus is usually trying to ask Boss for a raise in many episodes and expresses frustration at the prices of food items compared to his salary.
  • While the Duke Family is no longer in the moonshine business, they continue to keep a strong interest in it as the entire family is a fan of a newspaper columnist named Della Dawn who focuses on the history, production, and general information of Moonshine.
  • Daisy says the Duke Farm is ten minutes away from the Boar's Nest.
  • Jesse says the house has been their place for three generations.


  • The Bugs Bunny doll used in the episode was featured very prominently, since Bugs Bunny is of course the most famous cartoon character of Warner Bros.; who, of course, also produced The Dukes of Hazzard.
  • Linda Hart, who played Lisa in the episode, is a former member of the singing group The New Christy Minstrels.