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Diane Benson is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Diane's father owned the Carnival of Thrills, but after he crashed she inherited the entire show. To keep the show going she tends to start dating a local driver, encourages him to participate in the show to draw the local crowd, then leaves afterwards.


Carnival of Thrills: Part 1[]

She watches the show as it occurs in Ceder City. Before the Leap for Life happens, she goes in the trailer, telling Bob Dexter that the crowd is really with him today and he is ‘going to be dynamite out there’. She goes outside to watch the stunt with Carl. When Bob comes out she asks him ‘how about a kiss for good luck’ and kisses him before he gets in the car as the crowd cheers. He tells her that is the best part of the job and she smiles as he sets up. However she is horrified when Bob crashes. As the ambulance comes, Carl comes over to her and she asks if Bob is going to be alright, which he assures her. After Carl tells the crowed that Bob is okay, they walk away and she asks him what went wrong. When Carl says Bob lost his nerve she tells him not every stunt driver is like him. Annoyed he tells her to worry about the future and asks about Hazzard. She says that isn’t until next week and she will find a local country boy begging for the chance by then.

After entering Hazzard, she sees Bo and Luke working on a fence near the road and beeps to get their attention. Bo and Luke approach her and she says it looks like hard work. Bo tells her it’s worth it and she would be surprised how many pretty little ladies they meet that way. She says she is looking for the owner of the local fairgrounds. Luke says that if Boss isn’t foreclosing on some poor widows mortgage or shortchanging customers at the bank, confusing her, that she can probably find him at the Boar’s Nest, skimming the take and watering down the liquor. Bo gives her directions and she thanks him, her and Bo grinning at each other. She says she hopes she sees him again sometime and Bo says he hopes she sees him again sometime too. She leaves with Carl.

They arrive at the Boar’s Nest where Diane and Carl meet with Boss Hogg. They listen to him add up the total costs coming to $3,797.53. When Boss and Rosco hand her the bill she remarks that she hopes Boss doesn’t mind taking a post dated check. Rosco tells her that isn’t likely and Boss says he normally doesn’t but he will take a promissory note for her to pay the total price at the last performance. Carl agrees and she signs it, saying he is very understanding and they will see him after the show.

Later at the fairgrounds, she oversees everyone unloading the cars. Carl reminds her she needs to find some sucker to fill the Leap for Life roll now and she says she told him it won’t be a problem. He remarks it never is as she just has to make a play for some yokel. She gets annoyed how he describes her and says ‘before you know it he’ll be trying to jump 50 cars, he’s so flipped out over me.’ Carl reminds her about their time together and her father’s crash where she inherited the whole operation. When he reminds her of how quickly she replaced him she says he never got over that. He reminds her of his knee and she says it’s not her fault he wasn’t as good as he thought he was. He says he’s still the best driver she has ever had and she tells him ‘correction. You were the best’.

She decides to hold a race to attract all the local drivers and pick one to hire to attempt the Leap for Life. She goes into the Garage, meeting Cooter and sees Bo and Luke are there. She smiles at Bo and Bo comments ‘hey listen darling we gotta stop meeting like this’ and she remarks people might start talking. Bo says they might. She asks Cooter if she would hang up some posters in his garage and then returns to smiling at Bo. She asks if they are figuring to enter the race and Luke says they figure on winning. Cooter says she should just pay him the money now and eliminate the middleman. She looks at Bo saying they seem awfully confident. Cooter says she hasn’t seen them drive and she tells Bo she’s looking forward to it and she will see them at the fairgrounds before leaving.

The next day, Diane passes out the layouts of the course to the drivers. She explains the track to the five drivers and says the winner will receive their prize money on Saturday and who knows, they may even throw in a little extra added bonus like a full time job with a show. Her and Daisy go to walk off the the side but then she turns and goes to the General Lee and comments ‘not that you’ll need it, but here’s a little something for good luck’ before kissing Bo in the car. She goes back to Daisy before starting the race. Her and Daisy run off to get a better view. They watch a car flip over to avoid a line of fire in the road they set up. Watching Bo drive she remarks they may have just found a new stunt driver. They move to keep a better eye on the racers as they go to another part of the course. As they continue to watch she tells Carl that she told him she can pick them and Bo is making a joke out of the race. Rosco enters the race and they watch Bo lose him before returning to win. Daisy says she told her her cousin’s were hot drivers and Diane says she bets that isn’t all they are good at. They run over to greet Bo and Luke.

She tells the boys congratulations and Bo says it was nothing. She says the job she mentioned was that they need a top stunt driver to make a 32 car jump. Luke and Daisy argue against it but Bo expresses interest. When Luke argues with Bo, she asks if he always lets other people do the talking for him. Bo remarks that his stunt driving days are going to end when he gets paid. Disappointed she says ‘I see’ and asks why wait that long. She tells Carl to pay ‘this chicken off’ and Bo tells her to wait and he doesn’t take kindly to being called a chicken. Luke tries to calm Bo down and she ask who Luke is, his baby sitter. She says she thought for once she found a real man and Bo says maybe she has before agreeing to do the jump. He says if he makes it then maybe they will have something nice to talk about. She smiles as he leaves.

She calls Bo at the Duke farm and when he answers she says she hopes she isn’t interrupting anything important. Bo tells her no and she says she thought they should get their relationship started off on the right foot as soon as possible. He tells her sure thing and she asks him to call her partner and invites him to her RV at one o’clock. He agrees and she says she’s looking forward to it and if he gets there early not to bother knocking.

She gets in the shower and is finishing up when Bo walks in. She calls out to him and he confirms it’s him. Bo says she told him not to knock and he would never disobey a direct order from the boss. She remarks ‘good’ as she gets out. She tells him to open the champagne and Bo goes to do it but explains they don’t get much of it in Hazzard. She changes and sees Bo as he pours their glasses. Bo proposes a toast to the carnival and she changes it to them.

Outside Bo decides to do a trial run and she says he doesn’t care about expenses as he wants to use her best show car for his first trial practice. Bo says it’s the only one with the horse power to match the General and he won’t even scratch the paint. She says in that case be her guest. She watches Bo prepare and checks the track. After Bo succeeds she goes to see him and he tells her he needs 100 feet more on the ramp. She asks if he’s sure he’s never done stunt driving and he tells her he’s been around cars a bit. She says he’s got it down to a science and she’s never seen anyone take to it so fast. Bo says cars aren’t the only thing he takes to quick and she says she likes that even better. She tells him she has an extra RV if he wants to move closer to work, wrapping around his arm and Bo tells her he might just take her up on that. He then kisses her head and tells her he needs to go. She watches him leave and Carl comes up to her saying she’s coming on too strong. She says hardly as Bo is the best driver they have ever come across. Carl says the second and she turns to him saying ‘present company included’ in her assessment. She says if Bo works out like she hopes he will, they will get the State Fair just like her dad always hoped they would. When told not to take him too serious she says she will take Bo as serious as she has to.

Carnival of Thrills: Part 2[]

While getting a drink, Bo storms into her RV, slamming the door shut. She doesn’t even look as he smacks the wall and hands him the beer saying maybe that will cool him off and that was quite an entrance. Bo apologizes and says he didn’t mean it. She leans on his shoulder and he says he just has something he’s gotta get off his mind. He asks if he can borrow $250 to make a down payment on Luke’s half of the General Lee. She smiles and says she thinks they can manage that since tickets have been selling good, especially after people learned it’s Bo making the jump. When Bo doesn’t smile she asks if there is something else on his mind. Bo admits there is and asks if the extra RV offer is still good. She smiles and says it’s his although she doesn’t think he’ll be spending a whole lot of time there. Bo kisses her and she laughs. After he leaves.

She and Bo stand by the General Lee when Rosco arrives. Rosco says he’s there to arrest Bo and he’s taking Bo to jail and impounding the General. Surprised she asks if Rosco can do that and Bo tells her yes. She follows Rosco to his car as he arrests Bo. After they leave she sends Carl to get her diver and the car.

Diane starts coordinating the car pile up when she sees Daisy, Luke, and Jesse arrive. The three ask her to see Bo and she is introduced to Jesse, commenting she sees where the boys get their good looks. Daisy says they want a word with Bo alone and she asks if they are going to try to talk Bo into quitting, which Jesse says she bets they are and that they don’t believe in going behind people's backs. She says she doesn’t believe in forcing anyone into doing what they don’t want to do and she won’t try to stop them. However. she says they are going to have to wait a minute and Bo is about to do a practice run before excusing herself. She calls for everyone to clear the track before waving at Bo as he starts a trial run. When the General’s front tire goes flat on the ramp and Bo is forced to brake she screams ‘no’ and runs over to check on him. She reaches him and hugs him before asking if he’s alright. He tells her he’s fine but another 20 feet and he would really have messed up.

She watches Bo talk to his family and she becomes alarmed until Bo makes it clear he still intends to work for her. She’s happy and watches the Duke’s leave before they kiss.

She watches Bo set up to do another test when Carl approaches her. He comments they’ll see if Bo is short on guts as well as brains. She is disappointed when Bo is forced to bail at the last second. She remarks that Carl didn’t think he had any guts and that he bailed out at that spot like he’s been doing it his whole life. Carl says he thinks Bo lost his nerve. When he talks about what is going to happen the next day she cuts him off saying it sounds like he doesn’t want Bo to make it. He says he thinks Bo is in over his head. She smiles when Bo approaches, hugging him as Bo says he is sorry and doesn’t know what is wrong with the General but he’ll get him fixed if it takes all night. She tells him they don’t pay overtime and maybe he can consider ‘this’ as a bonus before kissing him. He agrees before picking her up and tells her to save the rest until after the jump.

She is making breakfast for her and Bo when Bo comes up behind her and hugs her. She turns to him asking if he’s all set for the big day. Bo says he had his big day when he met her. She tells him she hopes he means that as she feels the same way about him. The two kiss then hug and she says he’s going to be dynamite out there and he will show those people a jump like they have never seen.

She and Bo watch Cooter finish tuning up the General, Bo having an arm around her. When Cooter expresses concern she deflects Bo by asking him to go with her back to the motor home to relax for a bit. Bo agrees and follows her.

In the camper, she helps Bo get on his jumpsuit as Bo looks outside to check that Arlo made the ring of fire. She hugs him from behind saying that is nothing compared to what he will hear when he makes the jump. She says this is just the beginning and they will go to all the State Fairs. Seeing how upset Bo becomes she turns him around telling him not to worry, it will be fine and they will spend the rest of their lives listening to crows applaud together. Bo kisses her head and they hug.

She goes and stands next to Carl as he announces the Leap for Life. She watches Bo get introduced and fusses with his clothes again. She then stands by him as he goes to get back in the car. When Bo attempts the jump, she sees him get cut off by the other Dukes and runs over to intervene. Luke says she dated all the men who were her drivers and she looks away. When Bo asks her about it she tells Bo it isn’t like it sounds. She admits that she was desperate and she just needed a driver and she only was using Bo at first. She says now she knows him better and she does like him. She says he’s special but the Carnival comes first. She says she also knows Bo won’t take a backseat to anyone or anything. The others then check the General and she is shocked that someone tried to kill Bo by cutting the fuel line. She says that is impossible and asks who would do that. Cooter and Luke realize it was someone who wanted to be the star and she realizes it was Carl. She watches Luke grab Carl. She listens to Boss tell everyone that the carnival is over. Upset, she turns to Bo telling him that he has to believe her and she never knew. Bo looks at her. Boss tells her that he gets her carnival and she watches Bo and Luke make up, smiling. She is surprised when Bo tells the crowd not to go anywhere and Bo ask Cooter to fix the General. She asks that he’s still willing to make the jump and Bo says he gave her his word. She says he has every reason not to help her and Bo agrees he does but he doesn’t see how he could love her one minute and hurt her the next. She kisses a finger and puts it on his nose. They hug. After Bo and Luke get ready to jump and she announces to everyone what is happening. After Bo succeeds in the jump, she celebrates with Jesse, Daisy, and Cooter.

As they pack up to leave, her and Bo say goodbye. She says she’s sorry and it really could have been wonderful. Bo says it was wonderful and he wouldn’t have missed it for anything. He starts tearing up and says Uncle Jesse says they learn something new for everything. Bo repeats the guesture she did to him, asking her to take care of herself before she leaves.


Despite all the trouble she caused, Bo has enough fond memories of her and what happened with the Carnival to keep the poster for it afterwards as seen in My Son, Bo Hogg.