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Dickens is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


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He and Clark go through Hazzard when a police officer falls in behind them. He tells Clark they have company. When Clark remarks about how they just got away clean with a bag of a million dollars’ worth of stolen credit cards, he remarks getting caught with the bag will get them a ten year rap easy and attempts to lose the officer. He says that the cop is sticking to them ‘like a fly to a glue pot’. When Clark says they need to do something with the bag, he points to a log and tells Clark to toss the bag behind it as they pass. When asked if he’s sure, he says they will come back later. He drives by and Clark tosses out the bag of credit cards.

He pulls over and lets Cletus give them a ticket. After they head back to reclaim the cards. He parks and they get out and look, but don’t see anything. When Clark says it landed there, he says that it ain’t there now. He gets upset, reminding Clark they are talking about one million dollars. Clark says the bag didn’t walk away and he suggests it drove off, saying there was an orange car there earlier that isn’t there now. When Clark says there wasn’t anyone in it, he points out they didn’t see anyone but the owners may have seen them.

While out driving, they see the General Lee and turn to chase it. They catch up to the car and start ramming it. However when the car stops he is forced to turn to chase after them. When a truck run the General off the road however, he pulls up in front of it. After Clark has the boys covered he gets out. They have Bo and Luke get out and the boys tell them that they don’t have the cards. The boys agree to let him search and Bo tosses him the keys to which he looks in the trunk and confirms the boys don’t have the cards. Luke says the Sheriff’s got them. Bo suggests for them to call the Sheriff to confirm, saying the phone is by the bus stop. He laughs saying they must think they are fools but Clark agrees.

They go to the bus stop and he keeps a gun on Bo and Luke while Clark calls the Sheriff. When Clark is told the boys still have the cards and that their names are Bo and Luke Duke. Clark informs him the boys are lying but Luke kicks the phone booth door, forcing him to drop his gun when it hits his wrist Bo knocks him out.

After waking up, he stands up to let out Clark and brushes himself off as Clark gets the boys address. They leave to find the farm.

They arrive on the farm to see Jesse sharpening an ax. He pulls out his gun as he approaches and Jesse stops sharpening his ax when he notices them. He takes the ax from Jesse and stands beside him, holding it. When Jesse explains that the Sheriff has the cards, he laughs saying they already heard that song and they are running out of patience. He says if Jesse doesn’t tell him where the bag is they are going to start tearing that place apart, starting with Jesse. Hearing Bo on the CB, he tells Jesse to stay where he is, moving to stand near the CB with Clark. When Clark tells the boys that they have their uncle, he takes the CB and says that as soon as they are told what they want to know, they will be on their way, but if he doesn’t he can’t saw how safe and sound Jesse will be. Bo begs them to believe him that Boss and Rosco have the cards and lied so they can sell the cards, something Jesse backs up. Clark says they have one hour to bring the cards to the farm or Jesse will die.

While waiting for the boys, he cleans his gun. Jesse says the boys will do what they have to do. He remarks they hope so for Jesse’s sake as well as theirs. Jesse remarks he really thinks he’s something big with that gun.

After tying up Jesse, they hear Bo tell Luke over the CB about Daisy and Lulu in the car with the credit cards heading to Chickasaw County. They leave to chase after the women.

They catch up to Daisy and Lulu and pull them over. He gets out with a gun, telling them to get out of the car. Lulu and Daisy confront him and when Clark says for them to just get in the car he says there are too many people looking for it. He tells Lulu to get in the back and Daisy says for him not to hurt her. They drive, spotting Bo and telling him to get lost. A few minutes later Clark tells him the boys don’t listen as not only did Bo not leave, but they got a truck now too. He says he’ll take care of them but when he reaches out the window to shoot he’s rolled up in it.

He is arrested by Cletus. While Cletus locks him up, he snags the keys off of Cletus belt but holds them out to the deputy. He is sentenced to ten years for stealing the cards.