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Digger Jackson is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Digger and Boss Hogg did some business in the past running illegal shine and Boss had him sent to prison. In the court after he was sentenced he tells Boss that he is going to blow a hole in him big enough to drive a tractor or a truck through.


Bye, Bye, Boss[]

After breaking out of prison he heads to Hazzard. He arrives and starts walking down the street. Hearing a car he sticks out his thumb. Bo and Luke stop and he asks them if they are going to Hazzard. Bo asks if he needs a lift and he pulls out a gun on them. After he ties them up, Bo says he doesn’t suppose there is any way they can talk about this. He tells Bo no way as he has an appointment that has been waiting 10 years. After stealing the car he goes to the General Store and locks the clerk in the back room. He steals a box full of food before leaving in the General Lee. He settles into a deserted farm house before setting up a poster of Boss Hogg. He packs up and heads to the Boar’s Nest.

When he pulls in a few of the locals see him and scatter. He goes inside to see Boss, who immediately collapses in a chair. He remarks it’s been a long time and he says he told Boss he would come back and get him. He tells Boss to get up and when Boss shakes his head he screams at him to get up. He adds that he sees Boss wearing a gun. He reaches for his, telling Boss to draw. When Boss doesn’t he yells at him to draw and Boss drops the gun. He saunters over to Boss, saying that’s good as Boss is worth more to him alive than dead. He pats Boss’ face, telling everyone if they want to see his fat face alive again they better get their hands on some money, some big money. He says he wants $100,000 by noon tomorrow. He grabs Boss’ watch, leading him toward the door saying there is a hollow tree where Route 4 meets the highway. He says for them to leave the money there and not to get help because if they do there 'ain’t going to be no tomorrow'. He pushes Boss out the door.

As they drive, Boss asks where are they going and he says Boss may be on his last ride if his friends don’t show up with that money and he won’t have to remember how to get back. Boss says he never had that much of a sense of direction anyhow and Digger remarks he’ll tell them to put that on his tombstone which Boss says is kind of him. As he drives off road he tells Boss to hang on as it’s going to get rough and he don’t want to lose him yet.

In the cabin he yells at Boss saying that if Boss doesn’t know what it is all about then he will tell him what it’s all about. As he ties Boss up he says that Boss sent him up for 10 years. He says back when he was in the moonshine business he figures he made about $10,000 a year and that means Boss cheated him out of $100,000. He starts unpacking the food saying, that is what Boss’ old lady and the town is going to pay if they ever wanna see them alive again. Boss says they won’t be able to do it before asking what is going to happen. In a rage he says that is for him to know and Boss to find out. Boss offers to pay him the money if he lets him go. Digger throws the empty box asking what Boss takes him for ‘a hollow head?’ Boss says he’s the only one who knows where it is. Digger breaks off a beam from the ceiling, asking that Boss is trying to tell him that his old lady doesn’t where it is, breaking the wood across his knee and throwing the pieces, yelling if that is what he’s saying. Boss says yes and he swings one of the pieces, breaking it more saying he’ll tell Boss something, that he has until tomorrow noon. He repeats it as he rips off another piece of wood, adding ‘and that’s it.’ Boss weakly asks if that is the case what is for dinner.

In the morning he unties one of Boss’ hands and cuts them up some breakfast. When Boss asks if he can have another piece he looks at him a moment before cutting off a chunk for him. He remarks he underestimated Boss, that he has more money than he thought and he should up the ante. Boss tells him to name it and let him lose and he’ll get it. He tells Boss that he doesn’t want to hear anymore about how Lulu don’t know where it is. Boss says Digger doesn’t know her and explains she eats a lot and she loves sweets so much she was named ‘Woman of the Year’ by the chocolate folks. He laughs saying Boss kills him before turning serious and saying maybe it’s the other way around.  Boss remarks that he got greasy and sticky and asks if he can get a damp cloth. He tells him ‘sure’ and tosses down his knife in front of Boss. He goes over to the window and rips off a curtain before going to wet it.

As Boss uses the rag he asks if he’s finished freshening up. Boss says he has to do his face and Digger tells him to hurry up as he doesn’t like him untied. He hears Bo, Luke, and Daisy talking to each other over the CB in the General, learning they are all in the canyon. Boss says it’s a rescue party. He remarks for Boss to settle down as the old Webster place is so well hid they won’t find it in a month of Sundays. Boss asks what time is it and he remarks it’s that time, time for them to move out. Boss asks where are they going and he says to see if the money is where it’s supposed to be and with all the busy bodies around he’s taking Boss with him, just in case. He notices a fire in a nearby furnace and asks Boss what has he done. He becomes enraged as he opens the furnace screaming he is going to skin Boss’ hide for that and pulling out the rag. He hears the Dukes talk about finding them and he begins to untie Boss. Boss says they are coming for him and he snaps that Boss won’t be there to find and to shut up. He drags Boss to move outside but had left one of Boss’ hands tied to the chair. He starts climbing in the General yelling for Boss to get out there. He decides not to wait and tries to drive away but Daisy arrives. As he tries to back up Bo and Luke arrive too.

He drives off and Bo and Luke chase after them on horse. He jumps a broken bridge and when he sees the boys are still chasing him he begins to shoot at them. They move around and come out in front of him. Angry he tries to run them down after he runs out of ammo. When Bo and Luke split up he chases after Bo. After Bo leads him under a tree, Luke drops down on the hood. He reaches out and tries to pull Luke off the hood. Luke knocks him out.

He is arrested and when Rosco and Cletus try to put him in a cell, he selects the other cell.