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Bldg 1 - Hazzard Square, Dixie Auto Supply Inc (Arrest Jesse Duke)
Back entrance to Dixie Auto Supply Inc (Arrest Jesse Duke) (not bldg 1)

Back Entrance

The Dixie Auto Supply Inc. was a store in Hazzard County, Town of Hazzard in the late 1970's. The store was open for three months.

The Dixie Auto Supply Inc was owned by Blue Ridge Catfish company, which is owned by the National Pinballs Limited, owned by Instant Grits Inc. which is owned by the J.D. Hogg Investments Corporation. The store was managed by four women, Carla, Sally, Jane, and Lil. The four women worked for Boss Hogg, disabling vehicles on the road before stripping it and reselling the parts at the store in town back to the victims. [1]

Cooter Davenport and Mr. Benswanger shopped here to get his parts back after the women stripped his car.