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Dixie Duke is a fictional character featured in the American television series, The Dukes of Hazzard.


After receiving a letter for help from Jeremiah Duke, she contacts her cousins Hank and Joe. They head to Sleepy City to help save the Duke Farm from Thaddeus B. Hogg.


Go West, Young Dukes[]

June 13, 1873. She takes the coach with Joe, knowing Hank would be following on his own horse. While in the coach, she teases ‘cousin Joe’ saying she bets he is a real lady-killer. He jokes back. As they ride the stage coach is attacked by two men, forcing them to pull over. When the men asks for anyone named Duke she stays in the coach while Joe gets out. She sees him being confronted by the men and Hank’s arrival. The horses get spooked and run off but Hank and Joe stop them.

They take the coach back to the drivers and Hank checks to see if she’s alright. She says if they hadn’t planned on Hank riding along like he had they’d be pushing up daisies by now. She tells Joe and Hank that she’s going to get a job as a dance hall girl at the saloon. She says Hank will ride into town like he’s just drifting. They head out again, Joe saying ‘come on girl’ which she says okay and they get in the coach.

When they arrive they are approached by Jeremiah, Jenny, and Jeeter. Joe helps her out of the coach, saying it was a pleasure to ride with her and she remarks the pleasure was all hers. She smiles watching Joe greet their aunt and uncle. When Joe introduces her, she shakes their hands, knowing she can’t reveal who she is.

She watches as Thaddeus and Rufus approach them asking about Joe. They are introduced and when Rufus says the town is the gateway to the promised land, she says somebody came and broke that promise, leading to Joe explaining about the hold up. She says Joe and a stranger ran the men off. As Jenny decides it’s time to leave, Joe says he hopes it is alright if he comes calling on her later to which she nods saying she’d like that. Jeremiah, Jenny, Joe, and Jeeter all tell her goodbye before leaving. She approaches Thaddeus asking if he wouldn’t happen to have any job openings at the saloon. At first he says no, but says maybe she can bring in some customers. He offers her 50% of all the drinks she can sell and she takes it asking when does he start. He says she just did and sends her into the saloon. She thanks him for the opportunity.

Sallon dress

Dixie changes into "pretty work clothes"


getting changed, he goes into the main saloon. Seeing a fly buzzing around, her and the bartender watch it. When it lands she asks why doesn’t he swat it. He asks her what for as it’s the only guest they’ve had all week. She asks if they ever thought of giving free lunches, which the bartender says yes and all it ever got was the fly and his friends. Hank comes in and walks up to her asking if he can buy her a drink. She asks why not, suggesting champagne but he buys two beers before pulling her aside. When he asks if she’s got anything yet she tells him ‘only a draft’. She says outside of Hogg and the Sheriff all the other rats have left town and says they are up in Hogg’s office. After they share a drink at the bar.

As she and Hank continue to stand together, they are approached by Frank and Jesse James. Frank grabs her by the arm, telling her to come with him as she should be drinking with a real man. Hank tells them to let her go, and they do. Seeing Joe who had slipped in, she goes to stand with him as she watches Hank confront the brothers. Joe joins in. She is concerned when Joe starts losing but Joe gets the upper hand.

Everyone stops when Hogg and Rufus come in. Having picked up Joe’s hat during the fight, she explains to Rufus and Thaddeus that Jesse and Frank were the ones responsible for the fight. However Thaddeus tells her to hush. While Hogg and Rufus talk about arresting Joe, she returns his hat to him. She watches Hank distract them and Joe escape. Hank is arrested.

After Hank is taken away she learns the saloon supplies prisoners with meals. She sits at a table, inspecting her nails when Joe comes in, calling her. She greets him and when he says they need to talk she says she knows and the bartender is out back and Hogg framed him and Hank real good and proper. Joe agrees and says he needs to get Hank out if he’s gotta blast it. She tells him she doesn’t think he needs to do that and to come sit down. When he does she tells him what she just learned and tells him her plan.

After changing she goes over to the jail, delivering food to Hank. She hands him the tray, saying it’s compliments of the saloon and slips a gun into his hand.

She goes over to the Blacksmith’s and waits with Joe and Jeeter. As Hank arrives they all hear an explosion. When the boys say someone blew the safe, she remarks good luck to them and that it isn’t their concern if Hogg gets robbed but Joe reminds her that the money isn’t Hogg’s. Jeeter gives her a shotgun. She remarks she guesses she’s in. Hank tells them to cover him and Joe and she takes shelter behind a barrel. When Jesse and Frank come out of the saloon they take Thaddeus and Rufus, who just returned to town, hostage. As the James leave she hands back the gun to Jeeter and runs to get the horses, leading them to where Joe and Hank are.

They chase after the wagon and when they catch up, she grabs the horses pulling them to a stop. As thanks Thaddeus returns the farm to Jeremiah.