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Dixon is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Good Neighbors Duke[]

He goes with Clayton to check on Josiah Benson and his daughter. He says if they need anything to give him a call before handing his number over. After being dismissed, he and his partner leave. As they head to the car he remarks ‘that man ain’t all smiles and sweetness’. Clayton tells him he’s got reason and asks if he remembers the Dixie Davis kidnapping. He says he does and Clayton explains that Josiah Benson worked for a private security service and was hired by Davis to deliver the ransom. He recalls it was Diamonds, $1 million worth but Clayton corrects him as $2 million. Clayton explains that despite being blindfolded, Benson still saw the man in charge. When Clayton says Benson testified he comments that Benson is still ducking shadows before asking why. Clayton says the diamonds were never recovered.