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Dobro Doolin is a fictional character, played by Ernie Brown, who appeared in the Dukes of Hazzard. He is a friend of Bo and Luke Duke, Cooter Davenport, and Brodie.


One Armed Bandits[]

He meets up with Bo and Luke Duke, Cooter Davenport, and Brodie in the Hazzard Junkyard. He drives a tan two door car. He greets Luke before Bo asks if they are all up for a little fun as they got their cars. He spits out some chewing tabacco before asking what’s going on and is excited when they say it’s about Sheriff Rosco. Luke and Bo explain their plan to steal the slot machines Rosco intends to smuggle into the county. Excited they all run to their cars and speed through the junkyard. Initially he is in the lead but runs into a dead end. He follows the others out of the Junk yard before purposely swerving on the roads. He, Brody, and Cooter enjoy driving and bumping each other’s cars lightly on the road. For Luke’s plan he parks along the road to watch the Interchange and would report back to Bo and Luke if he saw the fertilizer truck. After getting in position he radioed to the others saying ‘This is Dobro Doolin comin’ at you live from the interchange’ before spitting out a mouthful of tobacco. Cooter ends up spotting the truck.

A few days later he is at the Boars Nest with Brodie, tying a piano down to a pickup. He watches in amusement as Daisy steals the Sheriff’s car when he attempts to arrest her. Rosco jumps in the cab of the pick up and tells him to follow Daisy. He laughs saying ‘you’re kiddin’ but Rosco fires his pistol in the air and Dobro scrambles to get into the cab and start driving after Daisy. He drives around the parking lot and Rosco tells him to drive faster. Alarmed and nervous, Dobro says he doesn’t want to get a ticket and Rosco asks from who. He continues to chase Daisy until she stops. He slams on the breaks and the piano is flung from the back of his truck, hitting the police car. At Rosco’s order, he backs up from the police car.

The Rustlers[]

While not in the episode, Bo and Cooter make a detour through the south 40 acres of his property to make it to the fairgrounds on time.


Dobro drives an El Camino. The car was Pete Hamilton's personal car and was lent to the show for the purpose of the episode.