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Doc's Foreman is a minor character from Enos.


Grits and Greens Strike Again[]

Doc comes to see the warehouse and he greets him. When Doc asks how did they do this week, he says they got about $20 thousand and he hasn’t even counted the ‘junk the kids bring in’. He is told to count it as it adds up and he agrees. Doc lectures him about having to fence stuff fast as he told them to never steal glass. Doc gets a call and he informs Doc that they are getting more calls every day about the kids. Doc says they need to nail one, hard and it always works. Doc hits him across the face with his gloves, saying Banjo will be perfect.

Later Doc calls a meeting with all the kids and he waits until Doc arrives. Doc addresses all the children, expressing that he is going to teach them about ‘enforcers’. Suddenly a cop, Enos, jumps through a window yelling it’s a raid. A second cop, Turk, arrives and he notices Turk has no bullets in the gun, making him laugh. He pulls out his own gun, pointing it at Turk as the kids all flee. Doc tells him to finish them off. Turning to Enos he says ‘I’ll start with you cowboy’. However Turk jumps on him, knocking him over. Turk knocks away his gun before being pulled off him and he goes back to Doc, hearing Enos yell for Banjo to run and watching Banjo leave. He and Doc get in the car and drive away, hitting Turk as they exit the alley.

At Doc’s place, Doc vents about being made by the police. He lights a cigar for Doc before saying he thinks Doc should lay off the kids. Doc says that the cop called Banjo by name and he asks that Doc thinks Banjo is working with the cops. Doc says no, Banjo is working alone, but the cops know of him. He is told to find Banjo. He asks why as Banjo doesn’t even know where they live or anything about the operation. Doc yells for him to never let anyone lead a cop to him again and that he wants Banjo. He pleads with Doc to just let it die and Doc says ‘precisely.’ He meets Ruben and brings him to Doc, saying Ruben is a friend of Banjo’s who wishes to join the gang.

After telling Ruben they want to speak to Banjo, Ruben leads them to Banjo’s place. He watches the building to confirm that Banjo is home before telling Doc. Ruben darts out of the car and flees. He yells for the kid to come back but Doc tells him to let the kid go as it’s Banjo he wants.

They go up to the building and he breaks down the door to get in. They go up the stairs, knocking down a set of cans. As they make it to the roof, they see Banjo on a second roof. He is told to go get Banjo and bring him back alive, which he agrees and leaps over to the second roof. He following Banjo down into the building, getting stuck in a wooden board and giving Banjo a chance to get a lead on him. He manages to catch up to Banjo on the ground where Doc is waiting, capturing Banjo himself.

They walk over to the car when Enos tells them to stop, addressing Doc as ‘Mr. Fegan.’ Enos admits he doesn’t have a gun on him and he is ordered by Doc to kill Enos. Enos asks that he wouldn’t kill a cop as he approaches him, only to see a cop in the car with Doc. He asks for orders but when Doc doesn’t give any he tries to flee. He trips on Enos’ baton and falls onto the hood of a truck, allowing Enos to arrest him.