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Doc is an antagonist from the series Enos.


Doc has been an expert thief and crime boss for thirty years.


Grits and Greens Strike Again[]

While checking out the warehouse, he asks how they did this week to the foreman, who informs him that including the other warehouses the boys have earned them about $20,000, ‘if you count the junk the kids bring in.’ He tells him to count it as it adds up. He turns to see a large amount of glassware before scolding the foreman, saying they will have to fence that stuff fast. He picks up a glass, saying he’s told them never to steal glass before dropping the glass and letting it smash. One of them men come over, saying it’s the phone and he answers it. Solly says the Doc told him to call if any of the kids are holding back. He is informed that Banjo tried to pawn a piece. He says that was just what he was looking for and he’ll break the kids arms, to which Solly says to break one for him. He says ‘why not’ before hanging up. He goes to leave but the foreman tells him that they are getting more calls about the kids every day, that they are holding back on him. He says for them to nail one of them hard before slapping the foreman across the face with his gloves. He says it always works and Banjo will make the perfect example.

He holds a meeting two days later. After all the kids arrive he gets out of his car and meets with the foreman. He approaches the group, addressing them as children and informing them that they should all know by now that most of the hack shops that handle hot merchandise deal with him. He stops in front of Banjo, looking directly at him before moving through the group again. He pats the side of Banjo’s head before continuing on, saying ‘second children, you’re going to learn a new word today. Enforcer.’ His men surround Banjo but Enos suddenly bursts through a window yelling that it’s a raid. He looks around but sees no one else. He laughs asking ‘really?’ When a second officer comes in he looks at the gun before noticing the gun is empty. He laughs commenting ‘some raid, no bullets? No guns.’ The kids flee but Banjo is captured. He tells his foreman to finish them off but watches the officers take his men out, Enos calling Banjo by name and telling him to run. He watches Banjo flee before leaving. As they drive away, they hit Turk with their car.

Back at his place with the foreman and his girlfriend he vents that for thirty years he had been in the business and no cops ever made him. He says no mug shots, no prints, not even a shadow and because of ‘that little gutter rat’. Foreman says he thinks Doc should lay off the kids. Doc says the cop called Banjo by name and the foreman asks if Doc really thinks Banjo is in with the cops. Doc comments about a street rat trusting a cop before laughing and saying there’s no way, Banjo is alone. He adds ‘but that cop knows him’ and that they have contact with the kid and for the foreman to find him. The foreman asks why as Banjo doesn’t know where they live or anything about the operation. Doc screams at him saying never to talk to him like that again and he wants Banjo. The foreman pleads with him to ‘let it die’ to which he says ‘precisely.’

The foreman brings him Ruben, a friend of Banjo’s at his home. The foreman says Ruben wants to join the gang, and Doc smiles saying ‘I see.’

After telling Ruben they want to speak to Banjo, Ruben leads them to Banjo’s place. When his foreman confirms that Banjo is home, Ruben darts away. The foreman tries to stop him but he tells him to let the kid go as it’s Banjo he wants before putting on a pair of black gloves.

After his foreman breaks down the door to Banjo’s place, they go inside and climb up a set of stairs, knocking down cans. They reach the roof to see Banjo fleeing. He tells the foreman that he wants Banjo alive to see what he’s told. The foreman agrees and pursues Banjo. He goes back to the ground and sees Banjo escaping down a fire escape. He seizes Banjo, allowing his foreman to catch up.

They go over the car, Doc telling Banjo that they are going for a nice ride in the country ‘where they take kids like you to camp.’ As they reach the car, Enos stands up beside them saying he doesn’t want any trouble and addresses him as Mr. Fagen. He is surprised and goes to explain his name before catching the reference and saying ‘how very droll’. He asks where the cowboys gun is and Enos says he left it because Banjo is a kid. Enos asks him to please be reasonable and he says of course before ordering his man to kill Enos and to hide his badge so no one will know he’s a cop. He forces Banjo in the car and gets in only to find Turk in the back seat. Turk grins, showing him his badge and gun saying ‘hi. I hate guys like you. Please, do something stupid.’ He surrenders and is arrested.