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Doc Appleby is a reoccurring character in the Dukes of Hazzard.


Season 4[]

Coltrane vs. Duke[]

Jesse calls him and asks if he can come to the trial where he suspects Rosco is faking injuries. He agrees and Jesse says the boys will pick him up the next morning before the trial.

As he’s getting ready to go with the Bo and Luke, a patient is about to have a baby. After delivering the baby he goes to the window and Luke says for them to hit the road. He says he’s sorry, but it looks like it’s gonna be twins. He goes back in.

After delivering the second baby he calls out the window that he’ll be right with them. After checking on the woman he goes back to the window, holding the two baby girls. Luke says he’s gotta be kidding and he confirms it’s triplets.

He quickly cleans up and heads down, getting in the General Lee. After Bo and Luke make sure he’s set they head to Hazzard.

He apologizes to the boys for the delay as they drive, Luke saying it’s alright and they’ll just take a shortcut which Bo agrees with. Sheriff Little chases after them but goes off the bridge.

They arrive at the Court House and rush in just in time for the trial to end. The boys offer to take him back but he quickly tells them that they have a lot of work to do and he will take a bus before leaving.

Dear Diary[]

After Jesse twists his ankle, he is called to Hazzard Police Department and wraps it. Jesse snaps at him to be careful as he wraps it. When he finishes he waits for Daisy and they help Jesse out of the building.

Season 6[]

Too Many Roscos[]

Bo and Luke call him from town, asking about Rosco’s behavior after his accident and having questions about his condition. Confused, Appleby expresses surprise, asking that Rosco had an accident. He says he didn’t know that and he hadn’t seen him in ‘quite a spell.’ Luke asks why Rosco would lie about that. Appleby quickly assures Luke that he isn’t saying Rosco lied. He explains that Rosco might have a concussion and if so he might think he had gone to see the doctor, or anything else for that. Luke asks if there is anything they can do and he says if Rosco has been hurt to get him over to the Capital City Hospital for some tests. Luke tells him that is easier said than done but they will give it a shot.

A Boy's Best Friend[]

Ira Grant calls him, saying Terry Lee needs to see him at the orphanage again. He heads that way but his car breaks down. While he’s on the side of the road he sees the General Lee. When the boys get out, he greets them and shakes Luke’s hand. They ask if he needs a lift, which he says he sure does and he’s glad they came along as he’s on an emergency call. Luke helps him in the General as Bo calls Cooter to get his car.

They arrive at the Orphanage and Bo and Luke both help him out, which he comments it’s a little tight. Ira approaches them, saying he’s sorry to call the Doc out again but Terry Lee isn’t getting better. He says he’ll have a look before going over to the boy. He returns to Ira and the Dukes, and when he’s asked if there’s anything he can do he says he has no pills that can cure a heart that’s broken. He says the boy needs something to live for but he has no idea what that would be. He says he will stay out there for a bit. Luke says he would love to help and Appleby tells them it would take a small miracle and asks if they have one in their pockets. Luke says if they did it would be his. They go back to Terry Lee.

Seeing Bo and Luke return, he goes to see them commenting that is a surprise and asks what brings them back. He adds it’s good to see him and Bo shows him the dog saying they brought it for Terry Lee. He pets the dog before saying it is cute and ‘heck why not?’ as they tried everything else. Luke asks if he wants to give the dog to Terry Lee, but he pats Bo’s back saying no, he thinks they should do it. They go to the porch and watch the boys give Terry Lee the dog, telling the boy to go ahead and pet her. He is relieved to see Terry Lee talk. He walks away with Bo and Luke, saying he always said that sometimes the best medicine don’t come out of a bottle. He thanks them and the boys say they were just happy to help and are headed to the court house to get a dog license.

He and Ira sit in the yard, happily watching Terry Lee play with the dog.

Jesse and Daisy come out, making a dog house before they all go inside for lunch. Doc Appleby jokes that he needs to lead as it’s his place. When they come back outside the dog is gone and Terry Lee becomes upset, sobbing. Bo and Luke arrive and when Jesse tells the boys what happened he says they were just in the house for a minute and they need to find the dog and find her fast. The boys call Jesse over to them and he goes with them to learn that Boss stole the dog as she is a show dog from Capitol City. He tells the boys there has been enough drama for one day and if they want to help the boy they will find the dog and bring it back there. He says after they can explain it.

Ira, Jesse, and Appleby watch Daisy try to talk to Terry Lee, but he’s upset.

Later he is relieved when Bo and Luke not only recover the dog, but the original owners allow Terry Lee to keep her.

Dead and Alive[]

Bo and Luke come to see him at his office about Artie Bender’s death. He tells the boys there is nothing he can do and Artie’s death came just as much of a shock to him as it did them. Bo asks he wasn’t’ ailing. Appleby says he wasn’t, that he gave Artie a thorough checkup, went fishing and came back the next night to learn he is deader than the fish he brought in. He confirms he didn’t sign the death certifciate and he has no idea who did. The boys promise that if they find anything out they will give him a call. He agrees and watches the boys leave.

Later he learns Artie is alive.

Close Call For Daisy[]

While not physically appearing in the episode, Doc is in his office in Hazzard, he gets a phone call from Jake, who says he has a man who is suffering a heart attack. He tells them to come directly over to his office. When the men arrive he finds it was just indigestion.

Season 7[]

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Duke[]

No More Mr. Nice Guy[]

Cale Yarborough Comes to Hazzard[]