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Doc Henry Petticord M.D. (Duke vs. Duke) is a reoccurring character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Season 1[]

Double Sting[]

He is called into the Hazzard Jail to look over Tom Colt after he, Bo, and Luke are arrested. Jesse bails the boys out and they are about to leave, but he yells for them to hold it because no one is going anywhere. He goes upstairs and tells Rosco that no one is allowed to leave. Jesse asks what is he doing there and he remarks ‘tending the sick Jesse, what the hell else do I do?’ Bo says he didn’t hit Tom that hard and Petticord moves over to Bo, explaining to them that he needs them all to listen good. He says that he doesn’t want to start a panic but it looks like a plague and until he knows more as the County Health Officer he is declaring the jail and everybody in it quarantined. He tells them that he is a lovable old country doctor and hasn’t had a good epidemic since the hog cholera of 1943 and that was pigs, but this looks like pneumonic or bubonic plague.

He places the entire Court House under quarantine before leaving.

Season 2[]

Road Pirates[]

While not appearing in the episode, it is stated he was the one who performed Enos' operation to remove his appendix.

Season 3[]

And In This Corner, Luke Duke[]

He gets a call from Bo to come to the Duke Farm after Cooter was knocked unconscious by Luke in a boxing spar. After checking on Cooter he is rushed by Luke, Bo, and Daisy. When asked how Cooter is he says Cooter ought to be off his feet. Cooter tells him he was off his feet and that’s why the Doc is there. Bo tells him to tell Luke that Cooter is alright. He says Cooter is ‘right as rain’ and the only thing hurting might be his pride. Luke asks if there is anything they can do for Cooter and he tells them not to enter Cooter in the Golden Gloves.

Duke vs. Duke[]

While not seen in the episode, Bo and Luke take Cooter to him after he hurts his ankle.

My Son, Bo Hogg[]

While not seen in the episode, Boss remarks that Doc Petticord went out of town for a few days and couldn't help Bo after he hit his head and fell unconscious.