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Dolly "D.K" McCoy is a character from the series Enos.


Dolly owns a Truck Stop and hires a number of drivers to use her trucks, including the Solo Pony. She has dreams of expanding her operation.


Snow Job[]

She says goodbye to one of the drivers when she sees Sue Ann. She greets her saying ‘look what the breeze blew in, Wonder Woman’ before hugging her. She asks how San Diego was, to which Sue Ann says she feels like a tropical plant. She tells Sue Ann to come in and ‘I’ll buy you a sode’ to which Sue Ann thanks her for but says she needs to make a pit stop first. Dolly looks back at the truck, asking how the Solo behaved and Sue Ann says that Joe is reviving her now. They laugh as they go inside.

Mr. Dixon comes to see her, saying she has done a very nice job and the backers are going to be very pleased. She remarks ‘good, maybe they’ll give me more cash then’ as she wants to enlarge the place. She says she wants to knock down the one wall and put in ten more tables, but he tells her not just now as he needs to make sure the place is a success before they invest in it. Dixon excuses himself and she tosses down the papers. Sue Ann approaches with two men, asking that there is no trouble. She tells her ‘oh honey the usual’ that she wants to expand the place and turn it into a first class operation and the backers won’t give her the money. After a moment she realizes Sue Ann is there and says she thought she would be on her way by now. Sue Ann says something sort of got in her way. Sue Ann introduces Turk and Enos to Dolly, to which she shakes her hand saying ‘in the flesh’. Turk remarks her name a few times and she gives him a confused look. He explains ‘D. McCoy!’ and she says that is right and asks if he's heard of her. Turk says the handle sounds familiar and that they are truckers.

Turk tells her that he has a friend with spare cash to invest and she is willing to meet with him.

She sits with Turk and Broggi, Broggi saying that she handles only the very best. She tells him to ‘bet his boots’ that she handles only the best. She tells him that her stakes are prime, her booze is primo, and her wine is primer before cackling at her own joke. Broggi implies he has something else in mind, calling her Mrs. McCoy to which she corrects to Dolly. She is baffled when Broggi tells Turk to wait for him outside and Turk gives her a small smile. She waves as he leaves. Broggi says it’s just the two of them and how much can she get him. She addresses him as Mr. Perkins saying he keeps talking about wanting to buy something and he should tell her what it is so she knows what it is she is selling. He looks around, making her nervous before saying it’s cocaine. She is shocked, asking what makes him think she’s selling that. He says he wasn’t born yesterday, making her skeptical. She comments ‘oh shoot, I forgot to call my relief waitress’ before excusing herself.

She calls the police on the phone, confirming Broggi is still there and she will try and stall him. She says for them to get the lead out as she thinks they got a big one. She returns to the table, apologizing for taking so long. The police storm the place not long after, arresting Broggi.

She learns he was a Police Lieutenant and goes to the office and talks with Captain Dempsey. After she goes to see Broggi, Enos, and Turk. She tells Borggi that she meant what she said, she wants to help in any way she can. Broggi says silence will be the biggest help, and to trust no one.

That night she sees Sue Ann and Enos start dancing. She comments to the bartender that if she knows Joe’s ‘yen’ for Sue Ann, they are in for a little rhubarb. Joe tries to start a fight, but Enos tosses him out.

She goes to the police station after everything is resolved, saying that even if she lived to be a hundred she’ll never forget what a chump she was, letting Joe use her trucks to run dope. Enos pats her on the shoulder in sympathy. Broggi says everyone is in jail, which she says good. Broggi compliments the boys on their assignment and she gives them both smug grins while nodding. When Enos says he hopes they can work with Broggi again, she watches Broggi leave the room, amused.