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Don Purcell, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard. According to his wanted poster he is 5 feet and 11 inches tall, weighs 180 pounds and has black hair and black eyes. He is wanted for hijacking, armed robbery, and armored truck robbery.


A Little Game of Pool[]

While watching the General Lee on the hill with Joe, he uses a radar gun to clock the vehicle and lets out an impressed yell before showing Joe. Joe calls Boss Hogg on the radio, and Boss tells them that if they had the General, no cop could catch them. He laughs as they plan to steal the General Lee.

They sneak over to the Duke Farm and while the Dukes are distracted, get into the General and drives away. As they escape, Vance, Coy, and Daisy follow in Dixie. He sees the road ahead is out and asks what they are going to do, which Joe responds by jumping over it. After jumping over the construction and getting a lead on the Dukes, Rosco pulls them over and asks what are they doing before he tries to get them to keep going but the Dukes arrive. He asks Rosco what are they going to do about them. Rosco says it’s too late and claims to arrest them. He gets in the Sheriff’s car.

Rosco takes them to the station and locks them up while the Dukes are there. After Boss chases the boys out, he reminds Boss that their deal was they supply the work and Boss supplies the car. Boss and Rosco assure them that Rosco will get the car.

The next morning, they are bailed out by Boss Hogg. He meets them on the side of the road, putting paint and sprayers in their car and tells them to go to the field he told them about and set everything up. Boss tells them that after every job they will repaint the General to another color so no one will know what car to look for.

After Rosco arrives with the General, they repaint the car black. Rosco celebrates, saying no one will suspect they are working together but he notices Enos, Vance, and Coy coming up in a patrol car adding ‘except them.’ They get in their brown car and drive off. He tells Joe that the boys are coming after them in the General and that car is too fast for them to outrun. Joe gives him a gun and he shoots at the General out the window. They turn at a fork and lose the General. However they come up to a construction site and try to jump it but flips the car instead. They are arrested by Rosco and later Enos locks them in the county jail.