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Dooley is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard


Limo One Is Missing[]

Dooley works for Boss Hogg in a chop shop in an abandoned mining town.

When Boss arrives  to see if they have the limo, he opens the door to tell them that there is no room inside. Boss says that’s alright before he tells him he came to warn them, however he notices the Limo and yells at them not to lay a hand on the car.

He is in the barn helping clean up the car to return the limo to Boss when Bo and Luke charge in. He hides in the limo and when Luke asks where the last two is, he jumps out with a gun pointed at the boys, telling them to drop their bows before he shoots. Bo throws his bow at him and Luke climbs over the car, diving on him. Luke knocks him out.