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Double Sting

"Double Sting" is the thirteenth episode of the first season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.

After fighting at the Boar's Nest against Tom Colt (Burton Gilliam), a stranger who tried to assault Daisy, Bo and Luke are arrested. At the jail, the local physician, Doc Henry Petticord Pat Cranshaw, suspects that Colt has a case of the plague, and so he quarantines the jail with the police, Bo, Luke, and Jesse there. And then the Hazzard bank, which is owned by Boss Hogg, gets robbed by Irving (Arte Johnson) and Wendel (Avery Schreiber), two crooks who are disguised as Laurel and Hardy, and Daisy chases them. Boss and Rosco wrongly accuse Bo and Luke of setting up the robbery to happen, which is what Tom Colt did for his two accomplices Wendle and Irving by faking his illness so Boss, Rosco, and Enos would be out of the way while Irving and Wendle were robbing the bank. The only way Bo and Luke can clear themselves is to escape from the jail and go after Irving and Wendle, who have kidnapped Daisy.

Balladeer: There ain’t no place where one little thing can lead to a multiple catastrophe like it can in Hazzard County. Now you start with a little bumpin’ on a Hazzard County road, then go to the Boar’s Nest. Add a stranger or two that look like they are up to no good. Add a lot of spice. Mix in a little sugar and watch out.

Boar’s Nest

While headed to the Boar’s Nest, Bo and Luke are rammed by another driver. Luke tells Bo to teach him some manners but the driver runs the boys off the road. Daisy is serving dinner when Bo and Luke arrive at the Boar’s Nest. Rosco is yelling at Enos and the boys fill in Daisy on what happened. Daisy asks if they are going to the costume party, telling them she wants to be a circus bareback rider. Tom comes up and starts talking to Daisy. When he grabs her arm, Bo and Luke confirm it’s the guy from the road and Bo punches him in the face. A fight breaks out until Rosco stops it by shooting at the roof then arresting Tom, Bo, and Luke.

Police Department

Jesse comes to the police station and bails the boys out. Jesse scolds them, telling them that he was going to pay the mortgage payment but he had to bail out the boys first. As they go to leave, Doc Petticord orders everyone to stop as he has to put the police station under quarantine.  Jesse realizes that if they can’t get the mortgage paid, they loose the farm. The doctor closes down the Court House and all it’s assets as Irving and Wendel watch.

Boss looks for a place to sleep while Luke calls Daisy and Bo tries to clean. Daisy is finishing her costume and Luke fills her in but has her go and take care of getting money from the bank. Bo, Luke, and Jesse have coffee and discuss what is happening. Jesse thinks Colt's faking. Luke informs them that Cooter volunteered to bring them food as Enso finishes cleaning out the cell but accidently locks Boss inside. Boss starts getting worked up, saying he’s got Closterphobia and demands for the Dukes to be sent downstairs.


Daisy arrives at the bank just before Irving and Wendal move to take it. Irving puts a sign to say the Bank is closed for lunch before they take everyone hostage. While one of the tellers is having a fit, Daisy slips out the back. She gets on the RV as the robbers lock up the bank. The robbers drive away.

Cooter is working on his truck and sees Daisy, who signals for him to follow. He rushes after them intending to get Daisy. Before Daisy can jump to the truck, one of the tires are shoot out.


Rosco gets a call from Rose Ellen at the bank and when they hear that the bank was robbed, Bo goes to get Jesse. Moments later they learn from Cooter that Daisy was seen on the RV 30 minutes ago headed north. In the jail the Dukes talk about the Farm and the possibility of this being a planned event. Jesse tells them that they can plan the escape but they will not do it until they know the illness is phoney.


As the men argue, Daisy gets off the RV and starts opening the window on the RV to get to the CB.


Jesse, Bo, and Luke fill in Rosco and Rosco goes to call Doc Petticord. However Boss tells him to stop and tells Rosco that he thinks that Bo, Luke, and Daisy are in on the heist but Jesse isn’t in on it. Boss reveals he bought the holdings a week ago for the Duke Farm which the Dukes do not know yet. If the Dukes can't make the payment then Boss will own the farm. They don’t know Bo and Luke are listening in.


Daisy gets to the CB but is found by Irving and is captured by the robbers.


Bo distracts Enos, Rosco, and Boss with a card trick while Luke sabotages the sheriff’s door. Enos tells him he doesn’t support gambling and Enos and Rosco bicker about the cards being gambling or not since Bo is just doing 'magic'. Jesse talks to Colt while caring for him, putting doubts in his mind about his partners. Rosco goes into his office. The boys prepare to go and Jesse reminds them if Colt doesn’t move they don’t leave. Enos notices marks on Rosco’s door when the boys start yelling there is a jailbreak. Rosco and Enos fall down the stairs when Rosco's door breaks off the hinges and the boys and Colt flee.


Irving and Wendel fight and Daisy asks them about the costumes.


While driving, Bo and Luke learn that Sheriff Ragsdale of Choctaw is working with Rosco to catch them. Bo and Luke know Ragsdale and Colt reminds them that the FBI and State Patrol will be involved too as this was a felony. Bo decides to go cross country as all the roads are blocked.


Irving gets chains to put on Daisy and alarmed, she knocks him over and flees. The boys continue to run and Daisy is recaptured.


Ragsdale spots the General and chases after them. However he encounters Rosco and Enos causing him to wreck.


The robbers tie up Daisy with fishing line. Colt steals the General Lee and arrives to see the others. He explains that he was found out in jail and he didn’t get his car, that he had to make a getaway in that one. After they all argue and go inside, Cooter slips out of the trunk of the General. Cooter radios the boys and they all express releif, having thought Colt would never steal the car. Cooter tells them he’s at Bubba’s Fishing Shack at Bearclaw Swamp. Jesse, Rosco, and Enos all hear that and head out to meet.

Wendel yells about how Daisy had ruined their perfect bank heist. Cooter disables all the vehicles before being found. Cooter is brought in and Daisy and Cooter happily greet each other. Cooter informs them that he gave the RV two flat tires and hid the distributer cap for the General. Bo suddenly drives up in Cooter’s pickup and Luke covers him with arrows and dynamite, alarming everyone. While they are distracted, Jesse runs in to get Cooter and Daisy. Bo shoves the entire shack into the lake after the three come out. Enos and Rosco arrest the three and Ragsdale arrives to take over the prisoners. He checks on Daisy before leaving and she says he’s cute. Luke says he only has one stick of dynamite left and they were cutting it a little close. Bo says they should offer to blast Boss out of his cell. Boss is asleep in the cell.

Balladeer: That’s the legend of the Hazzard Plague, in which nobody caught nothing expecially Rosco who didn’t even catch the bank robbers.

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  • Until this episode the Mortgage on the Duke Farm was owned by Jason Higgins. However Boss Hogg bought all of Jason's properties a week before, making him the one who holds the mortgage on the Farm
  • The holding cell on the upper floor of the Police Department had been used for storage. Boss has it cleaned out and it is used properly in the following episodes