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Dr. Floyd is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


My Son, Bo Hogg[]

An unconscious young man is brought to him by Boss Hogg and Sheriff Rosco Coltrane. As he examines the man, the man wakes up. He asks how they are feeling before being asked where he is. He explains they are at Tri-county emergency and he’s Dr. Floyd. He tells the man he took a blow to the head and is asked what happened. Rosco says the injured man ran off the road. Dr. Floyd says he is going to ask a few simple questions to determine the extent of the injuries. He asks what the man’s name is and is told that he doesn’t remember his name. He asks where he lives and the young man gets frantic. He tells him to take it easy as it’s common in an injury like that and there is nothing to worry about. The man protests that Floyd knows who he is and tires to get up but falls over and Floyd catches the young man, pushing him back onto the bed. Floyd turns to Boss saying it’s obvious that his son has amnesia. Rosco tells him he’s made one horrendous mistake and Floyd insists it wasn’t a mistake, that the man has amnesia. Rosco goes to speak again and Boss tells him to pay no mind to the boys uncle as he’s gone all 'swimmy headed over his nephew and worked himself up into a state'. Boss then announces that the man’s name is Bo Hogg. When Boss hugs Bo he tells Boss that Bo should be back to normal in about three or four days. He then tells Bo if he comes with him they will get his shirt and shoes. He takes Bo to another room.

They return and Rosco takes Bo out to the car. He tells them lots of rest and the mother’s home cooking is the best medicine. Boss says not in this case as seeing Bo like this would only worry Lulu, and he’s taking Bo to the Boar’s Nest.