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Dr. Talmadge is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Witness: Jesse Duke[]

After checking over his new patient Jesse Duke, he calls the Duke Farm. Daisy answers and he asks if Jesse lives there to which she says he does and he is her uncle. He introduces himself and his place of work before informing Jesse that they have Jesse there and that he’s had a serious accident. She becomes upset, asking if Jesse is alright when the phone is taken from her. He hears a man introduce himself as Vance Duke demanding who he is and what happened to Jesse. He introduces himself again and says that Jesse was ‘accosted by a couple of thieves’ and that he took a severe blow to the head. He explains that Jesse has a bad concussion and it’s effected his eyesight. Vance asks that Jesse can’t see and Talmadge says no, he’s afraid that Jesse can’t. He tells them they are still running tests and Vance says they’ll get the rest later before handing up.

He is watching Jesse when Vance, Daisy, and Coy come in. He watches the family reunite for a moment before approaching. He hears Jesse assure the kids that the blindness is only temporary and when Jesse asks him to confirm it, he uneasily says ‘yes of course’ before signaling Vance, Coy, and Daisy to follow him. They move away from Jesse and he explains to the kids that he may never see again. He tells them that they have done all they can do at the hospital so the kids should take him home. He gives Vance a prescription for him, and tells the three to ensure Jesse gets plenty of rest and no excitement. He then leaves to see other patients.

He goes to the Duke Farm a few days later to take the bandages off of Jesse. He is relieved like the others when Jesse says he can see and shakes Jesse's hand.