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Drag n fly

The Hazzard County Drag 'n Fly Contest, or Drag 'n Fly Derby is an annual event that Boss Hogg created in 1981. [1]


To qualify for the even all the contestants must participate in a qualification round a few days before hand, where they must meet a minimum time and distance standard.

The Hazzard Drag 'n Fly is broken into two main parts. The first portion is to drive down a set stretch of road, which is a timed event. The second part it hitting a ramp at the end of the road and jumping over a large stack of barrels before landing upright. this is a distance event.

The winner must have the best time and distance of all the contestants and receives a cash prize.



During the registration event, the General Lee, driven by Bo Duke, took a direct hit to the drive shaft on it's landing. When looking it over, Luke Duke took a hit to the head and was sent to the hospital.

During the official race, Spanner and Banyon were scheduled to jump the car sponsored by Boss Hogg. However they were not able to arrive and Rosco made the jump in their place. The last car to participate was the General Lee driven by Luke. The General Lee came in first place with Rosco coming in second.