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Driver, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


How to Succeed in Hazzard[]

While working for Dewey, he drives an ambulance into Hazzard. He encounters a pickup with Luke and Jesse Duke inside and run them off the road. He laughs and Dewey tells him that was a fine move. They laugh together.

They arrive in town at Boss Hogg’s home and help get Dewey out of the ambulance in a wheel chair as two people, Daisy and Cooter, come over to investigate. Dewey pretends to be sick and dying of a disease. After he finishes talking to the two, he takes Dewey up to Boss’ front door.

Boss answers his door but is furious to see Dewey and pushes them out. However after Dewey says he is dying, Boss opens the door and lets Dewey and the nurse in.

Dewey and the nurse head to Sutter’s Road with Boss and he says in town with the ambulance. While he waits, he notices Daisy nearby with the others and smiles at her. Daisy waves saying ‘hi’ which he says back. Daisy then walks over and they start talking, Daisy asking how he’s doing today. He says he was going to ask her the same and she expresses surprise before saying she’s fine. She asks if he’s a real medic and he says yes. The conversation ends when Boss returns with Dewey and he goes to help the nurse with getting Dewey out of the car. Rosco arrives, announcing he is going to arrest Dewey but Boss stops him. Deewey then pretends to have issues and they take Dewey away.

The next day Boss calls a town meeting and he stands in the back of the Gazebo behind Enos.

He speeds out of town and notices the Dukes are following them. He tells Dewey, who uses an oil slick to lose them.

He waits by the ambulance while Dewey reviews the bank’s blueprints with Mack Magee.

Later they have a town meeting to celebrate reaching the goal of $50,000 from the people of Hazzard. After Dewey says he needs to rest and the driver and nurse take him to Boss’ house. While Daisy visits him, the nurse and driver stand by the ambulance, having hot dogs and soda.

Boss and Rosco arrive at the house, asking what are they doing outside while his nephew is dying inside, confused they go inside to see the house a wreck and Daisy, Cooter, and Luke all explain Dewey was chasing Daisy around. They help Dewey in the chair as he says Daisy attacked him. They take Dewey out to the ambulance and he says that was close.

He drives out of town to lose the Dukes and circles back so Dewey can rob the bank.

After Dewey is tricked into getting the money, he picks him and the nurse up and attempts to flee Hazzard. He parks the ambulance and takes off to keep from getting caught.

In the end he is found and forced to walk out of Hazzard along with Dewey and the nurse, Rosco following them in the police car to ensure they left.