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He is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard


One Armed Bandits[]

He is hired by Rosco Coltrane to bring a truck load of fertilizer into Hazzard County. He is driving in the truck when they see Daisy Duke standing at the Hazzard County line in a red bikini holding a picnic basket with her car’s hood up. He pulls over and tells Leroy to leave the gun in the cab as they don’t want to scare her away before getting out of the truck. He asks her if she is having trouble and is amused when she expresses looking for the beach, laughing at what he thinks is a naïve nature. He is surprised when Bo and Luke come up behind them, telling them to raise their hands and don’t turn around. They are terrified when Daisy says that the men behind them have machine guns. The cousins put a bag over his and his partners head and tie their arms behind their back before leaving them in the road as they hijack the truck.

A few days Later, Rosco takes them to the Boars Nest to Daisy Duke, and they confirm she was the woman who they stopped for with a smile. He asks Rosco that if he knows Bo and Luke are the ones with the machines why aren’t they in jail. Rosco says they will be when he gets enough evidence. Surprised he asks since when and Rosco says ‘since election’s comin’ up’ before telling them to get out so he can go arrest Daisy. They watch her steal Rosco’s car and Rosco chase her around the Boars Nest parking lot in a pickup until he catches her.