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Mr. Dugan is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard


Vance's Lady[]

After following the ticket Jenny Walden bought to Hazzard, he drives down and watches her get off the bus. He calls back to Senator Maynard to inform him. When asked what she is doing in Hazzard, he says it looks like she is waiting on someone. He receives orders to kill her and he promises to take care of it. He watches Jenny leave with Coy and Vance Duke and follows them out of town.

As he follows them down a road, he starts honking on a horn to get their attention before ramming into the back. He runs them off they are too far away down the hill for him to get to. After looking at them from the hill, he calls Maynard.

He goes to Boss Hogg’s office, walking in on him and Rosco fighting over a plate of wings and apologizes for the intrusion before explaining he was looking for the person in charge. Rosco explains that it is Boss and Boss tells him to speak his piece quick as it’s his lunch hour. Dugan says in that case he will give Boss his card. Rosco asks if he has an extra one and he hands another over. Boss asks that he works for Senator Maynard, which he smiles and nods adding ‘that’s right’. He shakes the men’s hands before wiping off the sauce and taking a seat. He sits down and they ask what brings him there. He tells Boss and Rosco that he’s looking for Jenny, lying and saying she is wanted for embezzling state funds. He tells Boss and Rosco that the senator wants him to handle it personally and discreetly and he would be appreciative of their assistance. Boss suggests he and Maynard can help each other out and he says he is sure the senator will be willing to help out. Boss tells him that the boys he is looking for are Coy and Vance Duke.

While heading to the Duke Farm, he sees the General with Coy, Vance, and Jenny. He follows them, but Coy suddenly turns around and goes toward him. He watches Coy pass, not seeing the police cars in front of them until he hits them. Angry, he gets out and confronts Boss, Rosco, and Enos asking what are they trying to do. He reminds Boss that the senator wants it handled by him but Boss insists he’s joining the team. Annoyed, he leaves.

While driving his phone goes off. He answers and Wade says he’s in Hazzard before asking if Dugan found who they are looking for. He tells Wade about the General Lee and says they are headed north. Wade says they can’t be headed to the Capital, and he agrees saying not unless they are hiding for now and doubling back later. He tells Wade that the real trouble is the ‘redneck politician’ and his people butting in. Wade tells him to call the cops off and he says ‘no way’ as he tried and they will just have to find Jenny first.

Figuring the Dukes would go to the phone company, he goes to the office in town and meets Bessie Lou, who he has stop all calls going through. After Vance is denied a call, Bessie Lou tells him she hopes she did the right thing and he tells her that it is official state business.

After he goes outside to call the others, figuring the Dukes will try to take Jenny directly to the Crime Commission next. Wade tells him not to worry, as there is only two roads they can take and the two of them can cover it. He starts to talk to Wade, saying he knows Wade is the expert and Wade cuts him off, saying he knows Dugan doesn’t want to get his hands any dirtier than they are. Wade says for him to just help corner the group and he’ll do the rest. Dugan hangs up, contemplating the situation.

While in the car, they hear the police mention the Dukes being spotted at Whittling Corners. He calls Wade to see if he heard that, which Wade confirms and tells him to go to the west side of Cotton Corners and hold. When Wade says he’ll come in from the west to force them to Dugan, Dugan protests and Wade cuts him off saying he said for Dugan to hold them and he’ll take it from there.

He does as instructed, setting up a road block. He sees the General coming toward him and pulls out a gun. The car runs off the road into a ditch and he runs over to stand with Wade, who just arrived as well, only to see it was Daisy and Jesse in the car.

While Wade watches Daisy and Jesse, he calls Vance on the CB and informs him that they have Daisy and Jesse. He says unless they bring Jenny back to the Duke Farm in one hour, he can’t guarantee what will happen.

They go out to the Farm and when the boys and Jenny arrive, he reminds them it’s a trade of Jenny for the Dukes. When the Dukes ask why should they trust him, he says because they have his word on it. When they question him, reminding him of all the crimes they committed, he says that if Jenny had been more reasonable they wouldn’t have to go to these extremes. Wade decides there has been enough talking and it’s time to get rid of the witnesses when he notices something in Vance’s hand. He goes over to Vance, pulling out the CB mike and yanks it from the car. He says that was pretty smart, but without Jenny there is no witness and just hearsay evidence. He tells Wade to grab her and when Vance goes to stop them he holds him at gun point. He, Wade, and Jenny get in their car and he drives.

While driving, he is startled when Vance suddenly jumps onto the top of the car. Vance knocks out Wade and gets in the car. Jenny wrestles with him for the gun and while training to maintain control of the car, Jesse’s pickup pulls up along side and Daisy sprays him in the face with oil. He is forced to stop and his gun is taken.

He is arrested by Rosco and Enos.