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The Duke Family has been in Hazzard County at least since the mid 1700s. They have had a long time feud with the Hogg Family and a friendship with the Davenport Family.

19th century Dukes[]

20th century Dukes[]

Other Notable Family Members[]

  • Caleb Duke- Jesse says he moved west in the middle 1700's. He kept a book that the family maintained with every birth and death in the family, which was passed down to Jesse.[1]
  • Martha Duke- a member of the Duke Family. She was trying to return to Hazzard in 1762 to have her baby Joshua. Possibly Caleb's wife. [2]
  • Joshua Duke- son of Martha Duke, born December 9 1762 [3]
  • Grandpa Duke- Jesse Duke's grandfather. He was an alcoholic and a gambler and taught Jesse how to play poker. [4]
  • Grandma Duke- Jesse says his grandmother's maiden name was Denton and after the civil war her original property was taken by the Watherby Family. [5]
  • Mama Duke- Jesse Duke's mother. She was a midwife in Hazzard County. [6]
  • Henshaw Duke- Daisy explains' he is their Grandpa. [7]
  • Gaylord Duke- the Duke's third cousin from London, England, related to the American Duke's through Grandpa Henshaw. He is a priest who runs a halfway-house. [8]
  • Uncle Phillip- relation of Gaylord and Jesse's. He passed away 10 years before the story. He lived in London, England. [9]
  • Aunt Katrina- a relation of Gaylord and Jesse's. She prefers to be called Katrina and lives in London England. [10]
  • Aunt Lavinia- Jesse tells Bo and Luke to go see their Aunt Lavinia for a few days to be safe from the law. However Luke remarks that he hasn't even spoken to Aunt Lavinia in over 20 years. [11]
  • Aunt Kate- not to be confused with the Aunt Katrina in England. Daisy sometimes goes to visit her for a few days at a time. [12]
  • Martha Duke- Jesse Duke's late wife. [13] She passed away some time after Jesse took in Bo, Luke, and Daisy Duke.
    • In Farewell Hazzard, Jesse mentions his wife's name was Lavinia and that she died at the Farm House. In the Boar's Nest Bears, Jesse again says her name was Lavinia and that when his father passed away it was her who pulled him out of his depression.
  • Uncle Elbert and Aunt Bessie- While Bo and Luke are on the NASCAR circuit, Elbert ends up in the hospital and is due to be there for a while. Knowing they need help with the farm and their two children, they write a letter to the boys for help and after some discussion, Bo and Luke decide to return to Hazzard so Vance and Coy can come to their farm and help out. [14]


While not part of the Duke Family, there are a few relations of the Duke Family.

  • Bulldozer Driver- a resident in Hazzard who is Jesse's third cousin. He is fond enough of Jesse that he walks off a job for Boss Hogg when Jesse asks him too. [15]
  • Holly Comfurt- Jesse Duke's second Cousin Twice removed
  • Lori Comfurt- Holly's daughter
  • John Henry Comfurt- Holly's son

The "Cousin Countin' Game"[]

Many people have tried to decipher the Duke's family tree in an attempt to understand how it is that so many people could be cousins, all with the last name "Duke." The last unofficial word is that Jesse Duke would have had to have come from a family of seven boys, including himself, as he would have had to have six brothers to have produced offspring named "Duke", unless Jesse had one or more sisters who married men with the surname "Duke" (a situation not out of the realm of possibility).

  • Brother 1 — Luke and Jud Kane's father (Jud Kane appeared the episode "Brotherly Love" (Episode 4, Season 6. Original airdate: October 14, 1983). He is the long lost younger brother of Luke Duke, thought to have died in a hospital fire as an infant)
  • Brother 2 — Bo's father
  • Brother 3 — Daisy's father
  • Brother 4 — Coy's father
  • Brother 5 — Vance's father
  • Brother 6 — Jeb Stewart's father. Jeb Stewart Duke appeared in the third season episode "Along Came a Duke". He rides into Hazzard on a motocross bike.
  • Brother 7 — Jesse Duke

Considering Jesse's advanced age, it is possible he may have been a great-uncle to Bo, Luke and Daisy, and thus the brother of their grandfather. As the term "cousin" has a wide range of familial applications, it isn't strictly necessary for all the various cousins depicted on the show to be first cousins.