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Front of House (Duke of Duke)

Front of the Duke Farmhouse.

The Duke Farmland has been in the family since 1792[1] and the building has housed 'five-generations' of Dukes.

The Farm is approximately 18 miles from Hazzard Square[2] on Old Mill Road[3] (or Mill Pond Road).[4]

Jesse Duke lived on the Duke Family farm with his wife. Over time they took in four of their nephews; Luke, Vance, Coy, and Bo Duke as well as one niece, Daisy Duke. Another nephew Jeb Stuart Duke had also spent a period on the farm. At some point, Jesse Duke's wife passed, leaving him with the kids.

Farm reuinion

Jesse makes ribs to welcome back Bo, Daisy, and Cooter while they wait for Luke's arrival.


Sometime before 1976, Vance and Coy left the farm.

Sometime after 1985, Bo, Luke, and Daisy Duke all left the farm [5] Jesse continued to maintain the farm in their absence. In 1997 Bo, Luke, and Daisy returned to the farm after being away. In the period of time since they were gone the farmhouse had been renovated, replacing the one-story house with a two-story house. The reason for this is never explained. [6]


The Duke Family Home is a one-story building. It has a kitchen, a bathroom, three bedrooms, and a living room. Luke Duke says that they have had indoor plumbing in the house since the 1950's. [7]

The first five episodes of season 1 were filmed in Atlanta in a different house than the rest of the series.

Season 1[]

Season 2[]

The Duke Farm has a front porch. Sometimes there is screen around the porch and sometimes there isn't. There is a swing on the porch with a few other chairs. The porch has a series of steps to go to the yard.

Season 1[]

Season 2[]

The Duke house has a back porch that goes out from the kitchen door. The porch is similar to the front porch.

Season 1[]

Season 2[]

The Duke Family Kitchen serves as both a kitchen and a dinning room.

The kitchen has cream colored wall paper with blue/green curtains on the windows. There are two windows and two doors, one to go to the front porch and one to go to the back porch. To the back of the kitchen is the stove, fridge, and a cupboard. On the front side of the kitchen is the sink, furnace and a water heater. There is a dish rack next to the sink with cupboards above it where dishes are stored. Above the doorway into the living room is a shot gun.

Hanging on the wall near the sink is the family calendar. Beside the door is a nail where Jesse hangs his red cap. When the cap is not there, sometimes keys are stored on the nail.

In the center of the kitchen is the family table. It usually has some kind of table cloth on it with some type of food item and four wooden chairs.

Jesse keeps a small box hidden near the front door to serve as the 'bank' [8] He also keeps a small tin hidden on top of the cupboard where he stores items that he wishes to keep safe.

Season 1[]

Season 2[]

The Duke's Living room is a large open space. It has a fire place with two windows along the wall. On the wall it shares with the kitchen has a large book shelf. The entire top of the living room has a shelf that boarders the room with various items on it. The living room has one couch, at least three soft chairs, and a rocking chair. There is also a coffee table. Later a green piano is added.

The living room has a door that goes into the house bathroom. There are two small hallways. One goes toward the kitchen to go into Daisy's room [9] The other is in the back and lead's to Jesse's bedroom and the boys bedroom.

Season 1[]

Season 2[]

The Duke family has a bathroom that has indoor plumbing.

Jesse has his own bedroom that was presumably shared with his wife before her death.

Bo and Luke share a bedroom in the back of the farm house. Luke's bed is closer to the door while Bo's bed is closer to the window. [10] Bo and Luke keep all their trophies, flags, and posters from previous races in their room. [11] When Bo and Luke leave for the NASCAR circuit temporarily, Vance and Coy use the room as their bedroom.

The first time Daisy's room was shown she had pink curtains and a pink bed spread. There was a fireplace in her room and she had a white desk with a while chair. [12] Later Daisy replaced the pink curtains and the pink bed spread with a yellow one. Her dresser has a mirror and she has a number of items from her time in high school around the room. She also has a closet just inside the door. She has a large number of pictures, including a number on the back of her bedroom door. [13]

Daisy has also rearranged her bedroom a few times, moving the bed from one side to another.

There is a 'spare room' that the Dukes sometimes fix up for company.[14]

The room is decorated with a few items, a dresser with trophies on it and a bed.

Outdoor Structures[]

The Duke Family has a barn that has a mostly open area. There are doors on both the back and front and the sides of the barn are encloses spaces where the chickens are held. In 1981 part of the barn annex was blown up in an attempt to threaten the Duke Family. The barn was fixed quickly afterwards.

The Duke Family used to have an outhouse. Bo and Luke used it primarily for target practice. Bo Duke accidentally blew up the outhouse. Jesse ordered the boys to make another one. [15] The remade outhouse can be seen in later episodes. [16]

Duke Farm Outhouse (Swamp Molly)

The Duke Family owns a large amount of land. The majority of the land is used for farming, however there are other features on the Duke property that includes woods, creeks, and caves.

While never stated how much, the Duke farm has a minimum of 40 acres. [17] The Dukes have a tractor but they will also use animals to plow the fields when the tractor has issues.


The Duke Family has multiple animals that they maintain in addition to farming.

  • Dogs: In the pilot episode, Bo remarks that they had a hunting dog, but it ran off. [18] In a later episode the dukes had half a dozen dogs caged in the barn with a female dog in a cage separated from the males. [19] However since season one, no dogs had been seen on the farm.
  • Chickens: The dukes have a number of chicken coops in the barn. At least one Chicken is named Hazel. [20] Another was named Charlie. [21]
  • Rooster: at least one rooster has been spotted around the Duke Farm. His name is Rodney [22]
  • Mauldine the Mule
  • Goats: a number of times there is a white goat seen at the Duke Farm. The white goat is named Burgette. [23]
  • Pigs: while not commonly seen, there has been at least one known pig on the farm, a young piglet named Charlie. [24][25]
  • Tractor: The duke family has a tractor that has been around for years. Jesse has an attachment to the tractor. [26]


The Duke Family has a number of vehicles through the years.

  • Luke's Car- In the beginning Luke had a car of his own. The car was never seen on screen. He loaned the car to Cooter, who used it to drive Rosco off the road. Rosco impounded the car and the dukes never recovered it. [27]
  • The General Lee
  • Daisy's Car- Daisy had a 1971 Plymouth Roadrunner pained yellow. She lost the car when Bo and Luke drove it off a cliff until it turned into a new one.
  • Sweet Tilly- Jesse Duke's old running car, also called Black Tilly. He kept the car for a few years after he stopped running moonshine. [28]
  • Dixie- 1980 Jeep CJ-7 "Golden Eagle"
  • Jesse's Pickup- Sixth Generation Ford F-100, white


  • The duke farm, during the Atlanta filming was located at 2201 Lenora Rd near Loganville. The house was built around a civil war cabin. When the outer rooms were torn down, they discovered the civil war cabin. Demolition work was stopped, and the cabin stayed there for years. But eventually time and weather elements took their toll and the cabin had to be torn down in 2011 due to risk of collapse.