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Duke of Duke

"Duke of Duke" is the thirteenth episode of the second season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.

Gaylord Duke (Simon MacCorkindale), the Dukes' cousin from London, England, comes to Hazzard to claim a piece of property that was willed to him, but the property has $30,000 in back taxes owed on it. Boss Hogg is planning to buy the property for almost nothing at an auction, and sell it to the Dixie King Supermarket chain for $250,000. Gaylord Duke turns out to be Roger Blevin, an imposter who left the real Gaylord Duke behind in England. The British Dukes' names are Philip and Katrina, and the real Gaylord is a preacher.

Balladeer: You know neighbors, sometimes there’s nothing more refreshin’ then watching children at play. Now Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane would rather catch himself a Duke then to go to Heaven when he dies. Some folks tend to loose their perspective like that. A stranger passing through could find hisself in a Hazzard entanglement.


Bo and Luke are testing the General for the Smokey Hollow race on Sunday while Rosco watches them with a radar gun. Rosco radio’s Enos to tell him where the boys are. The boys decide to flee from Rosco and Enos and Rosco try to box them in. However a sports car comes out of nowhere and causes Rosco to wreck while almost causing Bo and Luke to do the same. He teases the boys by inviting them to race before tearing off. Bo and Luke are in shock and Bo says he hopes that guy won’t be at the race on Sunday.

Duke Farm

Bo and Luke arrive at the farm, not amused to see the car. They go inside to see Daisy, Jesse, and the stranger. Jesse is confused by the conversation the boys all have about the encounter on the road and explains that the man is Gaylord Duke. As the boys sit down Daisy says that he recently came into the title of Duke. He shows them a land grant for the old Henshaw place and Jesse says he got a mess of trouble. Jesse says it’s been owing back taxes for years and would owe nearly thirty thousand. When Gaylord asks how much that will be in pounds, Bo misunderstands and says if he had that much money he’d weigh it for him. Luke explains he has until Monday to pay on it or the property will be taken by the bank. Daisy says they will think of something and then tells the boys to do it.

Police Department

Boss and Rosco talk about the arrival of Gaylord Duke. Boss says he got a letter from the county recorder about Gaylord trying to reclaim a piece of property and that Boss has already worked out a deal with the Dixie King Supermarket to sell that property from him for a quarter of a million dollars and Boss wants all the Dukes arrested until after Monday. Rosco says there is an ordnance against drag racing.

Duke Farm

As Jesse, Luke, and Bo talk about how to help Gaylord while he and Daisy walk away. Bo and Luke recall Ira Murchison from Claireborne who Jesse said had more money stashed away than Boss and that he’s owed Jesse a favor after Jesse pulled him out of river. They agree to ask him for help and get the others. The five head out to see Ira and encounter Rosco along the way. Rosco calls Enos and tells him that the Dukes are headed south on 102 and to cut them off at Woodchuck Pass. They lose Enos and Rosco.


The Dukes arrive to see Ira passed away. Jesse says they made the trip for nothing but Rosco and Enos arrive and say that they didn’t. They arrest Bo, Luke, and Gaylord. Rosco starts to rush through their rights and Gaylord protests. Rosco says they are going to jail for ten days and he and Jesse barter down to four before Gaylord reminds them that they have a right to a trial. Rosco says that the circuit judge is away for two weeks and he can arrest them for two weeks.

Police Department

Rosco has Bo, Luke, and Gaylord painting road signs. Enos is watching over them. Rosco and Boss watch and Boss praises Rosco saying tomorrow he can take the farm. Rosco how much of the money is he going to get and is told very little. Enos and Luke talk about what is going on and Enos admits that Boss wants them out of commission until tomorrow, Monday. The boys make more signs and has Enos check them which include ‘God Save the Queen’, ‘Speed Limit 155’ and ‘Speed Trap 1 Mile Ahead’. Enos laughs and says they are funny but ther sheriff won’t like it. Daisy arrives and Enos goes to see her. Daisy and Enos sit and Daisy makes him uncomfortable and he eats her chicken as the boys escape. They stop long enough to get Daisy and head to where L.B. is waiting with Daisy’ car. They all get into Daisy’s car and L.B. drives them to where they were set to meet Jesse.

Balladeer: Now Uncle Jesse’s salvation from his temper has always been his open mind. Which just saved Bo and Luke from getting canned for running away from the law.

Shawnee Indian Cave

Jesse meets with Gaylord, Bo, Luke, Daisy, and L.B. they fill Jesse in on what they learned. Luke thinks someone might want to buy the property and wants to check the files. Jesse says he’ll go too. Bo says he’ll distract Rosco. While talking, Gaylord brigns up Uncle Phillip and apologizes to Jesse saying he forgot to give him Phillip’s regards. Jesse is suspicious.

Police Depatrment

Boss is working out with Enos and Rosco in his office and fires them both for letting the boys escape. Enos pleads for Rosco and Rosco asks for one more chance. Boss gives them another chance, letting them stay as officers. Bo arrives outside and blares Rosco’s horn. Boss goes to check the window to see it’s Rosco’s car. Rosco and Enos look outside to see Bo standing at the car. Enos and Rosco rush out after Bo, and they get in the cars to chase him out of town. Bo tells them they have ten minutes. Luke and Jesse go in and see Homer who agrees to help. Bo continues to lead Enos and Rosco around before turning back towards town. Luke and Jesse find out that Boss plans to buy the land at the public auction and sell it to the Dixie King supermarket. Luke decides to wait for Bo and Jesse heads out. Bo returns to town to get Luke, being temporarily forced to go on two wheels to make it past a truck.

Shawnee Indian Cave

Jesse meets with the rest and tells them what they learned about Boss’s plans. Luke proposes a plan to make Boss pay the back taxes. Jesse says he gets his style from Aunt Katie and asks how she is. Gaylord says she prefers to be called Aunt Katherine.


Bo, Luke, and Gaylord arrive in town and Luke tells Gaylord that while in Boss’ office to turn on the C.B. if he can. He enters Boss’ office while Boss is getting a message from Maynard. After the man is sent out, Gaylord proposes a partnership with Bo and Luke listening outside and Bo commenting that Gaylord says it much prettier than Luke does. Boss agrees to the deal. The three head back to the caves only to encounter Rosco. Boss radio’s Rosco and tells him to back off of the Dukes.

Shawnee Indian Cave

The three return to see Daisy waiting with a picnic. Daisy asks Gaylord to join her and Luke protests as they don’t have time but the two go anyway, saying that Jesse is gone so they have time. Jesse arrives to see Bo and Luke and he explains he was suspicious because Phillip is dead and Katie’s name is actually Katrina. He went to the telegraph office and contacted Gaylord Duke and learned that the real Gaylord is a preacher who runs a halfway house in London and this man is Roger Belvine, a con man who stole the property deed. Bo and Luke are worried about Daisy. Meanwhile Daisy and Roger kiss.

Roger and Daisy return. Bo, Luke, and Jesse confront him. Jesse says he’s a likable fella but he doesn’t know what’s right and wrong and he’s disgusted with him. Daisy asks Roger to tell her the truth and she says if he says that the others are lying she’ll believe him, but he admits it’s all true. Upset Daisy turns to Jesse and Bo and Luke go to confront him but Roger pulls out a gun. He ties them all up and leaves them in the cave.


Boss and Roger meet up. Boss counts out the back taxes, which ended up at 28 thousand. Enos and Rosco arrive and they leave.


Daisy is upset about how how he hurt her and Jesse treis to console her but she says she is going to rip up the one who hurt her. Bo and Luke get free and free them as well. Luke says they need to make sure the back taxes get paid but they are going to change it up a little with Melford the skunk’s help. The boys set a fake detour for Rosco to take out his car. Jesse then put up stop signs so Luke could drop the skunk in Boss’ car. While Boss and Alex flee, Jesse swaps out the deed with a picture. Alex and Boss reach Roger and Enos and Enos says the skunk is probably gone by now. Alex and Boss return to the car. Boss asks where Rosco is, who is walking back to town.


They get to the tax building in time to pay the back taxes. Boss shows him the buyer from the supermarket. They go to process the deed but find they don’t have it. The Dukes arrive and meet with Roger, Boss, and Enos. Boss asks Jesse about where the deed is and they reveal to him that the man who he thought was Gaylord Duke was actually just an imposter. When Roger flees, Daisy says she is finishing it. Daisy takes the General and chases after him. Jesse and the boys go after them in the truck and Enos follows. Daisy runs his off the road then takes Enos’ cuffs and arrests him.

Balladeer: As for Daisy, it’ll take time for her to get over a man that she really set her heart on. Until the enxt time. And as for Rosco. And old Boss wasn’t about to give up trying to run the Dukes out of Hazzard County. One thing about Hazzard foks, they don’t quit. Y’all come back now.

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  • This episode establishes that there is a branch of the Duke Family that lives in London England with includes Gaylord Duke, Katrina Duke, and formerly Phillip Duke who died ten years before. Daisy also mentions a 'Grandpa Henshaw' whose property is the main point of contention for the episode.
  • This episode introduces another cousin of Cooter's, L.B. Davenport.
  • Jesse had an old friend named Ira Merchison from Clairborne who owed Jesse from saving him 20 years before. He recently married a young woman and passed just before this episode started, his grave marker saying 1897-1979