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"Duke vs. Duke" is the fourteenth episode of the third season of The Dukes Of Hazzard


Hazzard's first annual Hazzard Derby is taking place. Cooter borrowed money from Boss to build his car, which has a Cale Yarborough racing engine in it. If Cooter wins, the engine is sold, and Cooter will get a lot of money for it. When Cooter is injured in a friendly race with Bo and Luke, Luke takes over driving Cooter's car. However, all the entrants who signed the contracts to enter the derby did not see the fine print about how every loser will have to give up their car to Boss Hogg if Rosco wins. Boss Hogg thinks Rosco's car cannot lose with a tank of nitrous oxide in the engine. Believing that it is a sure win, Boss places a $10,000 bet on Rosco's car with big-time Chickasaw County bookie Ma Harper (Fran Ryan), which Ma Harper places a side bet on. Ma Harper tells her three sons to make sure that Rosco wins the race.


Balladeer: The sight of Bo and Luke Duke rolling through Hazzard without the Sheriff on their tail is just about rare as a bucktoothed rooster.

Bo asks Luke for the time as he’s driving and Luke tells him they got five minutes before the entry deadline. Luke jokes that he would sure hate to miss something as high polluting as the First Annual J.D. Hogg Hazzard Derby. Bo remarks it’s a shoe-in and Luke agrees that the $1,000 first prize is theirs. Bo says they can buy a new motor for the tractor.

Boar’s Nest

Daisy and Cooter greet each other as Daisy comes into the bar with glasses. Jimmy feeds Flash on the bar as Cletus pays Boss and Rosco the $200 entry fee. Cooter pays Boss his entry fee. Flash barks at Boss and Rosco tells him to bark at the boys. Bo and Luke come in and Bo pays the fee as Boss tells him to sign on the dotted line, assuming Bo can write his name which Bo says he can. Cooter teases him saying he hates to see them throwing away good money like that. Bo asks what he’s talking about and Cooter tells them he put an old Cale Yarbrough engine in his car and he’ll win. The boys say they need to see it and they go outside. Daisy hears Boss tell Rosco about the ‘fine print’ on the entry form that all the drivers who lose will have to give their car’s to Boss. Boss says without the General the Dukes will be helpless. Rosco asks what if the Dukes win and Boss says that Rosco is going to win with his secret weapon. Rosco asks which one is it. Outside Cooter shows Bo, Luke, and Cletus the engine and explains it set him back three grand. He adds there was a few hundred more and he had to run a second mortgage on his farm. Cooter says if he wins the race, there is a Grand Prix driver who is willing to pay $10,000 for it. The boys propose to race to the Garage. Cletus says he didn’t hear anything about a race but starts it for them. As the two cars race toward the Garage, Cooter keeps in front of them, impressing Bo and Luke. They manage to get side by side when Bo hits some metal and shreds a tire. Cooter stops and laughs and Bo tells him to help change the tire. Cooter goes to get his tools but falls on a rock. Bo and Luke run over to check on him and they head to Doctor Petticord's.

Chickasaw County

Ma Harper teaches her sons how to gamble.

Boar's Nest

Boss calls Ma Harper over the phone. He tells her he wants to make a bet on Rosco to win, betting $5,000. She agrees but tells him if he loses she will send Junior over to pick up the losings. After hanging up she tells her sons that Boss never risks a dime on anything that wasn’t fixed. She remarks she is going to turn around and make a bet herself with another bookie with an additional $5,000.

After they hang up, Rosco asks Boss if he really thinks Rosco can win the race. Boss confirms it and Rosco gets excited and Boss says he won’t get the prize money, just a cut. Rosco asks if Boss means his 50% of 50% (25%) but Boss says he was actually thinking of 25% of 25% (6.25%). Rosco says that doesn’t seem fair and Boss says he will give Rosco 50% of 50% of 50% (12.5%) and Rosco says that’s better.

Doc Petticord’s office

Doc office

Jane helps Cooter out of the Doctor's Office.

Cooter, Bo, and Luke leave the doctors office, a nurse helping them out. The nurse, Jane, tells them all to be careful. Cooter asks how is he supposed to drive like that and the boys get him back to the Garage.

Duke Farm

Daisy shows the boys the fine print on the sign up form while they eat. Bo remarks they’ve been taken again. Jesse laughs at them and Daisy says Boss and Rosco were talking about a secret weapon. Bo asks how they can help Cooter since they feel bad he got hurt. Jesse says Cooter got hurt helping them, so they need to help Cooter and the best way to do that is Luke driving Cooter’s car. Bo and Luke are shocked, Luke asking Jesse that he wants him to race against Bo as they are always a team. Jesse says there is a first time for everything and Bo and Luke are stunned.

Hazzard Garage

Cooter tries to get into his car to drive. Bo and Luke are surprised to see him as they were headed to the Garage. Luke calls Cooter and tells him that he isn’t supposed to be using his ankle. Cooter says he has everything riding on this race and needs to find out if he can drive. Luke tells him he’s going to drive for him and Cooter says he appreciates the offer but not if he can help it. As Cooter drives, Bo becomes alarmed as he’s going faster. Cooter informs them that his foot is stuck and he can't break. Bo goes around him to try and slow him down from the front. Cooter comes in contact with the General and shuts off the engine. Bo slows him down and Luke gets out to check on him.

Town of Hazzard

Boss shows Rosco that he put nitrous oxide in his car, shocking Rosco. Boss says he can’t use it for more than a few seconds. Boss shows him how the nitros oxide will help him and Cletus runs over, alarming Boss who slams the hood on Rosco’s hand. Cletus informs them Cooter can’t race and Boss becomes excited as Rosco has Cletus help him with his hand, getting his own stuck. Boss calls Ma and raises his bet with Ma.


Ma Harper agrees to Boss upping the bet to $10,000. She then decides they should go to Hazzard, putting on a wig.


Jesse meets the boys at the Garage. Jesse tells Cooter to give him one good reason Luke can’t drive his car and Cooter says he can give him a dozen reasons. Cooter says Bo and Luke are the best drivers around and if you put either of them behind that engine it’s going to be a cinch to win. Cooter says he won’t do it if it will cost them the General Lee. Bo gets offended saying the General hasn’t lost yet and he won’t start now with Cooter being stuck with Luke. Upset Luke says he taught Bo to drive and Bo argues that he didn’t teach him anything. As the boys bicker Cooter tells Jesse that the race hasn’t even started yet and the boys are already at each other’s throats. Cooter says it doesn’t matter who wins they are going to be mad at each other. Jesse says they will take that risk then to see Cooter lose everything. Luke says it sounds like Bo will be eating his dust and Bo gets upset.

Duke Farm

Luke gets up late at night to get cookies and milk. Bo comes into the kitchen and asks for the same, and Luke says he got it, having already got out glasses. Bo sits down and says that this is the first time he and Bo raced against each other while not playing around. Luke says he thinks they each think they are better than the other one and they have never had a chance to prove it. Bo says if wasn’t for Boss getting the General, he would forfeit to save Luke the embarrassment. Luke says not to do him any favors and his heads been getting too big for his hatband and Luke should take Bo down a size or two. They toast.

Boar’s Nest

While Daisy is working the opening shift, Ma Harper comes in with her son’s asking where she can find Boss and Rosco. Boss greets her and she says she figured it was time for him to meet her boys. She introduces Billy Boy and Billy Gene, Boss shaking each of their hands and yelling in pain at their grip. When she gets to Junior, Boss redirects him to Rosco, who Junior tortures until Ma tells him to let Rosco go. Ma explains that Billy Boy and Billy Gene are also entering. Rosco says they didn’t get the entry free in on time. Ma asks if they remember the two entry’s that came in the mail, post marked earlier than the rest and the boys all turn to Boss who quickly says ‘oh them entry blanks!’  Ma wants to see the secret weapon and has Junior carry Rosco outside to show them. Rosco does while Daisy and Cletus also step out to watch. Rosco drives around but didn’t see Bo and Luke were also out test driving. The roads converge, Rosco nearly hitting Bo and Luke. Ahead of them the road is blocked and Rosco hits a dirt ramp with the nitros, jumping over Bo and Luke in their cars. Boss, having seen Cooter’s car, yells at Cletus for lying to him about Cooter. Cletus explains he didn’t know Luke was going to drive the car. Boss tells Ma no one can beat their car and she agrees saying they gotta show up to try. She laughs and Daisy runs inside.

Bo and Luke talk on the CB and suspect that Rosco is using nitros. Luke tells Bo he’s going to the abandoned airstrip to test the car and for Bo not to follow him. Bo agrees.

Duke Farm

Daisy and Jesse are doing laundry when Bo comes out to see Luke working on the General. Bo confronts Luke and Luke says he always tunes up the General before a race. Bo accuses him of sabotaging the car and Luke says Bo knows better than that before handing over the tools and leaving. Jesse and Daisy are worried. In the house, Bo shows Daisy the route he plans to take, expressing Shelby Road will be the halfway mark. Luke comes in and accuses Bo of stealing his shortcuts. Bo says he wasn’t going to and Luke gets mad. Bo says he doesn’t like to be called a liar and Luke says ‘if the shoe fits’. Daisy tries to stop them and Bo says he’ll finish it in the race. Luke asks if Bo forgot about the lady who said Bo wouldn’t make it to the starting line. Bo put the General in the barn and when Billy Boy and Billy Gene come in they try to steal the General but are confronted by Bo and Luke. Daisy and Jesse come in and Daisy says they were at the Boar’s Nest yesterday with the little old lady and another man visiting with Boss. They send the two men back. Bo and Luke shake hands and Daisy says it’s nice to see them working together again, smiling along with Jesse. Jesse says they aren’t feuding anymore. Luke disagrees saying he was only protecting the General so Bo won’t have any excuses for losing tomorrow. Jesse and Daisy are alarmed until Bo starts laughing and Jesse tells them all to go to bed.

Town of Hazzard

A half hour before the race Cooter is sleeping at the Garage next to his car with a shotgun. He is woken by Ma Harper, and not recognizing her, he apologizes for having the gun. Ma asks if he can tell her where the Duke Farm is and Cooter offers to call to have one of the Dukes come get her. She thanks him for his help and looks at his car. Cooter lets her get in and she steals the car, shocking him. Cooter realizes a moment later that he’s been had and calls the Dukes.

Duke Farm

While Bo and Daisy work on the General and Luke chops wood, Cooter calls them. All three go over and Cooter says the nicest little lady he ever saw swiped his car. Daisy says that must be the woman. Cooter reminds them the race starts at 11. Bo says he is going to help Luke, quoting Luke from the night before saying Luke doesn’t need any excuses. They tell Daisy they will see her at the race before leaving.

Jesse goes to turn onto Old Mill Road to see an old lady drive by in Cooter’s car. He radios Bo and Luke and tells them what he saw and that she is headed toward Seminole Canyon. The boys say they are going after her. Bo jumps the General across the creek and Luke tells Bo that they should weld some wings on the General.

Ma Harper pulls off where Junior is waiting with Boss’ car. They swap cars and Junior hides Cooter’s as Ma leaves. Bo and Luke find Cooter’s car and Bo almost falls down a hill but Luke grabs him. They uncover the car but Junior confronts them. Bo and Luke work together and kick Junior down the hill. Luke apologizes to Bo for getting a little crazy lately and Bo tells him he doesn’t blame him for getting so feisty after all the lip he’s been giving Luke. They start putting on their jumpsuits and Luke says now is a bad time for them to be feuding. Bo agrees but says that this doesn’t mean he won’t try to whip Luke in the race. Luke says he better try. They wish each other luck before taking off in the General and Cooter’s cars.

Town of Hazzard

At the starting line everyone prepares for the race. Bo and Luke rush to get there but Bo hits a drop hard that neither of them saw. Luke asks Bo if he’s alright and Bo says he is but the General took a hard spill. Jesse checks on Donna Sue before standing with Cooter and Daisy saying it’s three minutes till starting time. Cooter says he hopes they don’t show up at all and says that things will never be the same. Bo and Luke crash through a fence and Luke asks about how the General is and Bo admits he isn’t sure. Boss checks on Rosco and reminds him there will be two Duke Boys in the race this time. Daisy becomes alarmed that Bo and Luke aren’t there and Jesse remarks they will be along. They move to stand by Boss. Ma Harper watches the race from a distance, warning her sons not to win.

The racers prepare to start. Boss goes to start the race and Bo signals their arrival. Boss refuses to wait the minute left and starts the race. All the cars but Rosco take off. Rosco goes in revers, knocking Boss down before taking off. Bo and Luke then join the race. They start off of the set course with Cletus in the lead. Rosco tries to beep to get people to move and wrecks two cars, number 40 and number 10. Bo remarks Luke could have cut ahead of him but he didn’t and Luke says Bo could have too. Rosco meanwhile gets in the front of the race and tosses out a bucket of nails and glass. Cletus crashes through a farmer’s field to avoid the glass, the others all following. Bo sees the glass and warns Luke, and they cut around in the other direction. Bo and Luke rejoin the race behind Rosco and in front of the other drivers. Rosco radio’s Boss to let him know he is at the halfway point. Boss asks how far back is Bo and Luke and Rosco says about 100 yards. Rosco hits a smoke machine and Bo tells Luke about it. They pull over but Cletus goes in. The other drivers stop as well and continue once the smoke clears. Cletus flips his car. Bo, Luke, Billy Boy, and Billy Gene continue driving, Bo leading the pack. Bo tells Luke they need to cut across county and Luke follows, the other two following as well. Bo and Luke cause the Harpers to crash together.

Rosco gets excited thinking he will win but Bo and Luke cut in front of him. Bo leads with Luke in second and Rosco in third. Jesse, Cooter, and Daisy watch as they come in for the last stretch. Cooter says he doesn’t know if to holler or cry and Daisy hugs him. Bo loses all his forward gears and lets Luke know. Luke says he’s sorry to hear that but to keep the General out of the way. Bo says he never said anything about reverse and Luke smirks as Bo continues the race in reverse. Luke is surprised when the radiator goes in Cooter’s car allowing Bo to catch up. Boss radio’s Rosco and tells him to use the secret weapon. Rosco does just as Luke stalls out. Rosco jumps the car and lands behind Luke. He shoves Luke forward and Bo and Luke tie. Everyone celebrates except Boss.

Balladeer: Now not only did Boss have to cough up the $10,000 that he bet on Rosco, but Ma made him pay the $10,00 that she lost on the race. Which didn’t do her any good since the State Police were waiting to close her down when she got home. So she’d have to finish educating her boys in the state penitentiary. Cooter sold his engine for more than enough money to get out of hock to Boss. As for Bo and Luke, neither of them found out which one was the best driver. But they did agree on one thing: they wasn’t ever gonna try to find out. You know I kind of like that, don’t you?

Boss pays the loses in the bets. Ma Harper and her sons are arrested. Cooter manages to sell the engine. Bo and Luke shake hands back at the farm and they all go inside.


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Hazzard County[]

Chickasaw County[]

  • Harper Shack


  • This is the first significant argument between Bo and Luke since the Carnival of Thrills
  • This is the first and only time Bo and Luke have raced against each other in a race.
    • Luke points out that he and Bo are always a team
  • This is the first appearance of Chickasaw County
  • Luke claims to have taught Bo to drive
    • Bo immediately contends this saying Luke didn't teach him anything.